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  1. There are ~6500 people left in this game, whether you tell the truth, lie, are just, whatever does not actually really matter anymore. We are just here. For the love of everything just make it worth my while to log in.
  2. My only regret is losing to Piejonk in damage for MI6. Other than that I may as well have won the whole conflict.
  3. Imagine how I feel being in war mode with plenty to fight and no one bothers me.
  4. Was secretly hoping everything would fall apart and I would find myself at war somehow again through some stupid chain, alas no dice.
  5. I applaud you for growing a conscience a couple years later. Frankly, I could care less. I would join the war against WTF myself if I was not busy doing alliance type things. Edit: Chimaera does not like my grammar.
  6. I would be lying if I said I did not want to fight another month.
  7. 4,876,688 Attacking + 6,243,353 Defending = 11,120,041 Casualties Ranked #86 of 9,066 Nations (Top 0.95%)
  8. Knew about this minutes ago.
  9. Good luck to my friends in VE, they will need it. May admin have mercy on their soul, for I will not (for the 3rd time in 4 global wars).
  10. This is gonna be the most fun I have had since Bi-Polar.
  11. Apparently I suck, but we already knew that.
  12. To rogue or not to rogue, I have not even come close to having my fill. :|
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