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  1. [OOC: See also here.] [b][Internal][/b] [i]The world shook.[/i] It was such a little thing that initiated the end. So small, practically invisible. It was a simple experiment, one to see how Harmony technology interacted with Alenium crystals under various circumstances. Setting it up went quickly enough. the reactor was five by two metres from above, and just under 2 metres in height, the rings let into the ground, sort of. Two assemblies with Alenium cores had been set up to 'catch' the majority of the energy. How they reacted to the experiment was closely monitored. [center][URL=http://smg.photobucket.com/user/Lynneth_del_Serpentas/media/AE/CNRP/Corp/Crystals/Crystal23.jpg.html][/URL][/center] The Core had been tested beforehand, and it was found to be working just perfectly. As a Harmony Core should. The Alenium had been chosen for exceptional purity and capacity. This was needed in order to find out whether the caught energy would be absorbed ideally. The experiment itself was rather simple otherwise. A small batch of Alenium would be introduced to the Harmony Core itself, dropped in time to evade the three rings keeping the Core properly contained. "Drop prepared, everything in the green. Drop commences in three, two, one..." it took under a second for the small crystals to fall. It took even less time for an entire culture, a nation, a people, and all their technological advancements to blink out of reality - displaced to Elsewhere. A place where no creature could ever follow.
  2. I originally wrote a lengthy post about this, talking about reasons and all that kinda shit. But honestly, most of it would probably bore people, or they wouldn't care. Suffice to say, aside from this community largely being terrible and lots of shit in the RP making me feel terrible, RL is shitting on me, too. So, I'm gonna gtfo this place. For good, I hope. Might even delete my nation entirely, not sure about that yet. I uploaded the Map, and the Mapthread's OP, available at the following links, Map (180 MB) Thread OP (260+ lines, glorious BBCode) If anyone cares, the far more emo and much longer version of this post is here, Click, and for the ones who for some reason want to keep in contact with me, my Skype is kiwetzel. So, yeah. I'm out.
  3. Brian (aka 'my new new nation') and Yeru
  4. [Internal] "Always be wary of any helpful item that weighs less than its operating manual." Technology always marched on, and it was no different when dealing with Alenium Alloys. New advancements with Harmony technology and specialised control system based on recent findings in quantum technology allowed a much greater speed in creating alloys of all kinds. Using the interaction between Alenium and hard-light shields, the cooling process could be controlled much more easily, in turn permitting faster production of the materials. The nano-scale and in parts even quantum-scale interactions between the material and the cooling technology also permitted preparing it for different roles and shapes practically on the fly. This process was completely new, with the only one vaguely similar being stamped (or pressed) metal sheets. But in truth, he end result was higher in quality than anything previously made from the alloys, and didn't require previously-finished sheets of the metal. The higher quality alloys even was non-crystalline, making it in all likelihood the best that could possibly be made for the time being - until a new, even better material was discovered, that is. But for now, Alenium alloys were without doubt the best material that could be used for nearly anything that was conceivable, be it armour plates, electronics, or machine parts.
  5. Sorry, I read as far as Heard and McDonald and forgot checking the rest. Will add in the next update. That's my interpretation of 'minus New England', but then IAT didn't post anything to officially request it in the map thread and you didn't take that land during your DoE, because you were accounting for IAT, I suppose. I was under the impression that you didn't want to roll in there because it's my protectorate, and you would have to ask me first for it.
  6. They're all placed in the Atlantic, and if you read my posts, you should know which is where.
  7. Triyun, you have no idea how satellites actually work, do you? They have a thing called 'Ground Tracks'. It's the imagined path they take that's underneath them, on earth. If you look at a few examples, This is the ground track of GPS Satellites. Geosynchronous orbit, aka orbits Earth once every 12 hours. This is a Molniya Orbit, named after Russian Communications Satellites. This is the ground track of the ISS, aka a common LEO-type orbit. And here we have the ground track of a typical MEO orbit. And this is what a typical Satellite's orbit looks over the course of 24 hours, The only, only kind of orbit that does not have a ground track looking similar to any of the above is an actual GEO satellite. And there are only relatively few applications for that sort of orbit, say weather satellites, or public communications satellites. But GEO sats are difficult to use far from the equator. Say, high northern latitudes, like Britain. That's because they appear very low over the horizon, requiring much stronger signal strength and whatnot. Now. All that said, look at the territories Tikal owns. Bermuda, Hawaii, Thule in Greenland, Tikal itself, Galapagos, Islands west of Brazil, the Falklands, Easter Island, the Aleutian islands. Tikal practically owns an entire hemisphere. If something in orbit passes anywhere near those places, it can be shot down. And any satellite that exists must pass over part of the planet, so Tikal will be able to shoot it down. Concerning MEO and GEO, that's as simple as placing kinetic kill vehicles into the payload of a powerful enough rocket - say a Saturn V or an Ariane 5, something of that sort. Satellites in MEO and GEO are highly predictable in their path, far more so than LEO sats, despite their greater speed. Even if Tikal had to launch a Saturn V for each single satellite you own, it would be possible to do in an inordinately short time - Tikal does have at least 6 launch platforms for such vehicles (as the actual launch mechanisms that I RPd might be claimed to be 'optional' and thereforth be replaced with Cape Canaveral equivalents for the purposes of this RP ). Tikal can shoot everything anyone has down. It has the infrastructure and the resources and the land and the space presence to do so. And right now it's shooting everything Britain has down, which admittedly isn't very much. Or did you RP anything beyond the IG-based sats? As for your complaints about my tomahawks, just go ahead and assume that they don't have optical mixed in. Turns out optical (aka 'DSMAC') is inferior to most, if not all other guidance types. Fake edit: Sorry for the delay. Mother's needs are above your internet-needs.
  8. I support the bolded. I propose we make that an actual Thing for CNRP2. It may fuck everything up or it may fix some major issues we have, but I want this to be an official Thing. No more forced interaction of any sort.
  9. If you've grievances with my post, give the list to Ty. If he feels that what I wrote is somehow not acceptable, I'll clarify on those after he tells me via PM. I hope that's acceptable to you. In the meantime, I'll be helping my mother recuperate from her hurt leg, which I [i]really[/i] hope isn't broken or anything. Might not get the chance to get on IRC, hence PMs and what.
  10. Before I answer that in detail, I'd like to know from Ty/Californian whether I have to give my fleet-composition in detail (x destroyers, x carriers, etc), or if giving size (x large, x medium, x small) would be sufficient for the purposes of >Large troop/naval locations and compositions (such as armies and fleets) should be disclosed when requested.< considering that to my knowledge Cent didn't RP satellite intel capacities and whatnot in any serious capacity.
  11. The Canal was enlarged in the past to accomodate these ships. Further, I made the Nicaragua Canal, which from its conception was designed to permit them.
  12. Oh, one thing I'd like to know from the other side, please. May I use optionally recognised tech in the RP (If so, only things RPd to date)? A simple yes or no from each actor would be enough for me.
  13. Greenland is my protectorate, as per this post - Sorry for not placing it in the thread, I was distracted by other things. Edit: as you can see, the map OP hasn't been updated since the 1st.
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