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  1. Tech Decay, however the topic of super nations has been quiet for a while. What else? Transfer limits aren't a major issue with this, because this solves for the very top. The Second least discussed yet most meaningful Suggestion (I am clearly apologetic to reiterate):
  2. I do not think such attempt, as you were, is truly possible. The principled are precisely anti-materialist, even Poison clan with 'friends over pixels' gets it. A synthesis that favors the materialist argument is wrong by definition. The debate of moral begins with principle. Material realism on the other hand is an argument that could hold, for example: rationed equality, tech market, so on. It is the love of war, not of "tech raided" that shapes a certain side of the raid debate. Moralists oppose it strictly because it is a material gain and perceived bullying carried from a power imbalance and visited upon the justly unprepared, just as the honest and blind, a moralist is bearing disadvantage - which is why anti-moralists are a crime of the faith. The real accusation is that you can only control your own alliance right. Goons and similar monstrosities are the particular examples that arose the whole debacle. I think this only became a concept when NpO attacked M, and the slurry started a drive to draw any attention from the decrepit communities they truly were. Funny from such war lovers, when even a moralist hates a war deserter. An aside: Economics are best done in peace. Tech raiders really want more destruction, and I'm happy to give them that war. There is a seeming demand from the power hierarchy that moralists would hold conviction silent while hordes of bought infidel are sent bearing their truly pathetic 'war boner' or their allies won't like them anymore :*( It is the saddest of humiliation, literally a sea of tears. Wellspring of grief. People decided they really hated being handed justice, and more than anything a losing war from the high of hand. Thereafter any morality became their enemy, for it might accuse their !@#$, and furthermore see my opening post previous. The realpolitiker [see stat hugger] saw this states of affair and recruited the whole array of these pathetic peoples so they could keep any viable and god forbid legitimate competition done, selling a real fancy mirage of a car to do so, but usually reducing to blackmail. The lie of the whole was soon revealed when the convenient suckling horde was prevented from powers ascent and soon became the despised of all. Realpolitikers still love their stats because they are otherwise humiliated, and would still recruit any slime they can have to ensure the moral will never threaten their debased community.
  3. Wherein there is not recourse for the Moralist but in arms, it is his sacred and definite duty to have them at use. Sometimes we just need to coax ourselves to thrash those deserving, wherein no other satisfaction may be found. Beating people for a reason can be real fulfillment, one usually needs a reason for legitimacy. The true moralist rarely reveals any reason to the despoiler of our ration. The only thing I drew from here above was despite calling moralist arguments illegitmate [because it disgusts you they might come from the strong], moralists are still better than that trash in Mushqaeda. Ostensibly because they're rogue. The Moralists have truly won, thank Grace and Good, with the departure of the sociopaths your power-starved structure sucked upon. The Moralists, who have the proudest of traditions in opposing MK and those climbing upon degenerates ever worsening, have an eternal source of legitimate disdain for certain others and even better the deepest satisfaction in the languished and underwhelmed retirement of such force - better even than to hang them ourself. We remain and retain the better of your tired yet MK supporter line, as though an actual moralist would admit anything from such dirt. The enablers and sometimes worse than that, are today showing up their due in the right fashion: Sparta thrashed for the machination of sucking during the moment MHA attacks an innocent. These are the true champions of anti-moralism, and just possibly as concurrently stupid at the politic of the real.
  4. I haven't read the previous comments. While appreciating analytical intellectual tradition and much of your unrelated statement, I no less firmly hold that roguery is legitimate form of a nation's self-determination, and senators are not responsible. A policy of sanctioning belies subservience to foreign wishes as a curried form of legitimacy, and instates alliances - even the unelected - foothold into control of the senate. Regarding sanctions, serial naught-but-grievers should be aggrieved. It would be better sanctioning Methrage himself for wonder dropping than any of the theoretical rogues you work up about [were the war truly illegitimate]. As such I'm not convinced of your agenda masquerading under victory, regardless of the greater desire to consolidate. In a degenerate political clime, the noble rogue is a figure to sculpt.
  5. What acts on the brain? Something higher preferrably.
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