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  1. Well, if one looks at the amount of interaction going on, you could as well just say that it doesn't matter whether someone's here or not. You won't hear from others anyway, there's no map, so you could say there's three people minimally interacting with each other in Russia and that was it.
  2. For a moment, Amel staid silent, considering her options. Her opponent seemed quite stubborn. Most likely he had to be, given the situation his country was in. But was that her problem? He surely made it out to be hers as well. "As brutal as the Crimson Army may be, they'd not commit wholesale genocide on the entire Sleepy Hollow. Especially not as long as they still have a war to fight and can't commit ressources on slaughtering civilians. And as a humble traveller, I think I don't need to fear any persecution or to be sold to some ambitious retainer." The thought of any Faraway lady attempting to actually gain a hold on her was amusing for various reasons, but Amel felt it not necessary to explain Shoemaker the misconception he seemed to have. Rather, she wondered about the obvious fault in this scheme, something that would surely also occur to the Hollowins. If the council spread word of Amel being royalty, regardless of what proof they could come up with, slipping away would be far harder. Fair trials weren't something common these days. When you wanted someone executed, it required nothing more than the order, once you had them in your custody. But there was still some reason to cooperate. As long as Amel sat here, she'd be maybe not killed, but surely kept under arrest, just as it was the case at the moment. Shoemaker had emphasised that they'd even watch her later, though Amel wondered how far they could watch her, if she was to enter a forest where noone dared to enter. If the Forest Guard could keep tabs on her till the Baron's residence, they could as well go themselves. But they didn't. And even if she did not try to escape, meeting the Baron would at least be one step forward. It couldn't get that much worse from being holed up in this house. Reluctantly, Amel took the map and put it into her bag. "I'll with you and talk to your prospective Baron. However, once my part of this deal has been completed, I'm free to go my own way. I doubt you have much use for a humble traveller besides this mission anyway. After all, why should I care for the sake of the Sleepy Hollow, when all I experienced of it is to spend my days under house arrest?" As she finished her speech, Amel already started to pack up her things. Even if she made demands, she was quite confident that Shoemaker and his darn council wouldn't accept this offer. After all, if they could've afforded to do so and pursue another option, she'd not be stuck in this situation in the first place. "The sooner I get out of here, the better..."
  3. Republic of Korea, Republic of China, Singapore and Hong Kong. Four states that have seen rapid economic growth and modernisation in the last few decades.
  4. Although Amel was considering for a moment to just leave the councilman standing on the street outside, it was also in her interest to have some privacy. To talk with this man where they weren't listened in on by every passing youngster and whore. Reluctantly she opened the door, though she immediatly shut it again, once Shoemaker had entered. But even before she could turn around again to face the actually not too welcome guest, he already had started talking and Amel regretted the decision. She should have just shut the door and left the man rot outside. These her feelings she also hardly hid, as she looked at Shoemaker with an annoyed if not angered glare, even worse than when she had first opened the door. Busting in here with all his baggage, not only disturbing her studies, but just throwing his own issues at her. Amel could feel her anger build up slowly, but she kept calm. Nothing good came from rage. Rather, she waited, wondering when it was that he finally stopped to actually await an answer. And she waited for a good minute longer, before the moment came, that Shoemaker had finished his request, though, her answer had not changed from what she wanted to say already before she had left her books. "No, I refuse.", Amel stated coldly. Even if the Councilman looked sincere and troubled, this still seemed a bit much. "I got no interest in your Baron, nor in your books. I'm a humble traveller, who's tried to pass through your lands and I'm already wasting my time here, instead of returning to my homeland. I got no intention of being the messenger of your council. If you just need a woman, I am sure you could pay one of those ladies in red out there." She gestured towards the window. But before she went on to tell him to leave, there was something that had bothered her for some time now. With a few steps she closed in on Shoemaker, narrowed her eyes and as if worried that anyone could still hear them, despite the closed quarters, Amel whispered. "Also, I have no idea why you and your council deem me royalty. But I'd welcome it if you would not give me more trouble than necessary by spreading weird rumours. The road is dangerous enough as is." She then turned around and stepped away to her books again. Searching for the passage she had left at, she threw Shoemaker a cold "I am sure many lives depend on this. But I value my own a bit more. So, if that was all..."
