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  1. TOP you were much cooler with double vision, sobriety has done you no favours. I blame Crymson and his orthodox views for this.
  2. IRON's responsibility is to honour their obligation to NG, if you wanted NG to discharge that obligation then you had to broker terms between LoSS and NG that were acceptable to NG. Entering peace negotiations does not nearly satisfy the defence clause in the Forge accords which states: "There are times when it will be needed to lend a hammer or a shield forged from this treaty. Should any third party strike the shield of either signatory then the other will duly cast his hammer upon them". But then you already new that because I already told you in the IRON embassy.
  3. Fixed that for you. I agree that they should have cancelled this treaty but they hardly cancelled the TOP treaty in the build up to this war, trying to pawn that off as linear set of events is pretty misleading and not even close to accurate. All I can say about this is that I hope IRON's membership doesn't suffer to much from this decision. Good luck navigating the path ahead IRON, I fear it may be a little bumpy.
  4. RnR never once activated the treaty, just like we never when we were on the loosing side, so neither party ever breached the obligation.
  5. Your entitled to that opinion buddy, I had more pressing other world concerns at the time, these things happen, in any case it wasn't IRON's contribution to that war that caused it to fizzle out (we did alot more than others around us) although my lack of presence during the peace talks was a disruption for everyone involved. But hey at least I took the shot and I was able to rationalize doing so. I would also point out I was one council member in a council of equals, that I took on more responsibility reflected my desire to achieve the best I could for IRON. I did my best and damn sight more
  6. Things Max Power just taught me: MI6 is at war with Non Grata. Neat. Let me be frank - MI6 has been liberal with our criticism of people during this war, and it is most assuredly not restricted to IRON. So thank you for assuming malicious intent, Crab, but MI6's only goal is to win this war. Everything else is secondary. I'm certain it is secondary to winning this war Chim but secondary objectives logically move up the ladder when other more pressing concerns are out of the way.
  7. Naturally, Mia was telling me you guys were snakes long before I gave up on you. All that credit you've been giving me for the breakdown of our relationship is truly unwarranted and I know she is a little bitter about that.
  8. TOP/MI6 drumming the roll IRON tune early because they think this is a good opportunity, much harder to do that to Valh given they are already fully committed to the coalition. Besides if they get IRON they get Valhalla to so it's entirely unnecessary.
  9. :rolleyes: .Oh I'm certain my handling of this war would have made things much worse for TOP.
  10. Experience is largely irrelevant, what validates any view point is its ability to stand up to rebuttal, what disappoints me the most is the failure of the standing council to explain how its recent decisions are in the best interest of IRON. In failing to offer this rational they have simply failed to contest the validity of my view point at all. Manifested, this type of negligence results in extremely poor decisions and that is why we have this thread.
  11. I'd love to have continued our discussion in the embassy but your government locked all of the discussion threads because it couldn't reconcile its position with the very charter and values they are responsible for protecting. The onus is now on IRON's membership to take the action required to do so. I expected better from IRON so I guess we are both disappointed eh?
  12. The treaty should have been honored whether it was convenient or not, by failing to honor it the standing IRON Council is in breach of the IRON charter. The standing council has acted with general incompetence since the start of this conflict and is unfit to lead. As a result IRON is up shit creak without a paddle and is now a sitting duck for its enemies who are already circling despite being involved in a sizable conflict. It is hard to imagine how anybody could have handled this war worse than the IRON Council has.
  13. More garbage for the fire, maybe MHA will manage more than 20 wars a round this time out.
  14. Steve you lashed out at that nice guy Crymson? How could you? You are not my mate, your are no longer my fellow DJ. The best thing about this post is that while trying to attack Steve for stabbing you in the back, you elaborate that rather than confront Steve you have been simply waiting for an opportunity to return the favour. In doing so you abandon your moral high ground and all you're really saying is that TOP is opportunistic and deceitful. Everybody already knew that but thanks for the memo.
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