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  1. Almost started coughing from wiping all the dust off this forum account.. It may be the end but her impact lives on, thanks for having me even if in the more twilight years. Paradoxia Vult!
  2. Gingervites

    The 'C' word

    Daj you're a great guy, it pains me to find out you're going through this. I wish you a successful operation and a speedy recovery!
  3. I play it for the vine. In all seriousness, it's the community that keeps me here. There are disputes and stuff but the great thing about this game is that there is a divide between IC and OCC. OOC we have one of the best communities on the web and a very generous one at that. Sorry you're having trouble rl, though I'm glad to read that CN is helping you.
  4. Congratulations Baltus, have fun in retirement Goldie.
  5. Enjoy your retirement Dajabo, you've been a pleasure to work with. I'll wish EaTeMuP luck but I know he won't need it.
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