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  1. Stormcrow


    /me laughs. *Cough istartedthegmsystem Cough*
  2. Stormcrow

    Leaving CNRP

    Hey kids, it's been real. I'm over at the community mod team now, so have a good one and seeya around.
  3. Stormcrow

    Sileath and NSO

    Please make me unsee that horrible abomination masquerading as an acronym. That is the true, dark name of Sheol written to make a man tear his eyes from his face and cut his ears from his head. Also hello.
  4. Stormcrow

    Sileath and NSO

    You do know you aren't supposed to send false battle reports, right? Stormcrow facepalms Consider this your verbal warn. Even if its a joke, it still breaks the rules. This is also a verbal warning to everyone in the thread; if it gets bad in here I will lock and warn.
  5. Stormcrow


    Merger's aren't going to be outlawed, and as I've stated in the Italian Mess thread, any future rulings on this are going to be routed through the gameplay mods.
  6. Stormcrow

    The Italian mess

    No. This is not going to continue. I see nothing but chaos and screaming matches, and alot of rudeness, as though I'd never told any of you to play by the respect policy. This thread is locked, and until a well written suggestion is sent to myself or Spock, my previously stated rules about merged nations are the only ones that are going to fly. GMs: Telling someone to shut up is not only a poor representation of yourself, but of the Staff members who elected to place you in a position of authority. If you believe we have matters to fix, send a detailed pm to myself, Spock, and HK47, and we will discuss this together away from this forum.
  7. Stormcrow


    After careful consideration, mergers are back on the table. Although fine-tuning is still going on, the basic rule of thumb is: 1. No roleplaying another person's military 2. Can't kill of their players. 3. Can't end their countries (as in destroy them) 4. Have either a historic, logical, regional, or very well roleplayed reason to them. There you go kids, have fun, DON'T ACT THE FOOL AND GET IT TAKEN AGAIN. That is all.
  8. Stormcrow

    Rewards For Good Behavior

    The system that I've considered is that it would not be able to combine military might; that is, each member of the Merger would still post their own military movements or actions. Tech would be the highest member of the Merger (no stacking). In case of individual tech trades, whichever tech level is higher would be the tech of that nation, but it would not cascade and give everyone else higher tech levels, merely that individual member of the merger. Money is really immaterial as everyone can rp getting it somehow, so econ might possibly stack (or just be the highest member's econ). And I think the community deserves this chance to prove itself and expand gameplay. Y'all have been pretty good, it's time we worked on rewarding that.
  9. Stormcrow

    Rewards For Good Behavior

    So, after a lengthy on and off discussion with Spock and HK, I've decided to broach this formally with the community...so, here goes: Forum behavior has been pretty good, I'd say, and the way people have been rping has actually gotten better. I'm really proud of the GM's work in this especially, both the old ones and the new, and I look forward to continued good behavior. That all being said, I told you that if the community could prove itself again, Merger's could come back on the table. Well, I'm not going to say something like that and then not offer it within a decent amount of time....so, would you like mergers back in the roleplay? This is just a yes or no thread. There'll be another thread for you to suggest what the rules should be.
  10. Stormcrow

    Waking from Chaos

    This thread is lock pending Moderator review. I'd like to thank LVN for handling this so far.
  11. Stormcrow

    Protected Nation

    I think you are bluffing. On that note: Just a friendly visit from the neighborhood Mod; you've gotten on track. Stay there. Also: The spelling mistakes in this thread makes my eyes hurt.
  12. Stormcrow

    CNRP Tech scale

    I am going to be patient with all of you. Vince, consider this your one and only verbal warning. As for the REST of you feeding the fires...stop. This community is (at least, it was in my time) a haven from the constant bickering and moaning of CN. Go to IRC and talk it out, have a heart-to-heart, curse each other out OFF FORUM. Don't bring that mess here.
  13. Stormcrow

    United White Announcement

  14. Stormcrow


    I couldn't agree more. Back on topic people.
  15. Stormcrow

    The legitimacy of GMs to dictate global events.

    No. The GM position is there for several reasons: To mediate disputes, to make small (moderation approved) Tweaking of the rules, to roll the Nukes and large weapons. It is also there to gently guide the tone and context of CNRP with small touches...or to reinforce the consequences of the actions of a large group of players. The GMs, (As long as they have moderation approval in their actions) are endorsed by both HK47, myself, and the Moderation Team to make the decisions we've enabled them to. If you fee they are unfair in their ruling, that is when you come to me. Indeed, a few of you have in the past, and most of the time the problems were worked out with a minimum of pain or wasted time, were they not? The GM is the way for the community to have a non-staff decision-maker, sort of their rep to the Staff. Through the GM, as well as through the forums, ideas and concepts can be brought to our attention rapidly, and we get quicker and easier rulings on issues as a result. The recent end to Mergers was NOT a Moderation suggested one, but a GM suggested one backed by a majority ruling of Moderation staff, based on a massive amount of complaints filed through both Mercy and the Mods here. Use your GM's to benefit the community; do not continuously decry their unfairness, especially when it is unwarranted. Fake Edit: And If you feel I am unfair, there are appropriate channels for such feelings, through HK47 (The actual Mod-in-charge here) and Senior Staff members of the Moderation Team. Don't vent those feelings here in public (And I expect fair warning before one of you try to flood Snape's inbox with complaints!) TL;DR: Yes, I'm upholding the map ban ruling, as well as the powers the GM's have used (SO FAR).