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  1. This is pretty cool But why is NG, a sanctioned alliance, the same size as Kashmir?
  2. how is selling tech going these days for you?
  3. I'm glad we are just open supporting of rogues. It really cuts out the pretense of diplomacy/politics that I think have been dead for half a decade.
  4. Such is the status quo. A shame you weren't around when bob had competitors that actually cared to lose pixels. 2021 CN should not be misconstrued with the real game that used to be played.
  5. Forums are kinda dead, discords are the preferred method nowadays.
  6. Edit my Nation 3rd box down.
  7. Non Grata Non Grata is an alliance that was founded by a merger between alliances, and over the years have welcomed many more into our community. As such, Non Grata recognizes these alliance affiliations as permanently protected, and owned by Non Grata. The following Alliance Affiliations are protected indefinitely by Non Grata; New Sith Order Poison Clan iFok FOK Seaworthy Liberian Cardboard Boxes Hydra Team Rocket The Imperial Entente Legacy /S/ Non Grata, Kerschbs, Secret DemocratLyanna, InternUnkajo (Krihelion), Sergeant of the Pope's ArmiesThrash, Minister of Not Poaching dane0, Blood God Erwin Schrodinger, Spirit of not even going here anymoreLenin, Advisor to Questionable propagandaKing Cyan (Chameleon), Spirits SupplierCaustic, Pope of Non GrataStewie, Dreadnought God-Emperor
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