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  1. "First of all, the Kingdom wishes to know the reasons as to why Alvonia pushed the way it did when the nation of Greece was still a quite alive and breathing construct before it collapsed. Secondly, the Kingdom also wishes to know what lead to the temporary collapse of the Alvonian state just a few weeks back."
  2. Private "The Kingdom's forces will shoot at any foreign military forces who are not its allies should they violate the Kingdom's territorial sovereignty and that of its protectorates." Respectfully, HM Kralj Dragojev Belojevic
  3. Private Upon the Alvonian representative's arrival, he and his entourage would be escorted all the way from the airport with diplomatic honors befitting a foreign dignitary within the Yugoslavian White City to the Alvonian Embassy. The Representative and his entourage would go through the standard procedures before being allowed entry to their embassy. As they were ushered into the primary conference room, they saw the Kralj of the Kingdom standing in front of the window with his hands clasped behind his back before he turned and smiled at the entourage, "It's a pleasure to meet for th
  4. Private "The Kingdom believes that it is time for a diplomatic meeting as soon as possible. Issues have to be discussed with the honesty that the Kingdom and Alvonia can provide behind private walls, the Kingdom is more than available to coordinate the meeting at a time of Alvonia's choosing but please do not post-pone needlessly." Respectfully, HM Kralj Dragojev Belojevic
  5. The polls are officially closed! Regardless of how late it was, I did keep track of who voted for who when the polls ended exactly after 48 hours, as such the votes as are follows: Admin: Mogar Californian/Ty: Mr. Director, JED, FHIC, and Euphaia Evangeline: Dillon, Greywall John Connor: Lysergide, John Connor Markus Wilding: Markus Wilding, Rudolph Mogar: Peter Ilych Question 1 - Californian/Ty is the winning candidate. The results is that for the CNRPA community Ty is the new third GM. May god have mercy on their soon-to-be-suffering soul.
  6. Private "The Kingdom is saddened to be informed of the dissolution of Hungary-Slovakia's government and wish all the best to the former members of the government that lead the peoples of the Kingdom's ally. The Kingdom also wishes to make it known that it shall resume maintaining the law of the land, peace and order for the benefit of the peoples of Hungary and Slovakia and it is its most firstmost hope that the peoples rise up to rejoin the world stage once more." Respectfully, Kralj Dragojev Belojevic
  7. This poll will run for 48 hours, and only CNRPA Players can vote. Everyone has one vote, as such multiple votes are disabled for this election. If you have the need to post do so on the OOC thread, otherwise posting on this thread voids your vote.
  8. Alrighty lads and ladies, it's high time that I stepped down having fulfilled my entire GM tenure. And as such, the next victim lamb for slaughter sacrificed to the mighty lord Helel, the Morning Star lucky one will be in service to the community until May 22nd of this year. Remember as you nominate people that FHIC, Brian nor I are not eligible for nomination (Because the first two are already GM's to begin with and I already finished my run as GM :v) This will nomination will run for 48 hours.
  9. Österreich "Is that so?" inquired the General-Major, "Let me personally inform my Kralj of that and he'll put the heat on Hungary-Slovakia to back off from Austria while we move in to defend Vienna from the Belarussian parasites," he snarled before turning back once more, orders being barked in Serbian and not long a soldier gave the General-Major a cell-phone. "Excuse me for a moment," he said as he excused himself to speak with the Kingdom's monarch, Serbian being spoken in a fast pace for a minute or two, General-Major Broz facing the Hauptmann once more as he put the phone in a pocket.
  10. Classified ==== Given recent developments, the Kingdom would act accordingly and mobilize the rest of of its armed forces while informing their allies in Hungary-Slovakia that the mobilization was centered on the apparent issue in France and Austria. Border security would be further heightened and being on twenty-four seven alert giving the tense situation.
  11. Classified ==== Orders were sent out, the Carrier Strike Group; officially known as NSG 1, stationed within the Sea of Venice would set sail towards the Strait of Otranto while the Kingdom's borders would be fortified with mobile AA's, ATGM's, SAM's and radar emplacements from the local military installations to impede and make any possible incursion into the Kingdom's territory to be a hell on earth. The Divisions in the regions of former Albania, Bulgaria and Greece would in turn also fortify the external borders of their respective territory, mobile AA's, ATGM's, SAM's and radar empla
  12. Österreich "Well, I and mine seem to have a date with the Wrath of God then," replied the General-Major, "I'll push down my own personal perspective on Alvonia given that our Kralj seems hellbent to figuring out what exactly happened to the Kingdom's former ally, regardless of what happened a few months back," he added before rubbing the bridge of his nose. He turned and barked in Serbian and several Serbo-Croatian dialects and languages, "Let's not keep the so called 'Wrath of God' waiting then, Hauptmann Kaufer, shall we?" he said before grinning savagely as the men and women behind them
  13. Private "The Kingdom of Yugoslavia while appreciative of the sentiment of the Northlands, we feel must turn down the offer in expanding it across the entirety of Greece due to there being almost nothing of trust or a relationship between the two countries but in the interest of cooperation, we would be willing to assist and help in managing the defenses and order of the island of Crete. Given enough time and good relations, it may be expanded across Greece in its entirety but for now that is what the Kingdom as a whole is willing to extend as a branch of trust. Regarding the Suez, the Suez C
  14. Österreich "Understandable," Junilac rumbled out as his comrade nodded, "It saddened all in the military that relations soured the way they did but our Kralj hasn't lead us astray during his entire reign so far," she chimed with as a hand found itself on her left shoulder, the rough face of General-Major Broz appearing from behind her. "At ease," he told the spooked Desetar who simply nodded, taking a second to calm her heart as the descendant of the famed Tito gazed at the Alvonians. His face was stoic, taking in the delicious irony of the situation he was in. Whoever had told him sever
  15. Österreich Poručnik Junilac was a steadfast Serb and some would say being somewhat of a gentle giant, baritone voice clearly fit for his build as he stared at the Alvonian soldiers, his own weapon slung as he thought on the possible ramifications should the meeting go without a hitch. Next to him stood Desetar Bjedov, a lithe and petite woman as she smiled politely at the soldiers standing opposite of the duo, brushing away a strand of blonde hair. Bjedov was quite exhilirated and happy that the Alvonian soldiers had taken the chance to end this peacefully instead of it being a bloody affair
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