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  1. I'm leaving CNRP as well, actually.
  2. Internal This past year in Ukraine has been pretty uneventful. It has mostly been filled with finishing up all the routine busy-work that accompanies the start of any new government. Military modernization was one of Ukraine's top priorities, and work along those lines had come along very nicely this year. A lot of new military equipment had been ordered and delivered, and many of Ukraine's military and air bases have been updated and more modernized. Another top priority for Ukraine the past year was to bring the nation's ports and railways back up to maximum efficiency. This, also, for the very most part, was able to be accomplished over the past 12 months, and because of it, trade with other nations had been able to be increased. With these two priorities having been met, the Ukrainian government feels confident that it is ready to meet whatever needs may arise in the coming year.
  3. Edit: eh, nvm, this place is done for, Ukraine is all yours, if you even still want it, JED. :p
  4. "Well we would be open to signing either a Non-Aggression and Trade Pact, or what is known as a PIAT, which is basically a Non-Aggression, Intelligence, and Trade Pact."
  5. Signed for Ukraine X Foreign Minister Stanislavsky Marchenko
  6. Preamble Both Belarus and Ukraine, in order to reaffirm the cordiality and friendship between our nations, do hereby commit to this treaty. Article I: Non-Aggression and Friendship The undersigned agree to abstain from military action and all forms of espionage against each other, and will maintain courteous relations. All differences between the undersigned will be dealt with diplomatically. Article II: Defense If another nation takes aggressive action against one of the undersigned, the other shall provide moral, diplomatic, and military support as requested. Additionally, an attack upon either party shall give rise to an independent casus belli for the other signatory, irrespective of requested support. Article III: Aid The undersigned nations are encouraged, but not required, to provide economic and diplomatic aid when requested by the other signatory. Article IV: Trade The undersigned nations agree to grant each other Most Favored Nation status, as well as to eliminate or strongly reduce tariffs and custom duties/fees, and import/export quotas wherever possible in regards to the other signatory of this treaty. Article V- Intelligence Ukraine and Belarus both hereby agree to share intelligence critical to the safety and security of the other nation. [font='times new roman']Neither signatory nation shall withhold information from the other signatory alliance that constitutes a direct threat to the security or well-being of the other signatory alliance.[/font] [font=arial]Article VI: Cancellation[/font] [font=arial]If either signatory finds that this agreement is no longer in their best interest, they may cancel the agreement with seventy-two (72) hours written notice, or immediately by mutual consent. Any violation of Articles I, II, V, or VI of this agreement shall give the non-violating signatory cause to cancel this agreement immediately.[/font] [font=arial]Signed for Ukraine,[/font] [font=arial]X _____________[/font] [font=arial]Signed for Belarus,[/font] [font=arial]X _______________[/font]
  7. (I should have one typed up fairly soon)
  8. "Those are all very excellent suggestions, and I believe Ukraine would be very open to all of them. We could also offer the usual non-aggression, trade, inel-sharing, and defense pact terms, if Belarus would like, as well; all rolled together in the standard all-in-one form."
  9. "Good afternoon, Ambasador. Our parliament is now in place, so we can discuss any treaties and agreements your nation may care to pursue, with very little limits or restrictions."
  10. Public Official results are in for yesterday's Parliamentary Elections. The party leader of the Party that won the most seats -- Viktor Kolisnyk -- has become Ukraine's new Prime Minister. Prime Minister Kolisnyk has re-appointed Stanislav Marchenko as Ukraine's Foreign Minister.
  11. "Ah yes, the embassy. Ofcourse, it should be set up and available for you to move into, I believe."
  12. Public Election polls have officially closed, and votes will begin to be counted within the hour. Official results will be announced tommorow in the the early afternoon.
  13. "That is an excellent suggestion. There are some excellent very modern hotels here in Kiev. We would be happy to provide you a room for the night on the house."
  14. "Good afternoon, Mr. White. I am Ambassador Dmytro Koszyk. It is my understanding that your nation is interested in trade relations, and perhaps a Non Aggression Pact, is that correct?"
  15. "Yes, that is correct. Tommorow, our newly elected government would even be able and willing to sign a Mutual Defense Pact with Belarus as well, should the Belarussian government be interested in one as well. I would offer such a pact today, but since the Provisional Government doesn't officially step down until tommorow, I don't have the necessary authorization to offer one quite yet."
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