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  1. Why? Not like anyone is rubbing it in. But announcing it does make it easier for the people who still keep track of the web. That said, seeing this sure brings back memories of all the fun had in the SF days.
  2. Over 5 years in the making... Since a treaty was first discussed I went from kid to old fart, fresh nub deputy of defense to longest serving leader/president/gov member of R&R, hit retirement, seen us leave/disband 5 blocs and sign 3 and fought more wars than I can remember. It would be both funny as incredibly sad if this treaty wouldn't last a month :P That said, so glad to see this finally signed. By a president who together with me started this relationship oh so many years ago in a dark reps room with jasmine, baka and red. O7 NPO
  3. Though we appreciate the fact that the nature of Mogar's nation will make him superior to anything we have in his range, I feel I just have to state the (imo) obvious. Any damage Mogar does to our small nations can be restored no problem especially when this war ends. It only takes one round of aid to a nation to have them grow out of his range and well, we have no problem having him as a 'trial by fire' for our newer members. You can steal candy from babies and brag about it all you want, in the end all it takes is a nice nanny with new candy for the baby to be happy again. So yeah, hope for you the rest of the alliances at war with us include you in the eventual peace agreement, else we have no interest nor need to negotiate anything with you or any other rogue.
  4. Euh yeah.. you do realize Us/Plan B has /only/ used Mutual defense clauses this entire war right? Which makes it.. 100% of its existence.. so either i'm completely misreading your comment.. or it's literally the stupidest thing said in this topic.
  5. O/ GOD, always good to have your guys by our side! Special shout out to Liz who I know will be enjoying herself immensely today :)
  6. Have you read the average OWF post? I can pretty much state i'm typing with my feet standing on my hands wearing a tutu and still look less like a fool then.. well you for example. My post was directed both to you since of all the peripheral alliances you called R&R by name plus you and a lot of others are arguing the fact this is to get us out of the war earlier. Which isn't going to happen. We know exactly when what needs to happen before we exit the war and fighting goons or whatever other alliance you want to throw on us after that wont make the slightest bit of change in that.
  7. Yeah cause we have a long history of demanding reps :) Don't worry, I can guarantee you that wont happen. How long were you in R&R? Cause you really don't get us do you... But good luck to you and all others on waiting for us to tap out.
  8. Lol waving those statistics in every post you make says more about your understanding of CN than our performance. Infra and land is easiest to destroy and if you enter late you have it your opponent hasn't so obviously your damage will be higher. Then there's the fact that when we entered we had pretty much the only toptier left on this side. Putting them in range of nations much bigger than they were. Ever fought someone with a 14K tech advantage over you due to the 250 rank rule? I have and i can tell you whatever you do.. you'll lose about 50K NS in a week on a single nation and not a thing any so called competence can change about that. But obviously, keep spouting your statistics. We have nations that have never had the chance to fight a war up against 1000 day old beat down WRC/MP nations. geez we're so ashamed of them losing more than they dish out.. And hey, I'm not too proud to admit we're not the strongest military alliance out there. Both TOP and Umbrella outclass us nation to nation, no secret there. But you thinking you outclass anyone is just hilarious. As for you having no clue what i'm on about.. thats pretty standard in UPN isn't it. Just like no one had a clue there was a cease fire during Bi-polar the day UPN launched it's second wave. Just like last time no one had a clue about poaching attempts on our members both past and present. Same old shit every time you hit us.. and then you wonder why we don't like your shitstain alliance.
  9. Oh noooo... Goons wants us to get out of the war, let's run for the hills. If you guys really want to push us out of the war, you'll have to do better than UPN HB and GOONS. @Robster: That was a nice post you made.. Now these numbers are a few days old so they might have changed a bit: HB 4 wars against none R&R nations. UPN 0 wars against none R&R nations. TOP 19 wars against none R&R nations. MI6 5 wars against none R&R nations. Umbrella 11 wars against none R&R nations. And yet you were still begging for goons help.. And you call us underachieving? Also really? Telling people that to get peace they should join UPN.. you sure Peggy Sue isn't back in charge?
  10. I just want to reassure everyone Luckao will be boxed and shipped to VE before the end of the war. We apologies to our enemies for this cruel and unusual punishment.
  11. You hear that UPN, only one more declare and Auctor gives you a toaster oven :P
  12. Yeah instead of worrying about our nations so small they have never fought a war before.. you might want to take your own advise and give the people in your 80K range some lessons. 6 Dogfights in one day was pretty hilarious. You do realise who you are talking to right? I don't think you completely understand what relationship Bambi has with HB.. instead of trying to insult him you might want to give him a thanks for his services XD Send more, they need it.
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