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  1. Did you vomit in your mouth a little when you posted that? Oh, I get it. How big is your epeen? No wait, don't tell me, I'll guess. 4
  2. Settle down puppy dog, PM rants are older and more lame than even GUARD.
  3. I knew that losing GWII would ruin this game.
  4. So when's GUARD coming back so we can all have a good laugh?
  5. Can you let me do like 722,000 dmg to your alliance singlehandedly?
  6. It was a great run. Thanks Gopher! Best of luck mate.
  7. Dat 25 page MI6-Sengoku thread. I surrender! I surrender! Myth never sleeps! It's like two guys with Minecraft foam swords fighting. It's painful, someone stop the burning in my eyes!
  8. Facebook kills everything it touches.
  9. Wrong. I didn't leak !@#$. Ask SNX, !@#$ man, did you even see how many of them had already hit PM....days before the attack. Don't buy the anti-NG spin bro. Dammit, people still think that was a leak, lol. Another similar leak: A huge bloc is forming. Oh !@#$, I leaked something! Besides one piece of info that everyone knew is not "things". Thank you for considering my one post to be so !@#$@#$ game changing, but I will not take credit for that which started quite a while before that war. Pretty much this. Kers, NG hasn't had any real political capital for years and years. We really haven't been able to stem the tide, we were not even top 15 until just a bit ago. While we fight hard, we've always been used more than respected imo. I believe it.
  10. I also said this a long time ago, that the more OPSEC entered the game, the more backrooms, the more you have like 4-5 coalition channels, each with a higher level.....the more you disinterested people in the real game - which is the politics. Because they were left out of any real intel. So that forced people to make their own alliances, and you had this huge wave of micros form, which is where we currently are. Also boring. As then everyone got protection so you couldn't even start micro drama due to protectors. I reached a point during the Doom War that for the first time, the extreme boredom outweighed all the time investment I had in the game (sunk cost theory). I'm currently being rogued and my first impression was, "meh" followed by, "glad he is nuking me and not someone who actually gives a !@#$, lol". I can't even be bothered to care that he's winning most his GA's, something that in the past I've prided myself on not allowing. I lament, but I really wouldn't even miss the game anymore if the servers went down. My NG community is entertaining, but why does anyone even play the game? I have $8b and I've not even saved for that long. I know most nations have $20b that have picked the winning side of wars for the last 2-3. What's even the point? You get 1-2 rounds of war every year? You literally fight for 14 days each year. Kind why I thought what DBDC did/is doing/was doing made things interesting. They actually had a plan that they tried to carry out. I'm not a fan of raiding believe it or not, but at least it's something to stem the massive boredom.
  11. Fast forward a year...errr 9 months. I'd say what came true was what was expected.
  12. No big surprise here, but as inactive as CN is, as dead in the toilet as this game has become.....is anyone surprised the degree of deadness in the OWF, AP specifically? I usually just go in their to troll and post stupid !@#$, but there isn't anything to even troll anymore. There was this push a while back.....it's always been part of CN leadership, but it's gotten worse over the years. What some alliances learned is the best way to run alliances is to only say positive things about others. It's smart, don't get me wrong, even if dishonest. But it's damn boring. And it's part of the reason the game is dying. I remember the OWF saber rattling days of ole. I miss you.
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