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  1. OldSelf

    Mars Hotspot

    Thanking your prompt provision.
  2. OldSelf

    Good Enough.

    A condition the ex hegemony to join as a private may see he sends those wronged tech paid from I.. Did you just make a cause to call my mother?
  3. OldSelf

    Good Enough.

    I realize English is your 2nd or third language. It cculd be my fourth. Opines are passed over sure fifth, once to return.
  4. OldSelf

    Good Enough.

    What more reason than your life. You received a composite reply provided, minus any one. Why should reason beg proof that GATO is a terrorist on Brown? their allies and yourself argue it worthy of stock? I wonder if reality will refute or enhance presumed argument regarding any power of feminine friendship assorted to demand masculinity in respect. Would your Government without persist but for where we should meet to rearrange make your mistress fine succor? GATO should barely be a puppet, a problem they cause,. and of who to think to solve. And here yet betray, in worse fashion, own Brown. And here you've had to add they can say so sad "there this t'was not I"
  5. OldSelf

    Good Enough.

    You've skipped the chain of causality in this instance. I don't believe in sanctions generally. I hope the notion to systematically un-claw people in political the Sims is more fun than just war. Neutrals to Shame and Terrorism above Friends shall be all Complaint to aggrieve. My nation has banned caged egg sales as well as all companies and nations dealing with them. I encourage the Brown team to be responsible for it's own action. edit: a Grim sort
  6. OldSelf

    Good Enough.

    The only thing unreasonable is no actual reason has been given. Toxic to whom? I doubt to the Brown team as much as GATO's enability
  7. OldSelf

    Declaration of War

    I'm uncertain why has SLAP been invited into the intra-brown. For what is Yohan acting off the sphere? 25% of LSF would be an alliance, but isn't it you would rather hit all of his voters. You already have the number. I should not greatly admire the extra allegiance. You should have taken LSF yourself.
  8. OldSelf

    Total Reform

    Totalitarianism under Enfranchisement and the Golden ratio. Our first recruit to have obtained a Manhattan Project, just did. We continue to look out for dedicated beginners. We also desire for older nations to join the community, fund more beginners, and ramp up our social experiment.
  9. OldSelf

    Mars Hotspot

    November 1st, 2017 &lat=45&lon=125 100% Confirmed
  10. Hell no, don't delete. Save your wonders and Tech. Delete EVERYTHING. Infra, all Military, improvements. Keep your generals, wonders, tech and land only. Find someone to send aid to save generals and wonders, when you can accept from the 7th. Also to consider -- I don't think you need to pay bills to collect taxes, that might make the full difference!
  11. OldSelf

    Unable to purchase wonder even if I met requirements

    3000 Land Purchased
  12. OldSelf

    Recognition of Hostilities

    NpO was happy for the first time I've ever seen (except playing passenger to the schizoid TOP betrayal and reconciliation) for that NADC leave Blue. Reading Grub's NADC surrender announcement was a remarkable joy, like seeing an abused pug break first attempt to smile. That NADC wants to lock horns; despite the fact they can't fight; agreed to terms; and have bailed on every ally they've ever had, will garner no misplaced sympathy. They wanted to return to Blue and could have done so a smoldering blue wreck, if they're not going to surrender this ambition they should just move now and see. They could otherwise have queried NpO before their membership? The cart is before the horse.
  13. OldSelf

    Total Reform

    Total Reform is an alliance born from a survey of the eclectic traditions of this world and was created due to inability to continue with the decay of representative democratic alliances. Many democratic aspects have remained such as open membership and broad pathway to leadership. Aspects that lead to social dementia have given way to a demandingly inclusive regime. Unlike many democracies, we do not permit distant political leadership, nor negligence among the membership. Members failing to meet their minimum obligation will be removed. It is part of the alliance culture for each member to be economically active and war capable. The life of the alliance revolves about efficiently enabling and achieving these result. There is no expense nor effort spared in assisting new players to meet objective. There are well defined military requirements, plenty of educational resources, and a command economy. The alliance has minimum period of 3 months and meeting standard to articulate to full membership. A council is elected from among the membership and is responsible for setting, implementing, and to carry out the agenda of the alliance. We strive to be inclusive, innovative, and maintain alliance integrity. If you are at all interested to learn more or join, visit www.total-reform.online
  14. OldSelf

    Should I End My Nation?

    Sorry to hear your predicament, alliance affairs amass all of custard. Use this time to evaluate where you've been the last 40 days. You were going a little slow by the historical charts. It's definitely more important to grasp how to grow and one aid package will fix your situation, there's no point running from that. You're just going to associate with an alliance again right? - then you need get into the economy - and even if you can't find foolproof protection, learn from their guides and members. It's a bit of a draw which alliance you pick, so think about the values you commodity. Find someone who will pay you $6 Million to join their trade circle. You can also get $6 Million to send back 100 tech in 10 days, but you probably need an alliance protection. 100 tech costs $2.25 Million.
  15. OldSelf

    Pastoralis Praeeminentiae

    1. Pay reps for Ghost (agree and obtain eternally the right to wipe out all his shelters, starting with AM). 2. Accept from NPO a vice-royalty visit to prove the heresy is, was, and has been out-rooted in full. 3. Apologize properly for claims of assaulting NG's pixels by promising "I will only hit Umbrella" until peace is signed. Total Victory.