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  1. Even with years gone by since I left, I still remember my time in TOP fondly. To anyone remaining I wish you good luck, but I am sure the bonds of alliance will remain in those other realms we inhabit.
  2. Great to hear, best of luck with the recovery Daj
  3. Just finished a round of projects and finals so I can work on the map again. Expect an update over the weekend as I want to get a rp post in first tomorrow.
  4. Georgia is currently part of Russia, I recommend you pm Justinian the Mighty on these forums and he might give you the land.
  5. Yeah I had a midterm I didn't know I actually had this week until like last Friday come up on Tuesday and starting my new internship took a bit more time than anticipated. I'm going to finish the world map tomorrow.
  6. Completely forgot to finish the update however all I have left to do is add the labels. As I will be at a conference all day tomorrow you can expect the updated map in the evening.
  7. Flu has been keeping me down for the past week but you can expect an update Sunday.
  8. http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/124054-vedomosti/?p=3357878 already got you covered.
  9. I've talked to Kevz and we have come to the following agreement. Kevz maintains most of Russia however the Tsardom of Russia will get the territories it held and was in the process of obtaining before the inactivitywave inside Russia and Kazakhstan(http://i.imgur.com/kEgedT3.png). I am also re-establishing the protectorate the Tsardom held over Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic States(which had been established here http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/124054-vedomosti/?p=3311338)
  10. I'd like to return with the Tsardom of Russia however as Kevz' claim conflicts with those holdings I'll talk to him about the specifics.
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