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  1. OFFICIAL NORTHLANDS ANNOUNCEMENT With the recent collapse of nations around the world, the Northlands is announcing its intention to annex the following: Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Yugoslavia, Yugoslavia Protectorates, USSR, USSR Protectorates, South Africa, Africa, Texas, Plains Federation, United Caribbean States, and Charlotte, North Carolina. Reports indicate high levels of support from the peoples of these region to be integrated into the re-named Northlandic World Empire. "I've always considered myself a Northlander," stated Argos Argosopolous of Athens, formerly a Yugoslavian protectorate. "I cannot wait to cast my vote to join their wonderful nation." Sergey Sergeynov, of Irkutsk Oblast, agreed. "All hail the Northlands. I've spent years learning about the Northlands and its history and languages, waiting for my chance to join this truly great nation." John Smith, Charlotte, initially spoke less highly of the situation. "I didn't even realize what the Northlands was or where I was or what I was doing until a few hours ago. The more I learn about it though, the more I reconcile the valid and completely appropriate annexation of Charlotte into the Northlands. I've off to buy some clogs."
  2. Citing the recent tensions in neighboring France, the Northlands military has been ordered to immediately mobilize and prepare for operations as soon as able.
  3. Hesse With Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg no longer part of the German Protectorate, the Northlands would move to re-fortify the border here with Alvonia. Some of the money meant to stimulate the local infrastructure and economy would be diverted for this purpose. The impact would hope to be minimized due to the construction jobs and materials needed for these fortifications, which would be drawn from the Hesse state. Malta, Canary Islands, Azores Northlandic investment would put the Canary economy into overdrive as it served to provide a crucial link to trade with Africa and the Americas. It would be used as a hub along with the Azores and Madeira due to its strategic positioning and strong cultural ties with the rest of K. Spain. Local officials on these islands would host talks with representatives from Madeira and the Baleares to help create feasible timelines and policies as these lands integrated more closely into the Northlands. South Georgia, South Sandwich, Bouvet, Prince Edward Islands Officials from the Bureau of Wildlife and Conservation would land on these remote islands to conduct environmental studies and issue findings. Care would be taken to ensure that no non-indigenous species would be introduced. The South Sandwich Islands and Bouvet Island, with their lack of permanent habitation, would be recommended to be designated as wildlife preserves. Maldives New orders would be received and begin the redeployment of troops in Sri Lanka to the Maldives. The troops would secure the island chain and make preparations for administrators and officials from the Northlands to begin the process of providing aid to the islands and closer military and economic integration with the rest of the Northlands.
  4. The Northlands is glad to see our Cascadian allies ensure stability in North America and take the initiative in the wake of the Californian collapse. We are willing to assist in providing any aid that should be necessary for the well being of the northern Californian peoples.
  5. With the approval of our Soviet allies, the Northlands welcomes Ukraine to the world stage once more. We are eager to pursue amicable relations with a fellow European state and we are willing to exchange embassies when you are ready to do so. We look forward to cooperation between our nations and wish you will.
  6. PRIVATE The peaceful union of Germany would have to wait. The Northlands supported a united Germany, but only one that was established through non-violent means, and reports of the resurgence of Alvonia in Baden-Wurttemberg and Bavaria would quickly bring these actions to a halt. Northlandic soldiers would make their way back out of southern Germany and maintain their readiness at the border. Orders would be given to resurrect border defenses on par with the fortifications being constructed on the Alvonian border. A message would be sent to Alvonia, informing the government that the Northlands was invoking the cancellation clause of its Non-Aggression Pact. Reasons would include the unreliability and continued warmongering of the Alvonian state which were inconsistent with the values that the Northlands sought in friendly and allied states. The message would further go on to say that the Northlands would continue to hope for cooperation on Germanic matters and stability in central Europe through peaceful means if at all possible. A message would be sent to Belarus and the rest of the Nordic Hammer confirming the Northlands' commitment to its allies. The Office of Security would make contact with its counterparts in Belarus and Nordisk Rike and request up-to-date information on the situation and plans for where Northlandic assistance could best be utilized to ensure the well-being of Belarus in the current hostilities.
