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  1. Il Impero Romano


    I have absolutely no idea why you posted this as a reply, since the amount of treaties an alliance holds has no bearing on what I said. I'm guessing you were going too quickly and misread?
  2. Il Impero Romano


    While you definitely have a point, that's not the type of standard we were referring to with that exchange. Specifically, we were talking about the standard to which wars are literally fought. Working treaty chains, coming up with a battle plan to outplay the alliances lined up against you, strategic dow's that are meant to maximize damage to others and minimize damage to you based on the ties individual alliances on the other side hold, etc. Basically, what we were discussing was the fact that chess aspect of war was one of the most important parts of this game, and while it was certainly injured before, its now totally gone.
  3. Bad breath, it was definitely bad breath. Smooth had a horrible gingivitis problem back then. As for the rest, well, I'm not quite sure how to reply to a post with this title from you, so I won't.
  4. Would say SU. But yea, !@#$@#$ retarded piece of !@#$ fab melo.
  5. Don't even bother trying to explain it, because it won't go away. Ever. I've mentioned it many times before, but it's worth reiterating that the whole 'ad hominem, strawman, paradigm, draconian, etc' word bank is possibly the biggest pet peeve I have in this game. They are almost always used wrong, and even when they aren't it's just seething with a thick layer of try hard. Every time someone uses one of those words/phrases, I picture the poster as a middle school student sitting with his eyes three inches away from the screen grinning ear to ear while hitting refresh and waiting for that fateful response of "golly, you're so smart!".
  6. Hey, it's been awhile since I said hello. Playing under a new name (formerly BigKat). Saw you posting a couple of times during the RoK drama and wanted to say hey!

  7. I beg to differ. However, even though I actually manage to fall into all three of your categories of people who can legitimately use Latin, I do agree with your point on that and it annoys the hell out of me. Abuse of italicized Latin around here ranks up there with overusing the words hegemony, paradigm, ad hominem (which gets dual citizenship in both annoyance categories), etc. I have a whole list written up somewhere. IRON's play on Cato was at least fitting if not a bit overused though.
  8. Il Impero Romano

    CBs in CN.

