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  1. Cascadia welcomes the East African Federation to nationhood.
  2. If you want to come to rpA then come. No ones going to stop. There's no one left to.
  3. Well if there is barely anyone just keep the map. I'll be the map maker if y'all want.
  4. Recent census data has indicated that the State of Yukon has risen to over 1 million in population. This is due to recent infrastructure improvements.
  5. I nominated before I read the notice so just disregard Eva.
  6. Navy Yesterday evening, Secretary of the Navy, Elmo Snyder announced a flotilla of Cascadian ships would make their way to Fiji in the next week. These ships are going to be partaking in naval exercises with the Northlandic Navy. The CNS Kidd, CNS Midsummer Night, CNS Meriwether Lewis, CNS Amber Clad, CNS Bend, and the CNS Hood. The ships are expected to return to their homeport in the next few months as exercises wrap up.
  7. President of Oregon, Joseph Lane would be sent to represent the Pacific Northwest.
  8. The ambassador from Japan would be informed that representatives from the government of Oregon would be delighted to meet with the Japanese Prime Minister. He would be invited to the city of Portland, Oregon so that talks could transpire.
  9. Army Recent Royal Cascadian Army movements and exercises in Western Montana lead experts to believe another annexation is on the way. This is following the recently reactivated 32nd Corps Army Exercise Sunstone, which saw the training of the Corp in Mountain Warfare. Analysts also point out to the Terrorism Warfare conducted in Western Montana, which left the small nation destabilized. After this occurred Billions in funds were given to Montana to help rebuild itself. But a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that there will be no further elections during the reign of Emperor Wymore.
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