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  1. Sitting here with a big smile on my face thinking of all the fun times we had together and kinda sorta wishing we could back to when CN was at its prime. I hope you’re all doing well in life and I miss speaking with most of you you.
  2. Jgoods45


    I too play but I suck Jgoods45 regardless
  3. I share the sadness and disappointment that my dear friends in INT have towards the moderation team.
  4. I'm sorry that you misundertand me. I questioned how GATO's members reconcile the disconnect between a charter they hold very sacredly with their membership in a bloc that has some unsavory ties and associations. If anything, I understand the place where they find themselves today a little better. They feel they are operators in a political web that has little rhyme or reason where principles are concerned and, as such, it appears that they think they are trying to make the best of it. Also, thanks and you're welcome. That's your opinion. We however, believe otherwise. (In regards to yo
  5. It's been a real pleasure to help our friends gain sanction. Now, all of C&G will have their flag in game.
  6. Give us no reason to harm you or your friends and there will be peace.
  7. You sent Wargarden messages a few weeks ago saying you were going to declare on him. You might not have been messaging him every day since then but it still happened a few weeks ago.
  8. Shut up. I refuse to fix it because of this post. D:<
  9. An Announcement from The Last Remnants Newest Member to the ZI List of The Last Remnants! After weeks of threatening to rogue our senator for the maroon sphere, Amoshi of Mysidia has finally fulfilled his promise and has declared war on our senator Wargarden of Wargarden and as such, has been added to the ZI list of The Last Remnants for roguery. To give any form of aid or assistance to this nation will be regarded as an act of war against The Last Remnants and will be treated as such. Furthermore, his war slots are ours and ours alone unless we give explicit permission for some
  10. Jgoods45

    Betting time

    50 tech says they sit on the sidelines
  11. We didn't sentence you to EZI just an fyi for you and to be quite honest with you, we forgot about you over the past week or so because we had more important !@#$ to worry about. Come talk to us and we will probably lift your ZI sentence.
  12. As noted in our most recent government announcement, he committed no crimes. He is completely innocent, devoid of treason and a legal sitting Triumvir of TLR. By our standards anyways. You may think differently but really, your opinion is irrelevant.Being complicit and approving of a plot to set up and start war with Polaris: Perfectly OK.Warning Polaris that you came up with a plot to draw them into war: TREASON!Exactly! So you're admitting that you're planning on fabricating a CB against the Polars then? SURE WHY NOT? This is all sarcasm btw. I'm just not going to bother answering any
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