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  1. Anyone but Enlgand to win, we're still hearing about 66 up North. God forbid they won it again. USA is A-OK
  2. The post you quoted does not state that the two instances you highlighted are the same, so what are you getting at?
  3. After you guys left Citadel relations remained cordial and I as DSoS for IRON at the time actively pursued a relationship between the two alliances. At this time IRON still had alot of respect for Gre and this later resulted in us signing a ToA with hopes of building on it, well at least from our point of view anyway. I believe Chill was Praetor during that period, when he stepped down communication also decreased until the outbreak of the Karma war when the ToA was cancelled by you guys. I believe what Shah is referring to is a later approach by Ramirus on the 23rd of November encouraging us to drop ties with TOP, and align with Gremlins. It seems a tad IRONic now.


    Posts as idiotic as this do not even deserve discussion never-mind the application of intellectual attributes.


    I knew when I read this blog the title was going to be a complete an utter lie.
  6. Very good it made me smile
  7. While I would debate whether or not the game is more fluid in its current state, I won't deny that being the underdog once again has certainly provided a fresh challenge, while it is yet to be conquered it has certainly been an interesting experience and has changed my attitude toward how the game could be played and how an alliance should conduct itself. Prior to this war and the existence of a multi polar world the foreign affairs aspect was indeed interesting I'll have to see how the current climate plays out before casting judgement on the next cycle.
  8. Hi Scutterbug, it's nice to see you again and equally pleasurable to have MHA's support. I assure you we are working tirelessly on a solution to the problem at hand, I am informed that exposing Gremlins to bright light kills them, as such I am currently in search of a 30,000 watt bulb in order to inlighten our current foes. It is my hope that the Gremlins will be lovable Mogwi in the not so distant future.

    So, Rushsykes

    To give credit where credit is due he is a decent fighter to yes I did just complement a CnG member.
  10. I can totally relate to this, I believe war is an absolute killer time for all high profile government members.
  11. Indeed and I wouldn't say otherwise for the vast majority of posters here, my reply was specific however to an individual post which was sympathetic to the idea. But then I think you knew that and just thought you would take my post out of context in order to make a snide remark about my alliance. I don't exactly think the world of you but I don't feel the need to express it at any given opportunity. Perhaps you should find a new hobby? Your right no one from MK specifically mentioned Gremlins as the obstacle, however Archon did accuse TOP of being the obstacle to peace talks knowing that was not the case. Now I believe Archon to be a clever chap and I find it inconceivable that he didn't know what direction that topic was going to go once he floated that accusation out in the open. For the cynical among us it's almost like he wanted to out Gremlins or something
  12. Unconditional surrender isn't that bad? I suppose if you were in our shoes you would be skipping with Gremlins and knitting daisy chains in the grass. The fact is unconditional surrender leaves IRON open to any demand Gremlins may make, including disbandment, eternal tech farming, government members etc, in the event of such scenarios IRON would be much better off fighting forever. Any term that unconditionally limits the sovereignty of an alliance without any definite time period is of the highest degree odious and is from my point of view simply unacceptable. Judging by Gremlins codex this is a view they themselves once shared. In this particular case IRON agreed to meet Gremlins original term, upon conclusion of talks with CnG Gremlins changed there demands and here we are. To see people once again defending the use of highly oppressive terms is saddening. Were they to be accepted they would mark a massive leap backwards for this community. We were the aggressors so what? I remember back when "karma" supporters such as yourselves were using the argument that war is a part of this game, denying enjoyment to sizeable portions of this community is not. I'm sure you won't object to me recycling that argument.
  13. o ya baby is overated, Matt Miller mopped him up with a piece of kitchen towel and placed him in the bin along with his empty pizza box. Much more he hasn't been bragging about his fighting prowess for the past year. Alliance of the month: TOOL.
  14. Actually Polar started this whole thing how much did they pay?
  15. Blaming your own incompetence on IRON is laughable at best. If you didn't want us in peace mode then you should have co-ordinated your wars better, the vast majority of our nations have exited and fought multiple wars during this campaign, the fact they are in peace mode now is due to your own ineptitude. Get over it or get better at war, simple as that. We will order our nations out of PM as we see fit and we don't really care how you perceive our tactics, we didn't much like Vox's tactics pre Karma either, it's war tough luck.
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