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  1. Champlain Bombed, Defense Plans Fail SPRINGFIELD- Breaking news comes to Springfield today as it is discovered that the capital city of Champlain is under aerial bombardment from the Warsaw Pact, most likely the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Some pictures of the city were recovered, where you could see the rubble and destruction across the city, which is as good as destroyed. Whether or not the government officials, specifically President Baxter, made it out alive and okay is unknown, therefore until then the country is de facto anarchy. At about five o'clock in the morning yesterday, December 15, the city of Champlain was attacked. Today was the day the bill for the declaration of war on the Warsaw Pact was to take place following large amounts of support from the people of Massachusetts. Military personnel was already on watch around the city, and were to arms quickly after the first bomb went off. Unfortunately, they were unable to withstand the firepower of Soviet forces. Soviet soldiers marched through the rubble around eight o'clock, invading the city. It is unknown how many soldiers invaded Champlain, however they controlled the city until about midnight, when they left, taking the survivors with them. Fortunately, some escaped, however the numbers are few. More information will be given as it becomes available.
  2. World at War, Commonwealth Faces Russian Threat CHAMPLAIN- The recent fighting in Europe has now been officially classified as a world war pegged the name "World War III." Henceforth, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has managed to maintain neutrality in the conflict, however problems continue to rise including threats from the Soviet Union. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, a very capitalist nation, has been under threats from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, also known as the U.S.S.R., including bombing threats. President Baxter made an announcement on the topic last Friday where he declared this the "end of the world" unless Massachusetts defended itself. It is expected that he will ask Congress for a Declaration of War sometime this week. With election day coming closer, President Baxter will likely be looking for anything that will rise his approval ratings to prepare for potential re-election.
  3. Considering how many treaties are in place between so many alliances, we might as well declare a New World Order.
  4. Cantabria and Asturias are being annexed by the United Worker Republics.
  5. Invasion of Cantabria, and Invasion of Asturias, by UWR Forces. (1/7) Satander- Yesterday, at exactly nine o'clock at night, the first invasion by British forces took place around the Cantabria region. British soldiers are attempting to infiltrate the capital of the region, Satander, causing fear and distress to rise from the situation for many people. However, following many interviews and surveys, we can determine that a large percentage of people in the region are looking at the optimist's side of the situation, since the region will finally be moderated by a governing body rather than the region being in literal anarchy for years and years on end, the only Spanish land not in anarchy for a long period would be Andalucia, before Northlands folded under what is thought to be pure political pressure. The 9 PM invasion took place on shores about 70 miles east and west of Satander, where the soldiers, thought to be under command directly from the President of the United Worker Republics, or U.W.R., Joseph Alexander. His orders are thought to have been interpreted as peaceful entry, with fair treatment of any Spanish people who do not attack the forces first. Only in a situation where they are ambushed should they fire back at the Spanish. This should come as a relief that the United Worker Republics are treating the Spanish fair and have no intentions to needlessly and inhumanly kill innocent people during the invasion process, at least in this region. Asturias- At about nine o'clock last night, the United Worker Republics landed in the region of Asturias, landing ships on the shoreline. Shortly following the naval landing, U.W.R. Airplanes landed in airports across the region including in the capital, Oviedo. Many of the planes released soldiers, while others simply prepped to go back in the air. This area has been known for high levels of resistance, however the people of the region also show that they want to have a stable government, just not the U.W.R. or any other communist nation similar to it. Because of this high resistance, Joseph Alexander, President of the United Worker Republics, took it upon himself to order the aerial bombings of the capital city of Oviedo, however British forces were also requested to evacuate about half of the innocent residents before the bombing run would begin. The bombs began at eleven o'clock and ended at one o'clock, and from what little we heard from survivors, the British soldiers treated the Spanish innocents fairly and protected them from gunfire and ambush from the resisting forces of the region. Joseph Alexander is expected to visit the region personally next month to establish a commanding outpost for future expeditions on the Iberian Peninsula.
  6. “The economy.” Joseph Alexander said, looking at the crowds, “The economy will rise…and debt will fall. The dangers the future holds for us may all be avoided by one revolution.” He said, pausing for dramatic effect. “The economic revolution!” He yelled, allowing the crowds to cheer. “The former in your minds, our nation…not mine, not yours, but ours, can only be sustained through a thriving economy. What does an economy need? Why, it needs money to circulate!” He said, confidently. “The Shilling we have long awaited is finally in the Worker Republics! Denominations? *1, *2, *5, 10*, *25, *50*, *75, *100, *500, and *1000!” He said, slowly but gradually building up. “Other’s may ask, why give your people so much? Well, I might ask you, why do you give yours so little?” An uprising and powerful roar occurred, and Alexander stepped out of the spotlight. “I will do what it takes to maintain in power, for the sake of both me and my people,” Alexander said, addressing the Parliament. “I request the ‘unbiased’ parliament of the British Isles to extend my term limit.” He said. He expected loud applause to ring through the building, however it remained mostly quiet. Alexander expected, and hoped, that the Labour Party, the only legal party in the nation, would obviously cheer and defeat the ‘no’ voters. This seemed not the case. “Honorable President Alexander.” Said the Speaker of Parliament, Johnathon Hamilton. “Unfortunately, I don’t think that will be possible. It seems that could be deemed…unconstitutional, as well as the majority of your actions as President.” He said firmly. “I believe we hold early elections, and a vote held on both topics will occur in due time.” He said, and urged Alexander to exit. “I need this. This nation under the palm of another man frightens me, and we surely must not let that happen. We must hold this vote off, and somehow get the Parliament to change their minds.” He said to Louis May, his main advisor. “Well, Honorable Joseph.” He began, “You could dissolve Parliament and establish a new constitution while Parliament is being reestablished. It is unconstitutional, but I am sure you could pull it off without anyone thinking the wiser.” He said, chuckling slightly, “Except for that Hamilton kid, but he’ll be sent over to Aberdeen in a jiffy.” He completed. The Parliament was dissolved. The new constitution, the ‘Articles of Establishment’, would be drafted a week later, and approved by the President, the Honorable Joseph Alexander. Former Speaker of the Parliament Jonathon Hamilton is, months later, thought to be running a business in Aberdeen, Scotland and on a strict watch from the government following him spreading “conspiracies” about the reason for the new Constitution. The term limit of the Honorable President was, following approval from the new, “uncorrupt” Parliament, extended from 2 years to 10 years. Everything would return to how it was before the incident within a period of 3 months. Why the old one-party parliament had suddenly turned on Alexander’s regime was unknown, however he planned to launch a quiet, but full-scale investigation.
