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  1. Congratulations on your victory, my wonderful master zoom zoom zoom
  2. depends on how many legacy nations surrender and go neutral.
  3. Jacapo Saladin

    Melbourne Cup

    his mother was a mudder
  4. And what if we tell you that we won't give them a break sooner? WE WILL BREAK THEM SOONER
  5. Want me to dig and show you some topics? And unless I'm mistaken, that's your name on that list. As a government member who had no vote in the matter of signing that treaty. If you remember correctly I cancelled that treaty just a few months after acquiring power in Hydra.
  6. Jacapo Saladin

    Thanks Admin!

    Your nation would look cute with a nice red hat.
  7. You're really missing the point. No, I don't think I am. He can't claim to "not care" while simultaneously whining about being banned and writing this blog post to complain and to claim to "not care". Perhaps it is you who does not how to read and comprehend simple sentence structure.
  8. Apparently you give just enough of a flying $%&@ to write a blog post saying that you don't.
  9. I believe you because you write for Lew Rockwell. DOWN WITH JARJAR By the way; Why didn't you tell me you knew Mrs. Velocihatcher!!!!!
  10. you show them what you spent the last 15 hours building and hope they give you a good enough response to warrant building something new! Then you guilt them into harvesting new blocks so you can spend the entire time building. OR in the case of a one MISTER TEETS, you go around and blow up things with TNT that JACAPO spent 10 hours building.
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