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  1. Centurius

    The dragon is dead!

    Great to hear, best of luck with the recovery Daj
  2. Claiming you have support that doesn't exist.
  3. "My brother is stronger than you, he will beat you up after school" You really don't have anything better than this playground talk?
  4. That's because you define everyone who actually plays this game as upper-crust.
  5. A major issue here seems to be the assumption that any kind of authority and government disappears. Armed forces and emergency plans exist to deal with events such as these. The full scale anarchy is unlikely as long as the government still has the vital equipment, which is often protected.
  6. After seeing you put Phantom Menace above A New Hope in your profile I realize why this review is so ridiculous.
  7. Honestly, I wouldn't even bother trying.
  8. Early congrats on 10,000 posts!

  9. You are aware 60 fps is the effective top limit of the human eye even being able to notice subtle speed increases?
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