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  1. It's so hard being the Queen of CN when all people want to do is Rebel. One day I fear I won't have enough forces to put them down.

  2. Your IC persona. We've never talked in an OOC setting. Also you're not fighting irl so that should explain it.
  3. I don't like either of you, so plz destroy each other.
  4. Considering the !@#$ storm of baw by Non Grata's moralist crusade, id say theres plenty.
  5. It's just different opinions/views. Maybe you should consider visiting other forums if this one doesn't match your tastes anymore . At least its not just treaty announcements (Like it was while I was away )
  6. Yes the loads of people who believed this and the "rota tried to draw pics of Allah to kill Kashmir" thing you pulled before are too high!
  7. This is cute and so is all of the calls and texts I'm getting from you guys. I give it a 4/10. Also the false reports to get me z-lined worked but also cute. If you can't handle trolling, don't troll other people. Also it's cute that you do this literally after I pulled the whole defending knights situation. Much more believable. Who knew internet words could make you so mad you actually doxed me and got my phone number?
  8. I miss you. Why won't you call me back?!?!?!

  9. Sometimes I be thinking like why is they hatin?

  10. He's annoying, an attention whore, and an !@#$%^&. That Is why I love him.
  11. Everything has a value because we attach values to everything. Gold isn't abundant and that is why it is a standard and in high demand.
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