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  1. New National Developments Opened In economic news, the following buildings and agencies have been opened for public use and knowledge: - The new Alvonian internet agency has begun operations, and all internet services in Alvonia and Alvonian territories will use .al as the domain name. - The Strategic Defense Initiative, also known as the Wein Eisenhammer, has been placed online. Wehrmacht officials boast the system can stop any and all rocket attacks in any form. - Munich Research Lab for Infectious Diseases has been opened and is expected to be working immediately on cures and new medications for all ailments.
  2. North Germany is now Alvonian.
  3. Operations in Germany The Wehrmacht's involvement in Germany came to a close today as the election of a governor for Germany finished, electing Tobias Hausler, who is a 10-year veteran of German politics and well-liked for his pro-workers stance. "This beginning of a unified Germany will be the beginning of a new era, not only for Germans, but for the world as well," Hausler was quoted as saying in his swearing-in ceremony and speech. (7/7 North Germany) Potential Capital Move? Discussions are ongoing in the Reichstag concerning the recent acquisition of the new German provinces, which is now the full-fledged German state, and the possibility of moving the Alvonian capital from Vienna to Berlin. Former Director Wilding appeared in person to deliver a message that in his years as Director, it was only secondary to gain the full German state for the capital of Berlin - moving there wasn't seen as a viable option. Director Piontek has not commented on the situation.
  4. South Carolina The assault against Myrtle Beach had predictably failed for the Spanish, though they did not retreat without a fight. The USN had lost some four destroyers, three submarines, and damage to nearly every ship in the 3rd Fleet. The most valuable of them all, the USS Hornet, had been heavily damaged and needed serious repairs, which put it out of action for the better part of the conflict. The USAAF, however, had lost a good 121 planes of all varieties in defending Myrtle Beach. These pilots and airmen won a good number of posthumous medals for their actions. Cuba The occupational force had been whittled down to only 10,000 Marines of the First Division, a fraction of the initial force sent. They knew the Spanish still remained on the island - it was nearly impossible to kill them all, of course - and occasionally went out to raid suspected or known Spanish holdout camps. Near-constant propaganda was broadcast to the jungles and countryside encouraging Spanish remnants to give up, that help wasn't coming for them. For all Mendoza cared, the propaganda claimed, they were dead when the Marines walked on shore. Jacksonville The city had now become infamous in the Red Army for the brutality of all involved. Nicknames varied - Hell City, City of the Damned, Hellville, and The Big One were the most common. All agreed - something needed to be done to cut off Spanish reinforcements. Red Army planners were conceiving the largest operation in the entire war thus far, which would involve 450,000 total Red Army soldiers and an ungodly amount of support vehicles and aircraft. Until then, all soldiers were ordered to hold position and inform their superiors of any unusual changes in Spanish activity. The Red Army didn't want to be caught off-guard by a renewed Spanish offensive. "22nd of May, 1943 We have been fighting in Jacksonville for over two years now. It seemed the Spanish lost their mood to fight when we stopped their attack at Myrtle Beach. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is gone too, unable to handle the pressure of war with our country. My unit has seen Spanish soldiers face-to-face every day, and we look at each other not only with hard eyes, but with the weary eyes of people who just want to go home. Some days I question why neither one of us just puts down our guns and forces the leaders to declare peace. Well, I can understand why the Spanish won't - their officers will shoot them. But we do not do that either. We lose people every day, both of us. We pick off one of theirs, then we lose someone the same way. Snipers usually handle most of the killing. Us regular troops stay in the few standing buildings, or in our trenches, or in the basements of bombed-out houses. It's too dangerous to go out unless you're on recon. I hear there's talk of a new offensive. Maybe this will be the one that kicks the Spanish out of Florida once and for all. Or maybe we'll just sit here for another two years, staring at each other from across the street."
  5. ATLANTA, GA The war with the foolish Spanish Empire, in which our two nations locked in an eternal struggle have outlasted all other nations in the world, has taken two years are many brave lives of American servicemen. Across all fronts, Red Army forces fight to secure the rights of the workers in Florida, against the aggression displayed by Spanish forces who still cling onto the city of Jacksonville like ticks. We remind all citizens of the Communist States of America that service to your country is the greatest act of all!
