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  1. CDT had many alliances with terrible flags. For example: Commonwealth of New England Wolfpack Union of Global Nations My photoshop skills circa 2007 Some of the other terribles ones already posted include Menotah and Invicta. Threads like this always make me want to go read Cirrus' old threads on how to design a good flag here and here.
  2. What is this Non-Grata shit? You've been with us the whole time and you embarrass us with a hyphen? You make me sick.
  3. No appreciation for art around here.
  4. Wow, the mod team taking a shit on our group again? I'm fucking shocked! Maybe we can have donations too to make up for all this heartache.
  5. So, TOP, do you wanna, like, hook up or something?
  6. Wow this is fucked up. At least I can finally be in Doomhouse.
  7. I feel like I can't even show my face around here anymore.
  8. I can't believe I signed off on this treaty text.
  9. Yeah all your allies are just all broken up about this, IRON. But seriously, fuck MHA. Good job guys.
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