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  1. Woohoo...I'm famous! You pulled the stats too early though...I hadn't gotten my retaliatory attacks in yet! My war with Artigo would have moved up to #2, and perhaps more importantly, I have now inflicted more damage on him than he has on me. Of course I've nuked him every day while he and his buddies have to take turns, so hardly a fair comparison! Unfortunately, I ran out of nukes, so my fight with Steve Buscemi couldn't move past #10, and my 3rd war couldn't quite crack the list.
  2. I can't see the whole thing today When I zoom, it gets buried behind the calendar and recent entries and all that crap on the right side of the screen. Is there any way to scroll? Perhaps it's just me, or my resolution settings. But you might want to make the next update less than 1280 pixels wide. Awesome work though...I love seeing how crazy these war declarations get!
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