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  1. Shoot me a message, it’s been a while but I can probably fill in some blanks
  2. I am super strong leadership. Leadership like a hurricane bruh
  3. To: Gibsonator21 From: Unknown Sender Date: 4/9/2019 1:25:47 AM Subject: Spy Operation Attack Message: A spy operation has been launched against your nation. The attacking spies were given the following order: Destroy Infrastructure. In the attack your counter intelligence systems prevailed and managed to thwart the attack although we are not sure who launched this attack. Its 2019 guys c’mon
  4. Oh thank Admin I thought you were attacking SuperFriends
  5. I’ve destroyed more total tech on the dude than he’s done damage to me lol
  6. Oh. LoSS. Makes sense. You must have bought into their nation building programs. Kashmir isn't my ally, I have faith in no one but other SuperFriends. Sell it off and come play.
  7. How do you have a nation from 2006 with only 1.7 million casualties, and only 113k NS? My top range is 98k, so if you want to purge some infra I'll be happy to help you boost them dead soldiers. Or wait for the rest of the declarations. Shouldn't be long. Guess that means this is legit. Hah, didn't even realize. They're screwed. You could just join my side and we can finally fight together. Definitely going to be more fun.
  8. *crowd whispers* "SuperFriends disbanded years ago!" On 3/23, the paper tiger Legion (seriously guys, how have they not disbanded by now?) attacked CSN HoS Liz Girard. This is a blatant act of aggression and it will not stand. Today, before Moderators, Rulers and the Apathetic Admin itself, I hereby reinstate the SuperFriends MADP bloc and declare war on Legion. Oh and I guess Freehold of The Wolves because, come on, what a stupid name. /s/ Delta1212 - RIA EgoFreaky - R&R Xiphosis - GOD Liz Girard - CSN King Wally - NPL
  9. They’re doing stuff but it’s not interesting whatsoever.
  10. Gibsonator21

    The Status Quo

    What keeps you going? It's habit at this point, and atm I have no reason I can't sign on talk on IRC, or manage my nation at least every few days. If your nation deleted would you be back? No Are you awaiting a global war? And if so, would you prefer a curve stomp or a fair bout? A fair fight would be most entertaining to watch and be apart of, of course. However that means that's the only option for those in "control" right now, because no one would take a huge risk when they don't have to and can play the long game to "win." How are you staying entertained in this game? The game does nothing for me, honestly. It's getting worse and worse. I still sign on because I enjoy the people I'm in an alliance with, and a few outside of it. Is the treaty web why we are here? How would you change it? The treaty web is a symptom of players not having any initiative to do anything. There's only a handful of alliances who try to be "movers and shakers," while everyone else is fine just waiting for the Global War to pop up. If everyone was shooting to win the game, it could get fun. If everyone played for a certain set of principles, the game could get fun. But now, we just get to sit and watch Umbrella, NPO, and Doom do whatever because they're the only ones who really seem to play.
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