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  1. Новгородское Империя Novgorodskoye Imperiya Novgorodian Empire Government Style: Imperial Current Tsar: Vladilem Yukanovski, Tsar of Novgorod, Knyaz of Finland, and Grand Duke of the Russias Head of State: Miron Demyan Petrov Minister of Internal Affairs: Pyotr Nikolai Kozlov Minister of Foreign Affairs: Boris Yuri Konstantinov Minister of Finance: Innokenti Yaroslavl Volkov Minister of Security: Artyom Valentin Kaminski Minister of the Army: Aleksey Igor Yakovlev Minister of the Air Force: Vladislav Vasily Bogomolov Minister of the Navy: Miroslav Mikhail Maksimov Marshal
  2. Halo is one of the best selling franchises because it's so bloody overrated, like Call of Duty is now.
  3. I can build a PC that'll outperform both of these for the probable price of the systems. Consoles have always been dumbed down in terms of graphics capabilities, but PCs can do anything as long as you have the money.
  4. I think OsRaven thinks arguments only work when one side makes dumb points.
  5. Its not OoC bias. It is purely IC. I couldn't care less about what happens to crappy Labrador. I gave it up. It's just when someone nukes a 22 million person city, it's a very interesting dilemma that must be responded to.

  6. That is indeed a wicked avatar.

  7. Your avatar is lolz.

  8. Then before you do...LE STAB! HA HA HA! TAKE THAT!

  9. I do believe I have the Dead Ringer, thus I have cloaked and will return to stab you in the back at some point.

  10. I do believe I have just stabbed you. :o

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