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  1. My friends from Haven, you can count on our support.
  2. As did Maegor and DaarioNaharis. Canik you are a joke.
  3. Planet Bob waits anxiously that Canik keeps faith with what he wrote. But you're just a clown, without courage 🤘
  4. So FTW will declare war on a nation of NpO? 😂
  5. Exactly, it was a critique of your immobility in trying to improve things, rather than pointing them out without taking action.
  6. @jerdge my humble opinion, you talk and complain a lot. In concrete terms, you have never done anything relevant, only long posts mostly correct, but nothing more.
  7. Kongo Bongo Jack you are just an useless fart. Useless as Canik and Maegor together.
  8. They wouldn't. They aren't even able to defend themselves without the help of half of Planet Bob and they haven't honor.
  9. The level of ridicule of FTW members is becoming embarrassing. Maybe to be a member of FTW you have to be stupid.
  10. The only certainty is that FTW is the worst alliance that Planet Bob has known. To fight COBRA he needed RFI, to fight NG they called Oculus. You are ridiculous. Canik the worst leader this game has ever known. Maegor who a few years ago created a thread where he declared himself the best player, hidden in peace mode for months. You are puppets.
  11. Another step towards to death of Bob.
  12. What a useless and stupid thread. More or less we all know you, if you are capable, put on an alliance worthy of the name exit to PM, buy infra, tech and declare war on us.
  13. My Federal Aid Commission has disappeared, but my tech agreements (9/100) to be standing. How is it possible?
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