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  1. Our lawyers were our undoing. Sengoku had a great run and I thank all of the many friends we made over the years and the enemies too for keeping it interesting. Sengoku came about when Rogal Dorn and I had a fleeting discussion about what our dream alliance was like. I said I didn't have the energy or the willingness to make it happen. We said goodnight. The next day he said he had President SO on board. I said "okay". Nearly 4 years ago we started planning this alliance. 4 years later I definitely think we had a great run and accomplished a lot of things that we never could have done. I want to thank hartfw, petro, auctor, schad, ginger, dcrews, shazzam, bcortell, konrad, pso, rogal, and the entire sengoku crew as well as our allies throughout the years. You guys made a good thing a great thing and I'll be grateful.
  2. Just an FYI, this is now the Cowboys flag.. And with this flag, the announcement is now official for officiality.
  3. We at cowboys are happy to see this senseless violence come to an end between our servants in Sengoku and our good pals in TSC.
  4. Anyone interested is encouraged to message me or This fine Cowpoke in game.
  5. Listen, I am long since retired. I have launched a token attack on Walsh, got bored with that and went back to plucking potatoes in the Republic of Joe. I really have no dog in the fight. I wish Sengoku well because I helped found it, and I have a lot of friends there. I'll always be on the AA as long as I'm in this realm. But really I'm pretty impartial here. My main thought is what is TSC thinking? You were told by someone that this is someone who they consider to be at war with them. This has been on every alliance application I've ever filled out in 6 years in CN (Granted that's like 4 applications ever) "Are you currently at war with another alliance or on their ZI list"... I just don't see why there had to be any democratic process. Sengoku is in a much more advantageous position. Conversation should literally have gone like this "Hey your guy you just accepted is actually still at war with Sengoku" "Well we thought he was okay. What would it take for him to not be at war with Sengoku anymore? Can we work something out" "These are my terms" "works for me"... or maybe you negotiate something back. Who knows.
  6. TBF, as much as I love the Gremlins, after further review, I liked the gremlins better when they were The Ninjas.
  7. No no no no no. Only we're allowed to do Bad Decision Fridays
  8. My love for Gremlins is entirely related to the size of their hands.
  9. I would like to apologize on behalf of argent and lowsten.
  10. I thought we were going with "Global Friendship Hour" as the name.
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