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  1. That's a shame :\ Don't really know what to suggest past that.
  2. Mibbit is down atm. I'm using https://kiwiirc.com/client temporarily.
  3. Justinian and I were back on the old forums as well. He's old school. Had the first CNRP ball, as well as the first one to end in gunfire. :D
  4. I have bad news Shammy. You can't be floored, since I've REVERSED THE GRAVITY. You just got ceiling'd.
  5. I was under the impression that CNRP 2 was separate from CNRP. I think the people doing the cross-over stuff are following Generalissimo's style of tomfoolery.
  6. I'll respond to where I need to respond soon enough. Been celebrating finals being over. Woo!
  7. That's a good one there. Gold star for Eva!
  8. *Shrug* I put the burden of explaining their forces on anyone who invades me. The burden of explaining my forces is on me as well. Though it isn't that much, I can't imagine it would take more than 10-20 minutes over IRC to do. As for the whole Rohan situation, I have no idea how he'd react to a war, as he's never been in one. I'll draw my conclusions after I have something to base them off of.
  9. That's not my version of talking. My "talk to me OOC first" rule is literally for clarification purposes. Not planning of where the war goes. Just because I know where a unit is ooc doesn't mean squat ic. Also, Eva, a " :p " usually implies that somebody isn't being serious.
  10. Follow the big boys, pre-emptive strike whoever you suspect of looking at you funny! :p
  11. Hey. Hey. Don't you dare forget the hard work of their executive assistant.
  12. But IC, is it a separate entity? I know how the OOC mechanics work. I'm asking if it is a actual separate entity IC or if IC it reports to Athens. I know where it gets its stats, that's not the question I'm asking. Given that there is a line between IC and OOC, I need an answer relating to the IC side of the line.
  13. So, how exactly do these "separate nations" work? I was under the impression that the Exarchate of Africa was a completely separate entity from Athens, and that the sharing of stats was an OOC system. Is this wrong? Triyun's post: Gives me the impression that such a separation is actually non-existent, and that I should just refer to the Exarchate as Athens instead of the Exarchate. I've been gone for awhile. Clarification of how these rules work would be awesome.
  14. I protest. Uberstein does not dance. Uberstein does not party. This characterization of Uberstein is completely inaccurate. :|
  15. We've talked to the Security Council, asked them to send in observers to see if the war is just. Are you saying we should ignore the security council?
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