  7. Interesting topic. From my years here, it's clear that some people just don't get along. I think the new RPs are a natural reaction to not wanting to RP with other players, and I honestly don't think that's a problem. It gives RPers more choices to choose from when deciding on what they want. I would also challenge the topic title that the reforms have always failed. CNRPA is healthier in terms of activity and membership than CNRP and has been for a while, although activity in general has decreased (for both the roleplay and game itself). You say that one of the great things about the RP is that everyone is allowed to roll in, regardless of whether they are well-liked by the community. Frankly, the entire reason I'm here RPing is to have fun, not fulfill some obligation to reach out to every individual that chooses to be spoiled, angry, egotistical, etc. I've seen too much of the vitrol and discontent that this RP and IRC create between players (and trust me as a GM for CNRP2 I saw this from every side). There are different DoE mechanisms for these RPs, and I think each has a purpose and reasoning. In regards to CNRP specifically, I'm not going to comment on what could be changed as I haven't had a nation in CNRP for years. Maybe instituting caps would help, but I don't think that will have a real impact on how entrenched the RP currently is (if that's considered a problem).
  8. "That puts us in a rather interesting predicament. The end of the French civil war is uncertain as is the victor, which would imply a stalling of any resolution for an indefinite period of time. However, the purpose of our deployments to the British Isles have been to restore order and administration now, at this moment in time. We cannot wait and allow the Isles to fall into anarchy as war ravages across the channel. You are an equal partner during these negotiations. If there is something France wishes to see as far as the administration of the British Isles at this point in time, please speak freely. If you feel unable to speak on behalf of France, Northlandic soldiers will continue to secure the islands and we can re-discuss this matter when the French state is whole. We want to work with France, but I hope you can see our difficulty when it is unclear what France is, and how it is governed, at this point in time."
  9. Mainland Tunisia and the Faro District in Portugal are no longer protectorates of the Northlands. Also, Crete should be marked a protectorate of the Northlands, and Cyprus should be marked a protectorate solely of Yugoslavia. Thanks!
  10. PRIVATE Three new frigates have completed their sea trials and are to begin active duty for the navy. They would become part of a larger shift in the navy to expand the Pacific and Atlantic Fleets. The Baltic Fleet would mainly be composed of auxiliary ships and coast guard vessels to assist with navigation and search and rescue in light of the fact that all nations neighboring the Baltic were members of the Nordic Hammer pact. The navy would balance this by increasing the number and significance of the fleets protecting Northlandic and allied security and trade interests elsewhere in the world where the waters were not as friendly.
  11. Hesse, Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria Hungarian troops would be greeted warmly and their mission would be unimpeded by the Northlandic actions in the region. Alvonian military installations were all but destroyed when the state collapsed, but the focus here would be on the incorporation of the German peoples and economy into the Northlandic infrastructure. These central European provinces were seen as an integral part of the core Northlands and would receive the largest amount of aid relative to the islands currently being integrated. The economic and military state of Alvonian Germany and Hesse would both be assessed, and Northlands and KfW officials would finalize agreements with local leaders. Malta, Canary Islands, Azores The Northlands would continue to promote the policies and vision of the Maltese government, sending over military officials and administrators to oversee its incorporation. The military officials would begin assessing the current military bases and defenses of the island while officials would begin to determine how to best tie in the island and its assets to the Northlands trade network. Malta had one of the most powerful economies in the world, particularly for a nation of its size, and this would be of tremendous benefit. It would provide a further crucial trade link in the Mediterranean alongside the Baleares and southern Spain. Officials would also arrive in the Azores and Canaries to determine the status of the military defenses of these islands, many of which contained significant populations. South Georgia, South Sandwich, Bouvet, Prince Edward Islands Life on South Georgia would experience little change as administration was reassigned from the now defunct Economic Security Pact to the Northlands. ESP logos and emblems would be replaced by Northands military signage, and any Greek or Maltese vessels in the vicinity of Grytviken would undergo renovation and reassignment to the Northlands Strategic Reserve Fleet. Similar changes would occur at the smaller facility on the Prince Edward Islands. A scouting party would be sent to Bouvet Island where there had been much less human activity than the other islands to assess its current state.
  12. "Greetings, Admiral," Timmermans would reply in perfect French. "The fall of the United Kingdom has no doubt been felt by both of our nations, and the Northlands has taken the initiative to secure the British Isles under our administration. We have already dispatched men and ships, and I'm hoping we can cooperate our movements to ensure no tensions will come between friends as a result of such an unfortunate situation." "What exactly is the Navy hoping to gain in terms of the Isles? I must say that while we put a great deal of trust in your nation, with France currently splintered we find it quite worrisome that the Channel could be the sole possession of one faction or nation."
  13. The Northlands would agree to work more closely with the Trade Committee as a member. We are amenable to opening Trade Committee facilities in the Northlands to help better serve the flow of trade between Committee nations.
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