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  1. Can I say something serious? This war is giving me a tingly feeling down below. Do whatever you like with that information.
  2. Tally ho lads! Been a while since my last war, so I hope I don't bore you.
  3. He made CN great again. Nice!
  4. There were some wars and things happened.
  5. Sure. Just pick a place on the map to form your country and start writing. The map hasn't been updated in a while but the Athenian Federation, Draka, and Arabia no longer exist so you can claim land in those places if you want.
  6. Russian forces have seized several bases in Spain and Morocco Maoron de la Frontera air base and Rota naval base in Spain as well as the Al Hoceima and Ksar es-Seghir naval bases in Morocco. These 4 bases will serve the Russian Atlantic and Mediterranean Fleets which will be transferred from Edisto Beach in South Carolina.
  7. Well, voting is over and the GM team stays the same.
  8. Nominations are here. The poll will run for 48 hours. You need to have a nation in CNRP, not CNRP-40, not cnrpa, not KaiserMartens RP. It has to be CNRP or else you will be charged with electoral fraud. This isn't Russia, so electoral fraud will be taken seriously.
  9. Well, the 4 nominees are Melech, Mr. Director, Yawoo and I.
  10. I nominate Melech, Yawoo and Mr. Director for president.
  11. Time to nominate, party people! You can nominate anyone who has a CNRP nation and is not you. You can nominate up to three people. You need a to have a nation in CNRP to nominate people. Nominations will run for 48 hours. Have fun!
  12. Not to self: GM nominations in 2 days.
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