  5. Faraway loyalists in Greenland were not amused and sent a complaint that their independence be respected.
  6. It was a quite measly little building at the outskirts of the town, fitting pretty neatly into the surroundings. From the looks of it, it was hardly distinguishable from the neighbouring houses along the street, sharing the typical solid masonry, the tall and slender roof, as well as the few pretty intransparent windows. Who knew how old these buildings were. But unlike the neighbouring houses, which were housing ordinary Hollowins and their families, this one seemed to have been an empty building belonging to the local authorities. At least that was how it seemed to Amel. For now, it was the quarters she had received from the Hollowins, well, more like her prison. Assigned to her during her stay, until she heard back from the councils. What a bother. Maybe she should just have taken a roundabout way east. But even though the distrustful nature of the Hollowins was well-known, Amel seemingly had underestimated it. And now she was here. Stuck in Thunder Bay. Amel sighed, as she used her new-found spare time to read and study. The councils most likely had their reasons and her target wasn't going to run away. Thus, under the bit of light that entered from the dim windows, Amel silently worked her way through the written lines. On this day, which had begun like any other day in this dreary place, Amel had just finished her breakfast and taken out another book she planned to start that day, when she suddenly heard someone knock at the door. Although she had been waiting for word from the councils for days now, the sudden disturbance still caused her to be slightly disgruntled and after putting aside her books again, Amel went to open the wooden door. With a creaking sound, the door moved a short distance, just enough that Shoemaker could see a pair of amber eyes mustering him. After seeing it was only one person, Amel opened the door just enough to show herself to the visitor. From the looks of it, Amel wasn't much different from other young maidens in Faraway. A long dress of light grey colour, covered by a black cape, it was the sophistication one could expect from any somewhat affluent Faraway citizen, though it was simple enough to be practical as travelling clothes. Her long dark brown hair was kept in a neat braid, given the hassle of travelling through extensive woodlands and thus the most striking feature of the Faraway maiden were definitely the amber eyes, which intensely glared at Shoemaker, as she angrily asked. "Who would you be and what do you seek of me?"
  7. Especially not if you already have it. But that doesn't mean I'm proficient enough to do sophisticated maps.
  8. "Madame Général, the enemy is approaching.", one of the staff officers reported, though Arnault-Delareux did not need such commentary. She could see it herself through her own binoculars, as the staff observed the battle unfold before them. "Is everything ready?", the general asked dryly and another staff officer dilligently reported. "As ordered, Madame Général. Fire should be incoming any moment." Arnault-Delareux merely nodded while continuing to observe the enemy movements. The Republican Army of Maine, one of the southern Commonwealth sympathisant factions had managed to cross the old border and was now approaching the Acadian positions along the Saint John river. With the collapse of the Commonwealth and its successor states and the retreat of the Japanese, the centralised administration had quickly grumbled and Arnault-Delareux had quickly escaped north to her homeland in Acadie. But while she had escaped a mob that wanted her dead, she had not escaped the brutality that would follow, as the country broke apart and differing factions vied for power over the vast lands. In the absence of any other instance, liberals and leftists battled the entrenched elites, and with much bloodsheds, one side or the other would eventually prevail. Acadie fell on the ordered side. Whatever republican sentiment there was, the Général had quickly moved to surpress it, depending on both loyalists and local milice irregulars, responsible for keeping order in these harsh times. But while Acadie, by virtue of its longstanding ties to counter-revolutionary thought had stayed under the nominal control of the Archduchess of Acadie and the de facto control of the Armée d'Acadie, neighbouring Maine stayed democratic and soon mustered its forces to defend its newfound freedom from neighbouring reactionaries. Clashes along a disputed border ensued and within a week, Acadie and Maine were at war, the former being assisted by like-minded Quebec, the latter assisted by its fellow New Englanders. A lot of bad blood existed between the two sides, as a new conflict ensued in the region, rekindling memories of the Saint Lawrence War, and the annexation of Acadie into the Commonwealth. Up to now, Arnault-Delareux had ceded the field to the New Englanders and had retreated towards the