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  1. Did you vomit in your mouth a little when you posted that? Oh, I get it. How big is your epeen? No wait, don't tell me, I'll guess. 4
  2. Settle down puppy dog, PM rants are older and more lame than even GUARD.
  3. I knew that losing GWII would ruin this game.
  4. So when's GUARD coming back so we can all have a good laugh?
  5. Can you let me do like 722,000 dmg to your alliance singlehandedly?
  6. Just got off the phone with Charles. He says you should disband, NADC. But he's been saying that for over 10 years.
  7. I just realized that I singlehandely got NADC to switch to Maroon to bail out TTK's sanctioned ass. And it just feels right for Polaris to roll NADC again. Please force them to move to brown or pink pls.
  8. The Templar Knights have long stood in opposition to the one true God. They hoist up their debauchery with no shame. They worship false gods. They sacrifice and use children in the most retched ways. They spread their gospel by way of resource trading. This needs to be stopped. Stand with me and against their circles of resources that only serve their vile ways. Repent! Learn from your misdeeds TTK and worship our Creator, Kevin. The one who gives us all breath and life. The one who gives us relationships with others that bare resources and so much more. Learn to venerate Kevin the way I do. As the shoreline recedes, as the wasteland grows and slowly the world disintegrates. Let us remember the days of intense conflict. Not only the unjust pathways, but also those of, shall we say, bi-polar origins. Those days when we could huddle in our groups and be approached by lower level diplomatic "friends" to share news of cowardice, that all their piggies had run off leaving just a single Baron to tell us. The days when we could see the long, uneven, barely audible noise of the Derp Missile. I can still hear it fart on by, as I kneel to pay my respects to Creator Kevin.
  9. For the love of all that is left in this dead star. Stop using :: in posts. Just don't do ::it:: :::::please::::: Me love you long time NG, BF1, PC, FOK, iFOK....who else am I missing?
  10. Yeeehaw. TPF is the greatest alliance ever to exist and is in no way a $#&#stain on white.
  11. There is no way in hell I'm reading small text at this stage of the game.
  12. You had it going bro, but then you crashed and burned.
  13. So salty. Harness your anger young one. Or at least find some iodine.
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