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  1. Non Grata Non Grata is an alliance that was founded by a merger between alliances, and over the years have welcomed many more into our community. As such, Non Grata recognizes these alliance affiliations as permanently protected, and owned by Non Grata. The following Alliance Affiliations are protected indefinitely by Non Grata; New Sith Order Poison Clan iFok FOK Seaworthy Liberian Cardboard Boxes Hydra Team Rocket The Imperial Entente Legacy /S/ Non Grata, Kerschbs, Secret DemocratLyanna, InternUnkajo (Krihelion), Sergeant of the Pope's ArmiesThrash, Minister of Not Poaching dane0, Blood God Erwin Schrodinger, Spirit of not even going here anymoreLenin, Advisor to Questionable propagandaKing Cyan (Chameleon), Spirits SupplierCaustic, Pope of Non GrataStewie, Dreadnought God-Emperor
  2. Hoo can you make an official announcement about this official announcement?
  3. Welcome friend. Deus Vult
  4. You should make your own separate announcement, announcing that korlath should announce it.
  5. That is awful. I offer my condolences to EJ.
  6. I congratulated you in the last thread for distancing yourself. Put two and two together.
  7. I have said this many times, usually condescendingly, but now I mean it. Who?
  8. Mandatory Pilates by our intern, Mandatory scripture by our pope Keeps us spry
  9. Yeah, game feature. How much is the bill log?
  10. I agree with the guy who "quit". Just disband, its embarrassing.
  11. Is this also a DoE? Since y’all disbanded and everything
  12. I was staring at the flag for so long trying to figure out what was missing, thats the one
  13. You're really losing your grip on things, aren't you?
  14. Two down, one to go later gator
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