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  1. MarscurishNeis.ru REGIONAL Hundreds turned out in protest over the official banning of the Marscurian National Party from Duma and Presidential elections, just weeks head of the December 31 election date. The mob, which formed early this morning in front of the Duma building in Marscury, chanted nationalist slogans and hurled insults at both the Marscurian government and the federal government in Moscow. A poll held by the party claimed that they stood to heavily expand their influence in the Marscurian Duma, which has traditionally been dominated by the leftist Bundist and
  2. REPORT TO THE RUSSIAN HIGH COMMAND Order 162118-75 has been concluded in a timely fashion. All generals, colonels, and majors of Marscurian ethnicity have been forcibly retired and replaced by ethnic Russians from the west. In the navy, all commanding officers have been forcibly retired, as have all squadron leaders and commanders of air wings in the air force. The complete removal of Marscurians from the officer corps greatly reduces the possibility and success of any nationalist movements, such as that seen in Ukraine. Slava Rossii -Oleg Salyukov, Army General, Pasirung Military Dis
  3. I feel like that could be considered foreign advertising.
  4. MarscurishNeis.ru REGIONAL Meteorologists are predicting an unusually long shipping season on the Teich River for 2015. Usually closed by October 31 due to freezing temperatures and dangerous ice accumulation, the river is expected to remain largely ice-free well into November for this year. Most shipping companies do not plan to utilize the extra time to increase river traffic, but recreational boating and fishermen will likely take advantage of the increased river usage. One group not happy about the ice-free river are the Vernewi barbarians of the south, who often rely on ice roads to
  5. Kinda? At this point, you can count the number of RPers on 1 hand, but it is still technically used.
  6. MarscurishNeis.ru REGIONAL The government of the Marscurian Republic has authorized the Fourth Scouting Expedition, with the goals of further surveying the Pasirungian continent. Consisting of thousands of cartographers, geographers, geologists, biologists, zoologists, botanists, anthropologists, and soldiers, the purpose of this expedition is to gain the most extensive view of the landscape to date. Scientists will be focusing on cataloging the continent's unique flora and fauna, as well as charting the distribution of significant deposits of natural resources, and learning more about the
  7. MarscurishNeis.ru REGIONAL Police are on the hunt for a dangerous domestic terrorist. Anastasia Stein, better known by her nom de guerre "Mama," has been evading arrest throughout the region. Anyone with any information about the location of this terrorist or her gang are to contact the local police immediately. Would you like to know more? FEDERAL A Russian man was forcibly bound and gagged on a Hong Kong-Vladivostok flight after he became agitated and unruly. The man, allegedly drunk at the time, began arguing with a female passenger, and was supposedly using threatening lang
  8. There is no RP but CNRP and Justinian is its GM.
  9. I nominate Yawoo, Justinian, and Mr. Director
  10. In front of the swinging bodies, I began humming, then singing the song that we developed when the hangings first began. When I had finished, I turned around to see people on the street staring at me. At first I was concerned with the situation. Were there soldiers watching me? Was I causing trouble? I got ready to run home, just to get off the streets. The people began walking towards me, one at a time, and then in larger and larger groups. Before I knew what was happening, everyone was singing. The old, the young, men, women, and children. After a short while, a military patrol ente
  11. It was Thomas Fuller that said that night was always darkest just before the dawn. Well, let me tell you, things had been getting pretty dark here. In an effort to end the violence in Odessa, the Russians had committed three whole armies, 300,000 men, to our western regions to keep the peace. Most of the deployments were to the big cities with prominent Ukrainian populations, but my hometown of Novofedorivka had a detachment of soldiers stationed there due to our position on the main road between Odessa and Mykolaiv. For a while, things actually weren't so bad. The soldiers stayed in
  12. We have plenty of virgins. We call them Marscurians.
  13. MarscurishNeis.ru REGIONAL Under order of the Ministry of the Interior, the Marscurian Republican Guard has been disbanded. All soldiers and most officers below the rank of major have been reorganized into the Russian Border Service - Regional Border Directorate for The Pasirung Federal District. The new service will have the same duties and responsibilities as the old one, protecting the western frontier against barbarian raids, patrolling against smugglers, and basic search and rescue services. The force has been bolstered with nine river patrol vessels to patrol the Teich River and the
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