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  1. King Irwin

    Moon Hotspot

    Owner: King Irwin Colony Effectiveness: 100% Last Moved: 1/1/2019 Location: 48.00000, -40.00000 What I actually entered in was from the spreadsheet (thanks to the Mars locations, I was able to zero in on this): 48.00000001 -40 100.00000%
  2. King Irwin

    The Amazing Casualties Race

    Time for another update! Welcome back from inactivity to Willaim Kreiger (#23). RIP to renegade4box (#33) and the unknown ruler that previously occupied #29. Both of their returns were short-lived. A few 1-position leapfrogs all over the list, most notably murtibing taking #3 from Nashorn. Other than that, and movement due to inactivity, the main excitement is at the bottom this time, where 3 new nations make their debut: kerschbs (#47) Justin666 (#49) and Council of Ten (#50) Spreadsheet of Top 50
  3. King Irwin

    Moon Hotspot

    The correct one is -74, 61.
  4. Good idea. We hadn't thought of that.
  5. King Irwin

    Moon Hotspot

    Awesome, thanks! Confirmed.
  6. King Irwin

    The Amazing Casualties Race

    Time for another update! The bar has now been raised over 15M to make the list! #50 comes in at 15,054,800. Commander Bean added some casualties since the last updated, and got bumped off the top 50 regardless. RIP to Konkrage1 (#8) and Magicninja (#36) Welcome back from inactivity to #33 renegade4box and #39 Northern Empire. I think #29 also came back from inactivity, but I don't yet know who that is. Other than shifting around due to inactivity and returns, not a whole lot of movement despite half the list adding fresh casualties. Biggest movers: im317 (37-->32), Buds the Man (25-->22), and Scytale (15-->12) Note that I updated some of the "contenders" list but got bored after #100 or so, so there may be some inconsistencies at the bottom. There's not currently a whole lot of contending going on in that group (except Justin666...he's moving up fast and might crack the top 50 soon). https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12f0ZNbJKKdheY5NbNZ0rI3rZbiYaRudXm_Ew3CwJOrk/edit#gid=0
  7. King Irwin

    The Amazing Casualties Race

    Yes, fishy indeed. Good catch! I didn't finish going through all the 51+ ranks, so those aren't updated. The next time I'm bored I'll get those updated too. And then I'll also add Laskar Pelangi as one of the missing names on the list. Edit 27 Sep: I just updated 51-200, and added in the missing #42. Only 2 names missing from the top 50 now!
  8. King Irwin

    The Amazing Casualties Race

    Very well, here's the update you've all been waiting for! Things have gotten more interesting, with a few names changing on this list. A few things of interest here: The bar has been raised a little recently (now #50 is 14,877,745). In fact, Commander Bean earned more casualties since the last update, and still got bumped from #49 to #51. Arcades057 and Samwise were also bumped from the list. RIP to Stewie (again...his return was short lived!) (#12) and Mayzie (#40) On a happier note, welcome to the list to Steeldor (with an impressive jump all the way to #19!), Mnehh (#40), Turetel (#44), Caustic (#49) and SirWilliam (#50) No real movement in the top 10, but the rich keep getting richer (or in this case...the dead soldiers keep getting deader?). The margins at the top continue to widen. CubaQuerida now has a hard-to-imagine 69 million casualties! I still have 3 unidentified nations on this list. Otherwise, shoutouts to the big movers on this list: Arcane (from 17-->12), Buds The Man (36-->25), Baron Zemo (45-->34), im317 (44-->37), and tom the pit leader (47-->38) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12f0ZNbJKKdheY5NbNZ0rI3rZbiYaRudXm_Ew3CwJOrk/edit#gid=0
  9. King Irwin

    A formal DoW

    It will likely come to that in due time, old friend. But we never fully recovered from our last couple wars and we're all too far below your range. In the meantime, I feel like the Black Knight. It was just a flesh wound, but we may have to resort to biting the legs off of all you bigger nations!
  10. King Irwin

    Mars Hotspot

    Based on the moon location, the Mars location should be: Mars Lat Mars Lon Probability -23.99999999 -21 100.00000%
  11. King Irwin

    Moon Hotspot

    &lat=5.99999999&lon=-130 --> 100%
  12. King Irwin

    The Amazing Casualties Race

    I'm confused. Bud, you are on the list and even got a shout out in the last bullet for moving up.
  13. King Irwin

    The Amazing Casualties Race

    Well you've still got a ways to go to make it to the top 50!
  14. King Irwin

    The Amazing Casualties Race

    So it's only been a few weeks since the last update, but I happen to be bored today, so here goes... Welcome back from the dead to an old resident of this list, Stewie, coming back at #12. RIP to Emperor Khan (#23) I've discovered several of the unknown names on the list, YJHAN (#25), MikeTheFirst (#27), Starcraftmazter (#34), and Baron Zemo (#45), so only 3 unknowns now! Otherwise, just a little movement up and down the list. Biggest movers include spearo (18-->14), Buds the Man (40-->36), and luner146 (42-->38) I also added a second tab to the spreadsheet that contains a fun chart depicting just how much those at the top of the list are in a world of their own. This is significantly more of a pain in the ass to format this way, so don't expect it to be plotted often. But for now, enjoy, and chew on some of the current metrics: To make the top 200: 8,78,212 casualties To make the top 100: 11,458,350 casualties To make the top 50: 14,613,833 casualties To make the top 25: 17,027,277 casualties To make the top 10: 24,683,963 casualties To make the top 5: 39,345,077 casualties To make the top 1: 65,860,296 casualties https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12f0ZNbJKKdheY5NbNZ0rI3rZbiYaRudXm_Ew3CwJOrk/edit#gid=0
  15. King Irwin

    A Farewell to Arms

    Me too. And also, if one were to say farewell to his own arms, it would be most unfortunate that he would be unable to wave them goodbye.