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  1. seriously, people take this game too seriously. Don't let it get to you.
  2. Today's topics - Self Defense Force increases numbers to 15,000, begins securing borders and acting as police in the Southern Region. - 1st Congressional Assembly meets for first time since nation's founding to discuss growing conflict in Europe and plans to begin offshore drilling for oil and natural gas. SDF deploys under order from President Hollande The French Guiana Self Defense Force reported that it is now staffed by 15,000 volunteers all committed to defending their country from threats external and internal. The SDF consists of three branches, the army, navy and air force. All three branches committed to defending the nation to the last man through intense training in the central jungle and being equipped with the best equipment that can be supplied to them. Due to the low population in the South the SDF has to do routine patrols through the jungle acting as police for the various spread out small villages and towns that sparsely populate Southern Guiana. President Hollande wants peace and order for the young nation to be a top priority. The SDF plans on recruiting an additional 10,000 in order to make rotations for Southern patrols easier and to bulk forces due to growing international tensions overseas. Members of the SDF patrolling in a small town in Southern Guiana. First Congressional meeting shows results The first congress of French Guiana had a busy day it's first meet at the house of commons. Several congress members voiced concern over the growing tensions in Europe, stating it could affect international trade and possibly future relations for a new nation like Guiana. Some voiced their support for France stating they should aid their historic homeland if it goes to war. Congress also approved a multi-million Franc deal to begin offshore drilling for oil and natural gas, several companies domestic and foreign jumped at the opportunity to stake claims for their first drilling stations with several foreign companies putting in billions to buy spots off the shore of Guiana already making a sizable profit for the country before drilling even begins.
  3. Greywall

    Cybernations and Youtube

    Only CN video I remember is the guy who looks like andy dick complaining about NPO's war with FAN.
  4. shoals didn't get at all, but we're getting all the people who are left with little to nothing. Phil Campbell was destroyed along with Hackleburg. Both towns were utterly wiped off the map not a building left standing.
  5. Schattenmann go chill man, its christmas no need to be a !@#$% over nothing.
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