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  1. Mr Director

    new nation rp

    http://7kingdoms.net/skrp/   On the off chance that there are still people who read this forum who were interested in this thing.     Inb4 warn  :smug:
  2. Mr Director

    DoE for the PUF (People's United Federation)

    Internal Belarus would keep a wary eye on this potential rogue state.
  3. Mr Director

    Searching for Nation RPGs

      That place still exists, does it?  :v:       It is super cool, I agree  :smug:
  4. Mr Director

    Kingdom of Pakalolo establishes Workers Paradise

      Freeways are bourgeoisie. Real men use tepees.
  5. Mr Director

    Belarus Acsendant

    Internal   A bunch of Lenin statues would be built, because, like, why not?   Classified   A random military drill would happen. The drill would be a success. One soldier would stub his toe.
  6. Mr Director

    Bestest Korea!!!

    Public   President Visits Pyongyang, Promises Development for Impoverished North   President Park visited Pyongyang today in a planned visit. There, he met with regional governors and political leaders, and reaffirmed his commitment of bringing development to the impoverished region.   - Yonhap
  7. Mr Director

    East African Federation News and Actions

    Belarus recognizes this new nation.
  8. Mr Director

    Bestest Korea!!!

    Public   Former Chief of General Staff Cought Trying to Escape   The former Chief of General Staff of the DPRK was caught trying to escape after being sentenced to life imprisonment. No further information was given, other than that he was being held in safe custody, and was unharmed.   - Yonhap News
  9. Mr Director

    Belarus Acsendant

    Internal   Some of the handful of scattered protests would last longer than expected. The KGB would roll out its private army and quietly put some down. Others would either be bought off, or would simply cave in after quiet threats.
  10. Mr Director

    Bestest Korea!!!

    Public   Healthcare System Sees Revamp   A number of new healthcare regulations have been put into force. These new regulations are designed to modernize and improve the Korean healthcare system.   - Yonhap News
  11. Mr Director

    Belarus Acsendant

    Internal   A small time Polack secessionist would be kidnapped in the middle of the night. He would be taken out behind the chemical sheds and shot. The handful of scattered protests that followed the dissapearance would be ignored. Life went on as normal in Belarus.
  12. Mr Director

    Cnrp rebirth

    Actually, shift me down to Australia would ya? It's nothing personal against Vektor(aside from the fact that he's an ugly bugger), but I really doubt I'll be into this enough to deal with neighbors, or the crap that usually gets flung around in Europe.   Also, this thing a go for DOEs?
  13. Mr Director

    Cnrp rebirth

    Well, why not? I'll take the the Ukraine(including the crap that Russia/Russian backed rebels took irl). Expect absolutely minimal activity from me :D
  14. Mr Director

    Red Storm Not Rising

    Internal   The lack of response from Russia would prove to be fatal for the villagers. They would all be devoured by the increasingly hungry tiger, which would then continue its hunt for something to drink elsewhere. It would then run into Ji Seon and his surviving men. It would eat them too, and on their carcasses, the tiger would find a few bottles of decent vodka. Its thirst now sated, the the tiger would vanish into the night.   The end, everyone lived happily ever after.
  15. Mr Director

    Belarus Acsendant

    Classified   A large portion of the Belorussian navy would be sent out into the Baltic for drills.