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  1. You should get more alliances to attack them with, you clearly need the reinforcements.
  2. Even with years gone by since I left, I still remember my time in TOP fondly. To anyone remaining I wish you good luck, but I am sure the bonds of alliance will remain in those other realms we inhabit.
  3. As some of you know already my father died yesterday after a year of health issues which went in overdrive in the past few weeks. This has to be really honest left me an emotional wreck but it has also made a few things very clear to me. Over the past few years I have been prioritizing the wrong things, while I have managed to keep up an academic career as well as a social life and general development I cannot deny that not having certain places would have sped up all of those things even more. Probably even allowing my dad to actually see me complete my thesis and graduate. With this new found clarity I cannot come to any other conclusion than those things that I value most must take precedence over activities that started as enjoyable but haven't really been since 2010 and turned into more of a chore. With that I am taking this opportunity to formally leave the Cybernations Roleplaying community in all its forms. I will no longer be updating any maps and my nations(nation at this point) can be considered wiped. This is not a statement against any particular group of people, and I certainly haven't changed my opinion on the people that still reside in CNRP. Many of whom I consider friends and will remain close to for a long time to come. I have enjoyed my time here and the people who I have enjoyed it with simply are too many to count but it is time for me to move on. Farewell.
  4. Great to hear, best of luck with the recovery Daj
  5. As the situation in the former United Kingdom seemed more stabilized and the Franco-Iberian Union needed all the troops it could get a significant portion of the previously deployed soldiers wouold be redeployed from the Isles to the Iberian frontline. A smaller force would however remain.
  6. Just finished a round of projects and finals so I can work on the map again. Expect an update over the weekend as I want to get a rp post in first tomorrow.
  7. Yes, they all joined Animalz Weeds tend to be hard to kill but they aren't threatening and certainly not winning.
  8. Islamic State has Secured Nuclear Weapons! Paris - It is an event many had feared, Islamic terrorists have secured thermonuclear weapons. While the possibility of terrorist groups getting their hands on the nuclear stockpiles of the formerly unified Hellenic Forces for years authorities had been able to prevent it by strategically moving the weapons throughout more civilized territory. In a statement to the regional press Caliph al-Nisan has announced the succesful transfer of glorious bombs from a Hellenic Air Force base to the IS' Air Force. He went on to announce that Hakim, known for such attacks as the Damascus bicycle bombing and Istanbul unicycle terror will be the first to deliver these weapons to the devil and force open the gates to paradise. Caliph al-Nisan finally concluded in saying that the discovery of the thermonuclear weapons would greatly boost the antimatter bomb project the Islamic State is currently working on. A spokesperson for the Franco-Iberian Union expressed strong concerns at the existence of a nuclear Islamic state with the ability to reach most nations on the globe with its weapons. Al-Nisan would be the first to use nuclear weapons in a conflict that has so far seen all weapons utilized except those.
  9. Georgia is currently part of Russia, I recommend you pm Justinian the Mighty on these forums and he might give you the land.
  10. Return of the Princess? Paris - Anonymous sources inside the Council of Magistrates currently seated in Versailles have reported to the Athens Times that a special forces unit was deployed to secure a high value individual in hiding. While the sources could not confirm the identity of this individual it has been rumoured to be Her Imperial Highness Alethea of Heraclius, Both the significant resources dedicated to this mission as well as the urgency seem to support these rumours. If true the return of the Princess has the potential of shaking the balance of power in the civil war and forms a significant threat to all those factions that do not have her support. When asked directly the spokesman for the Chief Magistrate refused to answer. The location of the Princess has long been a mystery, with her disappearance following shortly after the death of her brother, many believed she had either been taken to safety by the High Guard or become the first victim in the events that triggered the current civil war.
  11. Yeah I had a midterm I didn't know I actually had this week until like last Friday come up on Tuesday and starting my new internship took a bit more time than anticipated. I'm going to finish the world map tomorrow.
  12. Completely forgot to finish the update however all I have left to do is add the labels. As I will be at a conference all day tomorrow you can expect the updated map in the evening.
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