    Very good While Chocolate, I've thought about pointing that facet of the definition out in the past but always figured it wasn't worth it. On that note though, I've never seen a war without a CB in all of my time here (well, except maybe the KoN attack but I guess that was a raid, whatever). There has been, and always must be, some semblance of cause for war, if not it kind of defeats the purpose of the game. Now, if any of you are thinking 'well what about NG hitting SOS!!@! That has no cause!!!', there is a little back story that you should consider, since the cause here isen't 'I dont like you'. SOS almost incited two global wars by poking the occupants of what's now known as Non Grata, for literally no other reason then they are an alliance of drama queens. Those incidents and the surrounding events probably should have gone to war at that time, but there were many overriding concerns that needed to be dealt, so priorities prevailed. SOS lived on, comfortable in its ability to poke and run back to RIA, until such a time when RIA was finally sick of it. Once they were, NG acted on a justification that had been sitting in their back pocket for quite some time, nothing more. They still have a justification, just because it's old doesn't make it any less valid. There is a correlation though between the importance of the event and the strength/pertinence of the justification. While a justification like the one with SOS is certainly valid, its not important enough to complicate life to a severe extent/cause a global war/etc. Rather, its just enough for a pet project but not much more. On the other end of the spectrum, your not going to see this type of justification for a war that could have global implications. Since those are events of dire importance which impact the whole, not just the few, the cause must have more weight and be in succinct accordance with the traditional justifications we apply to such situations. That hasn't changed and I don't think it ever will.
  9. Agreed, but it's not just Polar. It seems like every thread goes to one of five things: 1. NPO 2. Past wars. 3. [PB/XX/SF/MJ/CnG/Insert Bloc etc] is evil or bad. 4. Polar is marked for death. 5. Karma.
  10. And there is, of course, no personal bias in this statement whatsoever. Normally this is the type of topic I would read only at 5am to sober up, not comment or care, then completely forget about it the next day, but jesus christ wiki banning? You were a hall monitor, weren't you. Literally laughing out loud.
  11. I think its due to a misconception that most of the banter on here actually matters. This forum is where things sometimes start or come to light, it might be where things end, and it can be where you get a general feel for an alliance and their opinions, but its not where the meat and potatoes go down. No amount of arguing or "making someone look bad" on here can actually get enough support to destroy them if the people who would be supporting aren't already otherwise inclined, some goes for the converse as well. In reality, its about interpersonal relationships between alliances and what different groups can bring to the table in the event of war that determines the what, when, who, and how of this little merry go round we have here. That line of thinking breeds the mentality of "this post will really get them this time, hahaha!". I've made the joke before that people think their posts destroy infra, but it actually does seem like that's their belief sometimes. If someone has the delusion that their comment is akin to a nuke being fired, bringing the target alliance closer to destruction with each hit, why would they waste the opportunity by showing respect? So, instead of rational thought and giving credit where credit is due, we have catchphrase after catchphrase, selective quoting, and endless bickering over minutia. Unfortunately, I don't see it ever changing.
  12. Dear Doomhouse, Impero thinks you are a retard (and that's saying something.) I don't really have anything to say about the stuff in that quote, I broke up the post here so that everyone else can giggle along with me as Impero accuses me of foaming at the mouth and then launches into his own crazed tirade. You and Goldie's mewling excuses about inacitivity and ignorance cannot hide the facts: Out of all the alliances in Doomhouse's coalition, you are the only one that literally went ape and started threatening reps and unending war when you finally got around to reading the terms that had been on the table for a month because a grand total of 4 VE nations were attacked in a war that VE declared but was unprepared to fight. You are incapable of taking care of business. I know you're the resident mirco superhero so you may not understand the significance of actual numbers as it pertains to war, but we've made it very evident that we damn well can and do take care of business. Try going with a line that doesn't have publicly available evidence to the contrary next time. We never threatened unending war or made any threats at all really, just the simple acknowledgement that if they wanted to finally actually fight a war, that's exactly what we would do and the conclusion would be based upon that, not some sort of prior agreement. Listen man, you really got nothing here. At this point, you're just saying stuff like "you can't hide the facts!" then randomly making stuff up. Schattenman, you cannot hide the facts, you have secretly been supporting EZI for months and tried to get Umb to install a viceroy in NPO. The world finally knows the truth. Really though, you're drawing wild conclusions based on insignificant events from months ago. No one cares.
  13. Doom House's rebuttal limited the participants of the 21-day period to just NPO, but Doom House immediately allowed TPF and Avalon to also participate upon their request.On 4/24--SIX DAYS before VE lodged any complaint about any terms which had at this point been available for VE to review for a MONTH--GOONS graciously agreed to allow Avalon to sign a separate peace at the end of the 21-day limited war so that they would not be party to a peace treaty with reps on it.Now, your lie is that VE always planned to not agree to the terms, and did not suddenly bring this up because of Avalon's stunning attacks on 4 VE nations after signatures for the limited war had already been collected. Your claims are laughable, VE, people literally laugh at this.For over a month, VE lodged no complaint about Avalon (or anyone's) participation in the limited war. A month. The DAY that Avalon began shouldering its part of the limited war, Sardonic, Goldie, and you all frantically contact our coalition asking what is going on, why is Avalon attacking VE, and VE suddenly starts threatening to break the peace agreement and continue attacking Avalon beyond the 21-day limited war, and to force Avalon into a separate surrender agreement.Your attempts to play this off as anything except exactly what it was are clownish, Impero. VE's behavior in this situation is shameful, it is hilarious, it is everything everyone knows VE to be. Oh Schattenman, what are we going to do with you slugger. Seriously though, what the hell are you talking about? I mean, really, your kidding around right now, no? My lie? Where in gods name did I ever say that we planned to not take part in the agreement the entire time, you truly pulled that one out of your ass. If you actually read, you would find out I said I was near finals and not paying attention to CN, specifically noting that we wouldn't have even noticed the retardation of that term if Avalon didn't come out of peace and hit 4 dudes. Aka, my disagreement with the term was formed in about 15 minutes and pretty much the opposite of what you were trying to get at in your tantrum above, and that's because I was too busy in real life to remember that it existed until then (which is why in my first post I said I can't lay it all on their feet and its partially my fault for being inactive, seriously you need to actually read before you start this stuff buddy). Don't respond all foaming at the mouth if your not even going to read what you're responding to, you end up wasting your time writing up a big post of crap that has literally no bearing on the conversation whatsoever. What's clownish here is you stroking out because you tried to play the gotcha game again with us and came up empty. Did you realize it made absolutely zero sense that an alliance as heavily engaged as we were would actually give a !@#$ about 4 wars? Or have you been having a rough time and need a little bit of attention? It's ok if you do, don't be upset. If worse comes to worse, you can just make another super special irc room this Saturday night or something like that one time man, it will be fun. Oh, and no Schattenman, people don't laugh about this. People don't care about this because its you freaking out over 4 wars...or are you now mad about the timeline or something. At this point I'm not even sure what your convulsing about actually. Whatever, either way, point is no one cares and your wrong. Guffy- Don't worry about it, like I said before, we have no problem with you guys. Also, it hasn't caused us frustration, making Shattenman publicly loose it is a VE pastime, I'll gladly whip up a couple of posts to that end any day.
  14. Alright, so you just didn't read what I wrote then?
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