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  1. It's so hard being the Queen of CN when all people want to do is Rebel. One day I fear I won't have enough forces to put them down.

  2. Your IC persona. We've never talked in an OOC setting. Also you're not fighting irl so that should explain it.
  3. I don't like either of you, so plz destroy each other.
  4. Considering the !@#$ storm of baw by Non Grata's moralist crusade, id say theres plenty.
  5. Oh... I was thinking you had sold some land there at first :o
  6. Who? Damnit, is this another one of Knights111's creations?
  7. It's just different opinions/views. Maybe you should consider visiting other forums if this one doesn't match your tastes anymore . At least its not just treaty announcements (Like it was while I was away )
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