  7. "Well, I would hope that we would get in contact with Yugoslavia and have a larger meeting in which we can attempt to bring them into this pact."
  8. Joseph grinned. "Yes, I believe that it is beneficial. I imagine the United Worker Republics spanning from the Isles to Spain, to the Philippines, and to America. I imagine a great nation of conquest, and an alliance with you seems to be mutually beneficial for both of us." He turned darker. "So, what you imagine for France?"
  9. “I support the facts,” Alexander spoke in the square. “The fact is we simply cannot avoid war with the current position of our power.” He said. “These are the reasons I am here today.” He said, sounding farther down than ever. This was, as he implied, a very important address. This was his “Address to the Republics”, in which he traveled across the republics to address the people. This was his opening speech in Alexandria, the most important one in which tens of thousands watched in person, and millions of millions watched on the television. “We have to not survive…this implies that you hold on against odds, or only barely sustaining. We need to thrive, not just as six different nations—England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Man, and Ireland—but as one singular nation united to fight against one thing…oppression. This is not just one issue. This is a unity of issues, fixed on the singular goal of destroying us and everything we have built. This will not happen to us, and anyone with this goal should be put to the gun!” Alexander concluded, and exited. “It is time to take action.” Alexander said to the Legislature. “I call upon you all. It is time to conquer. Our cause: spreading the welfare of the Worker Republics to Mainland Europe. I call upon you, the law, to pass legislation calling for the invasion of the Iberian Penninsula.” Alexander said. His Regime had recently succeeded in making all parties except for his own illegal in the United Worker Republics, hence why he could practically exercise any authority he deemed necessary. Hence also why the vote to invade Spain and Portugal was a success. Hence also one reason for opening relations with the other European nations with similar interests as himself. The vote ended unanimously. Along the streets of Alexandria stood soldiers. Some marching through the city, some establishing checkpoints. Earlier that day, Joseph Alexander, President, declared all of the United Worker Republics under high level security. This was, of course, before his trip to Alvonia. The streets were empty. Near the ports of Dover were U.W.R. Navy ships and soldiers boarding the ships as they prepared to make way for Iberia. They had not told anyone of the plans, and had no intention to until the last possible moment. “I understand the fear of our recent military actions. I fear too, my friends. I fear for us. I fear during the day, I fear at night, and I fear right now with you. But what is going on is only for the best of not just us, but others. I would never hurt a man or a woman, especially any of those loyal to our free cause. I encourage everyone to continue with their lives, and I assure you we will all, as free men and women, remain that way.” Alexander said, following recent expression of fear from the military activity. Alexander then retired to his home where he got some much-needed rest.
  10. IMPROVEMENTS UNDER THE REPUBLIC The new Republic of Moscow, officially the Republic of the Imperial Muscovite Districts and Affiliates, which has now overthrown the Democratic Republic of the Imperialist Moscow, has already been deep into work with the Blue Sphere in improving the Muscovite nation. They have already begun investing into improvements, such as a Harbor, something that the Communists were unable to achieve, as well as working with the people to rise the happiness in the nation. It is a good time to be in Moscow.
  11. COMMUNISTS OVERTHROWN, DEMOCRACY REPLACES Recently, the long-ruling Communist dictatorship in Moscow was challenged by a group of democratic supporters. The peaceful protest, one similar to the actions of Ghandi, led to the dissolution of the Communist rule and a Federal Government in its place. The new government is tasked with rebuilding the economy and upgrading the infrastructure, with the goal of transforming Moscow into a world power. Moscow is now part of the Blue Sphere following the secession from the Red Sphere a couple of months ago. Imperial Muscovy remains Unaligned to any alliances or affiliations.
  12. Joseph looked at Piontek, and responded by extending his hand in return. "Good afternoon, your Excellency. It is an honor." Alexander took a moment to gain himself, and began pacing around the room. "Sir, I wish to create an alliance between ourselves, your Alvonia, Yugoslavia, if they would be interested, and any other nations you think would show interest. This way, we may drive Belarus out of Poland and continue conquest across Europe. And, if someone wants to get into our way, or they want to stop our mission, then I suppose we'll just have to stop theirs." He looked up, and waited for a response.
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