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  1. Well, we have had some time to discuss the issue. No one had any experience with shipwrecks, so we did the logical thing.. we decided to have a titanic marathon. And after watching the same ship sink a few dozen times. We discovered there is one thing you can't go without if you want to survive a shipwreck. Leonardo di Caprio! It's always good to have someone you can kick into the cold water to free up some space for your own survival. Therefor R&R invites NATO to join us in the race for the captains lifeboat.
  2. Good job kata, you killed the sanction race..
  3. Ours was a bit of a disappointment :P
  4. ghosts gone, time to grow some more :D
  5. And thats ghostbusting, just kick them off the AA and recruit enough to replace them on the same day :P You might want to turn that around, erase that defeat from your memory :P
  6. Only 3 more years of doing nothing and we start calling him stealthy :P
  7. Never canceled the one with FOK, can probably wait a long time for a NG one XD
  8. That all? last i checked it was more like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPZdeXJ0yx4&feature=player_detailpage&t=83
  9. I think he was being sarcastic.
  10. Thanks once more for setting this all up Gopher. If 10 people have told you today that you're awesome for all your work on the ASR and survivor, it's still 10 times to few. Also thanks for the old quotes, brings back memories :) Congrats to our friends in NATO, even after the draining semi final you guys managed to squeeze out a well deserved 3rd place :) Now go get that sanction! Also congrats to NADC for second place, you gave us one hell of a hard time and at one point we where pretty much convinced you had us beat. And then it only leaves all the people in R&R that made t
  11. 3rd in members, 8th in nuke count. So fine by me :P No your first post was directed at me (since you quoted me) and i was saying that soldiers are usually a first sign of militarization. I could also have pointed out that 190 cm's on 283 members doesn't show any militarization. I could also have calculated the entire NS% of our military.. but lazy :P
  12. But the original posted was directed at someone who was saying that :P Also Nukes a sign of militarization? ODN'ers go nukeless until the war starts these days? Cause in that case sign me up for round 2 :P
  13. I think i just heard hearts break and spirits snap.
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