  6. Operations in Germany The Wehrmacht has confirmed today that all Northlands and Nordisk Rike remnants that resisted against Alvonian efforts to unite Germany have been defeated, and will not be prosecuted for their actions. In other news, German companies have fully set themselves up and are reporting a huge increase in sales with the transfer of previous headquarters to Alvonian territory, compared to restrictive Northlands trade laws. (6/7 North Germany)
  7. Classified - Top Secret! The Wehrmacht has received a huge influx of troops from the new German territories, a combination of veterans from the Northlands and volunteers who just entered military age. This wave of recruitment solidly puts the Wehrmacht at 640,840 total soldiers, which in itself adds over 100,000 new soldiers to the Wehrmacht, adding the 22., 23. (Pol), 24. (Pol), 25. (Mech), 26., and 27. Infanterie-Divisions to active service. The 22., 26., and 27. divisions will immediately, after training, deploy to Germany to assist in operations there. This comes with a massive restructuring that adds and redistributes support elements for nearly all divisions. New Divisions and Restructuring: [spoiler][/spoiler] Public Operations in Germany With the influx of new troops from volunteers and the Alvonian homeland, the Wehrmacht has declared itself in total control of Germany and has secured all entrances in and out. This news allows for the relaxation of previous travel restrictions, and families from all parts of Alvonia are now free to reunite with one another. Also with this, official elections have begun to find Germany's governor among eight candidates of varying political affiliation. (4/7 North Germany)
  8. Operations in Germany The Wehrmacht has declared all Northlands and Nordisk Rike military emplacements and structures in Germany as removed, and officially deems it as clear for free movement. Additionally, the Wehrmacht has begun finding and clearing out Northlands and Rike remnants in the area, with orders to give them a chance to surrender peacefully before taking additional measures. Work is also being done to restore advanced power and infrastructure systems. (3/7 North Germany)
  9. Classified The Wehrmacht's primary job in Poland has been completed, finally. The Polish-Alvonian elements of the Heer has found, arrested, and executed the last remnants of the Prussian movement. The sick and twisted Prussian ideology is no more. Poland has remove one enemy, but another still remains. (7/7 Poland) Public Operations in Germany Today the Wehrmacht has dismantled Northlandic and Nordisk Rike positions, freeing up the border for free travel between Alvonia and the new German states. At this time, there is virtually no regulation for German travel between Alvonia and the newly-acquired German states, although it is highly likely this will change as time goes on and families reunite with one another. Meanwhile, the Wehrmacht has continued to advance forward and secure the rest of the German states, with only light resistance encountered. (2/7 North Germany)
  10. All former Nordisk Rike and Northlands provinces/protectorates in Germany are being annexed by Alvonia.
  11. Classified The border in Poland with Belarus has officially been protected, as is necessary with all Alvonian borders. This brings the Wehrmacht fully up to speed with all defensive operations in Poland. (6/7 Poland) Public Northlands Collapses - Wehrmacht Moves into Germany Rejoicing citizens were seen in the streets today as the Wehrmacht moved into Northlands Germany, as well as the former Nordisk Rike province of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to take control of the area for Alvonia. Director August Piontek stated today that "This is indeed a monumental day in Alvonian history. For too long have the German people been disunited, and today we unite all Germans under the Alvonian banner. Such is our time." (1/7 North Germany)
  12. Operations in Poland Today, operations in Poland came to a close as the Wehrmacht handed over full control of police stations and administrative buildings to Polish civilian counterparts. The Wehrmacht will stay on hand in various bases around Poland for matters of national defense, though all other such matters are in the hands of local Polish state organizations and bureaus. Effective immediately, there are no longer separate provinces in Poland, rather there is only a Polish state within Alvonia, much like Austria and the Czech republic within Alvonia, which has all the rights a national state has. (5/5 Poland)
  13. Piontek raised an eyebrow. "France will remain French. Alvonia will not take any action to annex it into our nation, and we will defend the French people to the death against anyone who dares to do so themselves. France has been a good ally to Alvonia, and we respect them for that. The Workers' Republics can do what they wish elsewhere, but Europe is where we concern ourselves in Vienna. Is there anything else we need to discuss here, or are we quite finished?"
  14. "You speak of conquest," Piontek said, leaning back in his chair. "I assume you mean the conquests of the Northlands and Belarus. Their imperialism is well-known to Alvonians of all kinds - we are divided in the East by the Belarusians, and in the West by the Northlands. It would bring joy to a great many of us here in Vienna and in Warsaw to see them pushed back from their illegitimate gains." Piontek took a few moments to think on what had been said, and what he knew. "I believe this is a mutually beneficial alliance, though I would like to get this all on paper. We can have our foreign ministries speak to each other and hammer out the finer details, but at this time I believe we have much to gain by working together."
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