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  1. I guess I shoulda let u win... Ok now take it away SubPope.
  2. Why is SNX's top tier in peace mode? I didn't mean to start a war, I just wanted you to let me in.
  3. Do not question my holy father, or you will end up in your own peril. Also, Vote K-Brah Lil King Boo Thang K-Boo Big Kay Bee!
  4. It's so hard being the Queen of CN when all people want to do is Rebel. One day I fear I won't have enough forces to put them down.

  5. OOC: Out of interest, Was it a ploy or were you serious about Japan not going anymore into Asia? because iirc he just posted about Thailand and Malaysia?
  6. Return the provinces to Director and Euphaia's protectorates. As per this post. Lesser Poland, Lodz, Swietokryzskie to Hungary. <3 Masovianm and Podlaskie to Belorus <3
  7. The Queen was shot on her way into the palace by an unknown assassination attempt. The Princess of The Kingdom immediately called the Government of Hungary-Slovakia and Belarus to tell them that Lesser Poland, Lodz, Swietokryzskie, Masovianm and Podlaskie are now in their hands to restore order to. She apologized, and rioting was heard in the distance from her call. Lesser Poland, Lodz, Swietokryzskie, Regional Governments immediately started flying Hungarian Flags and renounced their citizenship to the Kingdom and highly upheld Hungary! Masovianm and Podlaskie started flying the Belorussian flag and began protests to immediately move back to Belaruss. "So it shall be" said Princess Polly.
  8. I'm glad everything worked out :)
  9. Classified Non Government-Affiliated Citizens of Królestwo na Wschodzie would attempt to communicate electronically to the members of the APLC and offer them "strategic ideas" of how to illegally immigrate to Królestwo na Wschodzie in order to re-unite and gain a path to citizenship. Loved ones and family especially concerned with their family's well beings would reach out via private means to attempt to get their families out at the notice of these purgings due to Ultra-Nationalism. They were well aware that The Kingdom did not punish due to political affiliation, yet would rightfully punish for being a part of a terrorist organization recognized by international means. News reached the Royal Hall of rumors of these citizens attempting contact with the groups in Alvonia. The Queen attempted to keep it hush hush until it "had" to be known publicly. The Royal Adviser of Citizenship Affairs was instructed by the Queen to allow these immigrants, if they passed over, a safe refuge in The Kingdom shall they sign a document renouncing any ties to APLC and any associates of the organization. This was kept on the extreme quiet end of The Kingdom's affairs and the Queen in a meeting with her advisers remarked "if caught, we will have to deny all of it. However those people are in need and being harshly treated due to ideology. I will do what I can to protect our citizens but as well offer refuge to those in need, even though the ideology is not ours or close to ours on the political spectrum." Citizens of Królestwo na Wschodzie began attaching instructions on how to view the messages with various VPNs in order to encrypt their data. Support websites for former APLC Members began popping up in the Kingdom, yet none had gotten much internet traffic. These websites teach the APLC members how to renounce their terrorist affiliation by The Kingdom's standards and live non-violently in The Kingdom illegally. The story would never make news in The Kingdom due to Government Demands of the Media. If/When the illegal immigrants would approach Polish borders, guards were instructed to quickly drag them across if no one non-affiliated with The Kingdom was around to see, and provide rides for the citizens back to the Government Immigration Agencies. OOC: I hope this doesn't count as roleplaying your citizens, if it does or you see any problems with it, let me know please.
  10. Diplomacy between The Federal Union and The Kingdom The Queen sat down and began to write out an official communique to the Federal Union of Southern African Republics, "To our Dearest Friends in the Federal Union, We have noticed the struggles of our peoples and we wish to communicate more in order to restore order. Would you be willing to visit our Kingdom or willing to accept a Royal Ambassador to your great nation in order to better foster relations and potentially pave a path to The Federal Republic's restoration of friendship with Europe? We wish you no harm, and do wish to foster good relations between our peoples. If not we would wish to communicate electronically at least, and figure out the problem plaguing our Great African Friends and Europe. We would like to hear from your perspective of what the issues are and help to bring stability and peace between our peoples once more." With Peace, Love & Happiness, Celestyna Grzeskiewicz Queen of Królestwo na Wschodzie
  11. I just have to say im absolutely shocked so many in here have not brought OOC into IC. Hereno, Horo, Markus, Eva, Director, and Uber; I have to say thank you for not starting off my new country with a "We're going to b very careful of this new terrorist state" or something of the likes for no reason other than it's me. Despite if you dislike me, you've kept it out of IC. You guys give me hope. :wub:
