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  1. Hereno, given we're clearly seeing two different realities or something like that, I'm going to stop arguing with you. As far as I'm concerned you're a delusional hypocrite who thinks he's some amazing philosopher, and frankly, I don't want to deal with somebody like that. Treat this as you will, don't really care anymore. Mogar: Fine then, start a vote to get me kicked out of the RP. I fully admit that I've stopped people from taking protectorate land because of who they are OOC. Because some people are quite simply awful OOC, and bring that IC. I refused Rota land purely because they were Rota, and I didn't want Rota as my neighbor. So go ahead, kick me out, and then kick out everyone else who has done the same completely reasonable thing.
  2. Ah yes because letting trolls or needlessly antagonistic people roll next to me is "healthy for the rp." Protectorates can keep an RP healthy by preventing assholes from rolling nations. If one finds themself in a situation where nobody is willing to give land, then one should ask "why don't people like me?" It's the same way that a GM in a tabletop campaign can deny people from playing if they are disruptive or inappropriate. Only it's the community, not a single GM, policing such things. You're not in that situation, several have offered space to you; you're just too proud to accept it. No, you'd rather grandstand. Hell I thought I was bad with my rage quits and returns but somehow you reroll and quit in protest every few weeks, or so it seems.
  3. War, war never changes. Since the dawn of CNRP, when our ancestors discovered the winning power of OOC whining, threads have been filled with steaming piles of bullshit.
  4. The most responsible use of protectorates is to regulate who is your immediate neighbor; this of course is rarely how they're used.
  5. You guys want a mid-term emergency vote? Or should the person with the most votes under the 3 winners from the last vote get the seat.
  6. "Fantastic, as it should be obvious, we have few interests outside of Europe. A combination of non-aggression pact and optional defense agreement would make the most sense, in my opinion." OOC: You want to write the treaty, or should I?
  7. Private // Transcarpathia (4 of 5) With security matters handled, the full intregration of the province has moved forward with few delays. Local elections have begun, are are set to finish as soon as possible. His Majesty has made plans to tour the province, with of course all the appropriate security such as a closed-top car and top-secret routes & appointments. Top Secret // K.u.K Luftfahrtruppen Construction of the hardened hangers and warehouses across the nation has mostly been completed. More difficult areas such as the alps, and newer zones like Transcarpathia, still require more time for completion.
  8. You get one vote, vote closes in 48 hours. You need a valid nation in CNRP40 to vote. Posting here voids your vote. Proposal 1: Each individual has the full set of 800, but must RP their own forces. Proposal 2: In a merged nation, each individual gets a decreasing amount of points. 1st person merging gets 600 on top of the original's 800. 2nd gets 400. 3rd gets 200. Everyone can RP each others forces. Proposal 2-B: In a merged nation, each individual gets a decreasing amount of points. 1st person merging gets 600 on top of the original's 800. 2nd gets 400. 3rd gets 200. Everyone must RP their own forces. Proposal 3: Each nation, regardless of number of players, receives only 800 points.
  9. Private // Transcarpathia (3 of 5) The Common Army has begun its full withdrawal from the region of Transcarpathia, with the exception of two infantry divisions and an armor division. The Honved has taken control of the stations held by the Common Army, and preparations are being made to include the region in the Hungarian parliament. Local opposition to the reunification with the Empire is low, and the police have been informed to be on the watch for nationalist, anti-monarchist threats.
  10. The Federal Union of Southern African Republics takes this moment of increased global insecurity to remind the world of it's security policy on national waters. Please contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ((Post in this thread)) should temporary exceptions to this policy be desired; negotiation is always possible, should one have a reasonable case.
  11. [Classified] The armed forces have been mobilized into a defensive stance; this entails active drills, increased patrols, and the cancellation of leave. The Air and Naval services have moved anti-ship weaponry into place to ensure that the territorial waters policy of the Union was maintained. [End Classified]
  12. Congratulations Greywall, after some discussion with the GM team, we've decided to give you the full 3 point reward for your Assassination of a Government Official RP! I apologize for the lateness of this response. The next event is: Official GM Random Event: Congratulations Dillon1102, the random number generator chose you for this week's random event! The random event chosen by the generator was #3: Economic Recession Remember, accepting the event is entirely optional, but accepting and RPing it can result in up to three points of reward!
  13. "Well this is certainly a pickle. We, of course, will honour our defense commitments to the League, should any attack fall on African soil."
  14. Ambassador Althaus found this all to be fairly peculiar, but went along with it. He could see she was clearly in some kind of rush, though his knowledge of Egyptian customs and culture was actually very limited. He had gone to an exhibit once in Vienna, showcasing various artifacts and the like of the ancient Nile valley, but beyond that his interested in North Africa had been passing at best. The door especially concerned him; he had only seen such things at banks. He put on a smile and nodded gently at the door, "Quite the vault, I hope the room has air holes." He sat down carefully in the chair, then spoke, "So, you are the one who called me here today, what does Egypt desire? I must admit, it was a bit of a surprise to get your request for diplomacy, but hopefully it's a pleasant one."
  15. Mr. Althaus raised an eyebrow, but bid the ambassador farewell, and wished him a safe journey home. This insult by Switzerland; the distrust of bringing guards to the Palace itself, as well as wasting the effective head of the Ministry of Foreign Affair's time, would be taken note of. To come all the way to the palace only to spit in the face of Mr. Althaus was clearly nothing more than an insult aimed directly at Austria-Hungary. Mr. Althaus made a mental note to inform His Majesty of this turn of events once he finished with his meeting at the War Ministry. OOC: Okaaay? Last I checked people didn't bring armed guards directly to the meeting rooms with Monarchs. Not to mention that Althaus isn't a "low level flunky" given he's effectively the Minister of Foreign Affairs in all but name. But okay, sure.
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