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  1. This is a weak argument. I'm fairly certain I posted a DoW a few months back and I haven't been active, or lord, in years.
  2. I am, to my own surprise, very glad to see this.
  3. I've been a friend to GOP since their inception, and while I'm sad to see them go, I'm very glad they will be joining our shining city on the hill.
  4. I look forward to the great things Baltus and the rest will do at the helm of Viridia.
  5. I feel like this is the best list so far, except despite my differences with Rok at the end, I do remember them being a very good ally for a very long time, so I might switch them with GDI or MHA or something. Some bad doesn't wash away all the good done. Also hello Hoo.
  6. Indeed. Maybe it's a shame, maybe its not. One thing is for sure, the precedent was firmly set long ago and it's not coming back. However, that doesn't mean wars cant have meaning again. Meaningful wars don't always necessitate a firm CB. Real meaning, not petty thirteen year old emotional girl meaning like "so and so from alliance X said mean stuff on the owf 8 months ago and our entire alliance will never forgive them for it" or ridiculous path of least resistance wars because "lolwhy not". Things can have thought, reasoning, and true pragmatic rationale behind them again, very easily. Someone just has to do it.
  7. Well, we did kind of whip it up with no notice very late at night randomly. But don't worry, we won't leave the rest lonely for long.
  8. This was just so our members could stop complaining about lack of slots in the MI6 war. Enjoy the fight, TOP.
  9. There are slots in the lower range where GATO has people, as a poster above pointed out. However, I don't believe the "baiting" argument is very believable, as there are better connected people to use for bait as well as better ways to force a counter then doing something that literally has zero effect. That being said, I do believe it does have to be intentional, at least in part. With 83 members you can get more then 7 people to accidentally declare war with a badly worded mass PM.
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