  12. I for one am shocked a ultra conservative diehard Christian doesn't like a gay player as much as the next guy.
  13. "The Royal Hall will address this issue with haste once we get a few government issues set up in Warsaw. It is currently on the top things of The Kingdom's Agenda." - Royal Hall Spokeswoman "The Kingdom supports Freedom of Speech if for or against our Government. We will gladly grant visas to Alvonians and will give a small amount of funding for Alvonians to visit their family members caused by the split. We wish no ill will or harm to the Alvonians who are former polish citizens. They will be expected to follow all Polish Law, however we hope our investment into peace and appeasement with the Polish-Alvonian Liberation Front will in turn provide an ever lasting peace and good relations between us." - Royal Hall Spokeswoman
  14. "The Royal hall thanks Saxony for their warm welcoming to Europe!" - Royal Hall Spokesman
  15. The message was quickly forwarded to the Queen by the Royal Advisory and she began her reply, "We would be more than honored to help with the construction of the rail way, and it would be greatly beneficial to us both! We would also be more than honored to sign such a treaty. We are very thankful that our nation had such a peaceful transfer and many in the Kingdom would love to see the sight of a Non-Aggression Treaty with our former nation."
  16. Classified With Belarus's moving out, The Queen Ordered several men to assist them along the way and provide assistance when ever possible to make the Belarus move go as smoothly as possible. OOC: Hope it's ok i replied to it being classified since it's in my view :P
  17. "The Kingdom thanks its neighbor and hopes for fruitful future endeavors." - Royal House Spokesman "The Kingdom is disheartened to hear this of the Alvonian-Polish Liberation Committee and would like to offer Alvonian Nationalists a voice in the Government of Poland shall they wish to do so. The Queen has yet to announce her advisory cabinet and in order to appease Alvonians would be willing to appoint an adviser in sake of keeping the calm and giving all sections a voice. We will also be happy to freely allow Alvonian-Polish nationalists to live here freely so long as they follow the laws of course. We wish nothing for the best for our citizens. Shall they respect the government or not, they will be treated under the Queen's Human Rights Act, including their right to protest peacefully if they feel their voice is not loud enough in the Royal House. With that note we also thank Alvonia deeply for recognizing us and many citizens will never forget their Alvonian heritage" - Royal House Spokesman
  18. Me too :P <3 i am sure once I get a new job and such I'll calm down on here a lot. At the time it's fun to breed some activity around these dusty parts :P
  19. "We thank our former homelands and will greatly allow them to take their time!" Queen Celestyna smiles "We will more than happily set up embassy with our former homelands, we will only grant you one of the best buildings in Warsaw!" Queen Celestyna smiles as she grabs the telephone to call and appoint a new Royal Ambassador to Hungary-Slovakia.
  20. I wasn't aware Freelancer had a problem or Esocentric. I took his messages and non trollish. (Especailly the more covert ones if you know what I mean). I didn't think he was messing with me until now :( I knew his cousin declared on me but from what i understand it was an accident or something. Never the less, the loyal are respected by me and I regret not making a more loyal and trustworthy friendship with you in the past. Best of Luck Lady Dakota <3
  21. Królestwo na Wschodzie Decree of Existence We do have on this faithful day an election that we voted upon. In this vote we the people of Królestwo na Wschodzie have voted to secede from our great nations we were once apart of in order to form our great kingdom. We do highly respect where we have came from however we feel we must now govern ourselves in our own path. In place we wish nothing but the best for our former great nations. Without peril, we do hereby form this declaration of existence and the splitting off by passing votes of Lesser Poland, Lodz, Swietokryzskie, Masovianm and Podlaskie. The referendum for the great regions of Lublin and Subcarpathia have failed to garner the majority needed and will be staying apart of our former homes in the east. In the event of the failure of our great kingdom, we do hereby write into law the immediate return of our lands and peoples to our former homes immediately as this is the law passed down by Queen Celestyna. Thy Kingdom Come! Sincerely, Celestyna Grzeskiewicz Queen of Królestwo na Wschodzie
  22. Sad to hear this coming from one of the few I respected :/ sorry you feel that way Lady Dakota.
  23. Sorry thought you'd do it in haste like my removal. Anywho one second please.
  24. Nguy Thiem, after dealing with the Japanese for a few hours immediately puts a gun to his head and commits suicide. The representative receives a message and immediately commits suicide afterwards. After hearing the Japanese Talk for an hour as well and the death of the Leader of Tongzhi, she couldn't take it anymore. The whole country began to riot with banners about the mass suicides occurring in Tongzhi from hearing the Japanese continue to talk and the idoicy of their ways of conquering people then claiming their culture. The Viet-Cambo-Laotions immediately began referring to themselves as "Natives" and began preparing for the Japanese expansions there.
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