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  1. You dicing that Hawaiian pot with something else nowadays?
  2. Ya'll are washed up has-beens of Cuba's DBDC. Stop fronting, you no longer value friends over infra.
  3. thats our thing why ya'll try to hijack ng culture at every turn?
  4. This is an anti-raiding thread now? we out here
  5. Riding Cuba's coattails is what you will be remembered for
  6. You can remove Legion & KoRT, not much of an invasion.
  7. Do you speak english or specialize in gibberish? NPO has been trying to erase competition for years, at the cost of your general membership getting pushed in and over.
  8. Pacifica is incapable of orchestrating anything more complex than a lemonade stand. F to doubt.
  9. Claiming Doomhouse legacy while in Pacifica, that is rich
  10. I have already made YUGE profits in this deal, terrific, excellent even. Thank you Stewie, you are a terrific wonderful person.
  11. yeah then again all you do is raid easy targets with no other people that can counter lmao "Declare war on all nations" declares war on tiny alliances and inactive. Fearsome warriors for sure.
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