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    The dragon is dead!

    Great to hear, best of luck with the recovery Daj
  2. Note: Post is subject to regular editing. World Map Link to Map Those of you who frequent the Alternate-History forums will know this is the Q-Bam, made by the awesome Qazaq-2007 An overview of all maps since June 21st, 2014: Click me CNRP Details: IRC Server: Coldfront Channels: #cnrp Getting Started in the Fantasy RP (IC) Forum and F.A.Q. Starting a Nation in CNRP There are three ways to start a nation. - The first is to find white space that is not labelled as a protectorate, and request a portion of land that roughly matches your in-game sphere of influence. - The second way is to find a protectorate and either request it of them private message its owner (there is a list of protectorate owners below) or find them in our coldfront channel, #cnrp. - You may also make a post in this map thread asking if there is any significant land. There is a rare occasion that someone will grant you a piece of their own (colored) land, but this is, like I said, rare. If you don't see land in a continent you want, don't be discouraged. You can RP anything, anywhere. If you want any kind of culture where you're going, you can have it. You may have to discuss it with the protectorate owner, because we've had a long line of people making Nazi-esque nations everywhere around the world. The majority of players have grown tired of it. After you request land, post a thread in the Fantasy RP (IC) forum, briefly (or lengthily) introducing your nation, its leaders, and a few basic things about its culture or other things of note. People will reply recognizing your nation, and may even request treaties with you. Do I have to have a place on the map to post in this forum? Nope. You do not have to be a part of CNRP to post here. You can do your own thing, not bothering with the map. However, as most people who post here are posting in CNRP, you may want to add the tag "Non-CNRP", to avoid any confusion. Where are the rules? The rules are at the bottom of this post. They apply always unless all participants in an RP agree on a different set of rules and IG-CNRP conversions. Are you the head of this forum/CNRP? No. I don't make rules, make judgements, or anything. For questions on rules for CNRP, I'll refer you to the GM's Court, one subforum above this one. Can I just play a character, and not a nation? Yes, of course. Fantasy RP (IC) is for any kind of writing and RP. If you want to play in the world of CNRP, you can ask the owner of a territory if you can RP there (almost all of the nations will be okay with it as long as you're not starting a revolution). There is also the France Free RP zone, controlled by the Athenian Federation (Centurius). Anyone is free to do Character RPs there. Can I play another person's characters? Generally, no. For almost everyone, it's an unwritten rule that you are not, under any circumstances permitted to RP their characters, citizens, military and so on unless explicitly given permission. Nation Names and Players [spoiler]Africa: Dominion of Draka - Malatose Republic of Madagascar - Jarl Frost Asia: Arabia - Dillon, FHIC(Shave N Haircut), Greywall, Peter Illyich & supercheese Korea - Mr Director Maratha Empire - The Shammy Socialist Meihua - Horo Nippon - Evangeline Anovilis Greater Russian Empire - Justinian, Imperator Azenquor & Melech Empire of Tianxia - Triyun Europe: Athenian Federation - Centurius Prussia - Yawoo North America: American Commonwealth - MostGloriousLeader Bear Island's Nation of the Bear - Generalissimo South America: The Rist Confederation - Kevin Kingswell Antarctica: [/spoiler] Guidelines for this Thread: - This thread and map are OOC, any IC disputes should be handled in the RP chatroom or in the forums. - That being said, this map will only reflect OOC territory control. One forum name = one color = one map name. Being part of another person's territory or merger will have their color be the same. Exceptions are in situations where, for example, Centurius has created an automatic free RP zone in France, while JED has rule over Hispania. - Off-Topic posts (posts about anything other than map claims or questions) may be reported as spam. - If you have questions, please ask! Everyone is here would be glad to help! - If you demand updates from me, I'll be very upset. If I go longer than three days without an update, then you have reason to complain, unless I say something about absences or something. - To request an update, either give me exact geographic details, or mock something up in paint. (If you're talking about islands, please do the latter, rather than the former. I'm not a geography major, and I don't know every single island in the world.) Also give me a color, or I'm making you something funny. - If you can't see it on the map, it's not my problem. Sorry guys, I'm not going to label every single island in the pacific for you. General Guidelines and Rules for CNRP CNRP is the name of a collective of RPs in a cohesive world that has developed over several years, since 2006. It started as people playing on this forum, and then a map was created, and then rules followed. As such, the rules are very organic in nature, and have been created in an attempt to lessen disputes in wars. Keep in mind, these are only general guidelines for wars. If all parties in a war wish to follow different rules, they can. If they want to appoint a different mediator for their own war, they can. If you wish to roleplay a technologically advanced nation, you may, except in the case of military technology which, to maintain fairness, is relatively standardised. IG to CNRP Conversions Soldiers Take your in-game working citizen count (not total population/supporters) and multiply it by 0.80. This number is your maximum in-game soldier count. Multiply this number by 10.0 and this number will be your maximum CNRP soldier count. Tanks are directly equal to what your maximum is in-game. For example: If I have 100,000 citizens in-game, then I have 800,000 soldiers in RP. Regardless of in-game statistics everyone has at least 200,000 soldiers