Saint John river. The enemy had attacked with a large expeditionary force that she could not hope to defeat with the sparse border guards. Instead, the Général had chosen to buy some time, to allow reinforcements from the North and East arrive and concentrate the forces for a counter-attack. And although she had to cede great amounts of land, Arnault-Delareux found herself now confident to push the enemy out of Acadie. The republican forces, which up to now only encountered sporadic resistence from poorly trained and equipped local milice units had grown careless and as they approached the village of Grimrose, an army was awaiting them already. First, a few single fire exchanges could be heard, then several mortar rounds. The Acadians had opened fire. But Arnault-Delareux kept most of her forces in reserve. She didn't want to just win. She wanted to win decisively. It was questionable whether Acadie could subdue Maine. Their fellow New Englanders were going to liberate them again and unless Quebec actually provided troops and not just material, the Acadian forces were insufficent for any such effort. But still, knocking out Maine's forces and forcing them onto the defense would prevent a protracted fight on Acadian soil, something that could easily exhaust the small duchy. And the tactic paid off. Through her binoculars, Arnault-Delareux could clearly see the assault mounted by the enemy as they tried to flush out her forces with their superior mass and in the process establish a bridgehead on the Eastern side of the river. But in doing so, they played in Arnault-Delareux' hands. A slightly sadistic grin formed on her face, as she watched the primitive wave of soldiers. "Apart from mass and vigour, they haven't much else. They aren't much without their technology and aircraft...", she remarked with a condescending tone. "Madame Mallet, please tell the reserves to advance as soon as the field is clear again. We shall not give them enough time to even breath." One of the staff officers saluted and hastily picked up a field telephone to relay the orders. Meanwhile, it was just as the first enemy troops reached the riverbanks, that a sudden whistling set in. The republican forces looked around, a few more experienced troops, maybe former servicemen, immediatly ducked or sought whatever cover they could find in the field, and within splitseconds the first rocket tore into the field, throwing dirt and debris in every direction. More rockets followed, blanketting the field and stopping the assault immediatly. For about ten seconds, rocket after rocket exploded among the southerners and after a sole two seconds of silence, which the Acadian soldiers took to confirm that the battery of Almace rocket launchers were now reloading, with a loud "Pour l'Acadie! A l'attaque!", the counter-offensive began. The still disoriented troops that survived the barrage and knew not whether to press on or fall back were quickly gunned down and overwhelmed, as the troops in Faraway green uniforms finally showed themselves. Meanwhile, a squadron of Acadian Chasseurs à cheval, mounted infantry sheered off from the small cavalry reserves of the Armée d'Acadie, in order to flank the retreating troops. With carbines and sabers ready, they were to make sure that the enemy not regrouped. Somehow, Arnault-delareux wondered what times she had been thrown back to. But with most of the militias lacking in anything heavier than a mortar, old tactics became increasingly effective again.
  9. I guess the majority of people spoke out in favour of having a claims thread. Will some GM implement it? Reminds me, I'll update the GM team in the GM court thread.
  10. And join in the struggle of who has the most ridiculous world-spanning Empire? I rather not and place a bet on Belarus. I know he can create the one Rus on which the Sun shall never set. This isn't how the logic works. Membership in #hegemon is not equivalent to beating on Mogar, but beating on Mogar automatically means you are part of #hegemon. That's why you can hear nice things for as long as you stay out of it, but if you do just about anything he doesn't like, you are part of the "clique" (like Shammy or MrDirector, which I never saw ever in the channel). I couldn't care less on what you think of me, but it was actually me who sent the complaint to the UN on Vektor violating the NPT, which was actually why the UN decided to intervene and I think I did voice my complaints already before, though as a non-UN member and while at war with MGL who enacted a complete blockade, there's only so much one can do. Not that it really matters, because the moment it ended, you left and announced CNRP2.
  11. There is no other RP here that is remarkably more active.
  12. I expected a Pan-Pasirung option of just killing the map and creating some custom one in its place. Not that I'd be for it... or against it, given I'm not around anyway... But it's good to say people doing something.
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