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  1. Gingervites

    The 'C' word

    Daj you're a great guy, it pains me to find out you're going through this. I wish you a successful operation and a speedy recovery!
  2. I play it for the vine. In all seriousness, it's the community that keeps me here. There are disputes and stuff but the great thing about this game is that there is a divide between IC and OCC. OOC we have one of the best communities on the web and a very generous one at that. Sorry you're having trouble rl, though I'm glad to read that CN is helping you.
  3. Berbers you are wrong. There is purpose to existing and on a basic level it's to further the existence of the human race. With modern technology and a large population of humans people have lost track of that but it still remains true. Loki, your're succeeding; make the most of your success!
  4. You're on earth because you were conceived. You're purpose is to further the existence of the human race, and so far you're succeeding! You only have one, make the most of your success!
  5. At least you don't have to worry about the God-Emperor.
  6. In TE there are no legitimate treaties* *secret treaties exempt
  7. can I do it from my myspace account?
  8. Gingervites

    No Great Leaders

    No the leaders are fine, more likely everyone is too big and everyone knows everyone.
  9. Myth you had an enjoyable application thread over at MK's boards
  10. Hello france....

    1. Gingervites


      ohoho yes, It is me France. Now let's take our clothes off and perform the sacred ritual

  11. 120 + 5 Sengoku not bad guys We did better than argent \o
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