available Armor Artillery, APCs, IFVs, etc. are designated by common sense. You can have as many as you want, within reason of your own military capabilities. If you have too many, the GMs do reserve the right to say no. Technology Your in-game tech (technology) level is directly used in CNRP. Here is the tech scale. Naval Rules Your in-game navy is directly used in CNRP. Meaning, whatever you have IG = whatever you have in RP. The sole exception applies to submarines, corvettes, frigates, and destroyers. The current naval multiplier rule when converting from IG to IC fleets is as follows: 0-4,000 Infra, 0-500 tech: x2 4,001-5,000 Infra, 501-1,000 tech: x3 5,001-6,000 Infra, 1,001-2,000 tech: x4 6,001-infinity Infra, 2,001-infinity: x5 If you're in different brackets for tech and infra, go with the lower one. Air Forces Like soldiers and tanks, you don't have to buy IG planes to have them in CNRP. Air forces follow the rule of 1 IG Plane = 1 RP Squadron. 12 planes per squadron is the maximum you can have in CNRP. Nations with certain tech- and infra levels may use the following modifiers for their squadrons: 0-5,000 Infra, 0-1,000 tech: x2 5,001-6,000 Infra, 1,001-2,000 tech: x3 6,001-infinity Infra, 2,001-infinity: x4 Weapons of Mass Destruction The total tonnage of nuclear weaponry your nation may possess is equal to your in game number of nukes * 20 megatonnes (30 MT with a Weapons Research Complex). This may be divided into as many smaller bombs as you wish, so long as the total megatonnage does not exceed your maximum with: Manhattan Project: total nuclear arsenal of 400 MT MP + Hidden Nuclear Missile Silo: 500 MT MP + Weapons Research Complex: 600 MT MP + HNMS + WRC: 750 MT Substitutions Players may exchange soldiers for aircraft for ships for nukes with the following conversion rates: 1 Nuclear weapon (IG) = 10,000 Troops = 500 tanks = 10,000 tonnes of shipping = 5 Squadrons of Fighter Aircraft (strategic bombers aren't included due to their much greater capabilities) Only RL designs may be used when doing any sort of substitution in regards to airplanes and ships. No custom designs of any sort may be used for these. A player may substitute and single aircraft slot for two of a generation behind their current tech level. A helpful guide to fighter aircraft generations may be found here. Note that 'Date of Operation' is the important bit for planes, showing when they were ready for combat. Example: I, having max tech, can take 2 Squadrons of Super Hornets for 1 squadron of Gen5 fighters. Sarah with a small nation can take two squadrons of F-4 Phantoms for giving up 1 Squadron of F-15s. As far as upgrading these, there is a limit to which you can upgrade proportional to IRL with foreign assistance. So while sensors can be upgraded you can't make full stealth hornets or put turbofan engines on the F-4, two of the key advantages of the gen up. Players who choose to customize are required to keep a documentation link, preferably in a factbook or other information post and easily accessible (signature recommended). Note on Guerilla Warfare You cannot arm your citizens and have them fight a war. It does not matter if you give them full time military training and automatic weapon, the maximum number of armed people you can field in a war is determined by your soldier count. During occupation - ie after a lost war - you may RP your population as taking up arms, but only to the maximum of your soldier count and with far less efficiency in fighting than regular soldiers. Game Moderator definition, rulings, etc Game Moderator "Wipe" Effects There are two kinds of wipe effects: Type one, total impossibility. IE Death star. Total RP wiped. These kind of god mods are easy to spot, and will be called quickly, so little RP to go back and redo. Type two, feature impossibility. IE Fighter jet with a laser. These are sometimes unnoticed, and when found/called, RP should be paused, while they are argued out in a separate thread. If the feature is found to be impossible, then the RP continues as if all actions had occurred minus that feature. IE, you still used your fighters, but since they didn't have lasers, they got annihilated or took more damage or whatever is deemed reasonable. Communication Whenever you say something that is not "in character", use the 'OOC:' tag before the statement. For example, if Uberstein decides to hold a gladiator tournament, we may insult the action in-game but then add "OOC: haha, nice" to show that we (in real life, not in game) like the idea. If something is to be a private message, put "PRIVATE MESSAGE TO <nation name here>" before the message. While the rest of the community will be able to see the message, only the person you send it to will be able to respond or use that information. There are also other options, like *CLASSIFIED* or whatever else you feel like you need to put. Remember, if it isn't clearly labeled or RP'd as private it may be used against you. Treaties Any treaty (MDP, ODP, economic, NAP, etc.) can be made in CNRP with another nation. For instance, if you sign a Mutual Defense Pact (MDP) with Uberstein, whenever you are attacked in CNRP, Uberstein will activate the MDP and attack whoever attacked you. Treaties can (and sometimes will) be broken. Rerolling A term meaning that you are RPing an entity that is not the one you first RP'd with.
  3. Claiming you have support that doesn't exist.
  4. "My brother is stronger than you, he will beat you up after school" You really don't have anything better than this playground talk?
  5. That's because you define everyone who actually plays this game as upper-crust.
  6. A major issue here seems to be the assumption that any kind of authority and government disappears. Armed forces and emergency plans exist to deal with events such as these. The full scale anarchy is unlikely as long as the government still has the vital equipment, which is often protected.
  7. After seeing you put Phantom Menace above A New Hope in your profile I realize why this review is so ridiculous.
  8. Honestly, I wouldn't even bother trying.
  9. Early congrats on 10,000 posts!

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