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  1. King Irwin

    A formal DoW

    It will likely come to that in due time, old friend. But we never fully recovered from our last couple wars and we're all too far below your range. In the meantime, I feel like the Black Knight. It was just a flesh wound, but we may have to resort to biting the legs off of all you bigger nations!
  2. King Irwin

    Mars Hotspot

    Based on the moon location, the Mars location should be: Mars Lat Mars Lon Probability -23.99999999 -21 100.00000%
  3. King Irwin

    Moon Hotspot

    &lat=5.99999999&lon=-130 --> 100%
  4. King Irwin

    The Amazing Casualties Race

    I'm confused. Bud, you are on the list and even got a shout out in the last bullet for moving up.
  5. King Irwin

    The Amazing Casualties Race

    Well you've still got a ways to go to make it to the top 50!
  6. King Irwin

    The Amazing Casualties Race

    So it's only been a few weeks since the last update, but I happen to be bored today, so here goes... Welcome back from the dead to an old resident of this list, Stewie, coming back at #12. RIP to Emperor Khan (#23) I've discovered several of the unknown names on the list, YJHAN (#25), MikeTheFirst (#27), Starcraftmazter (#34), and Baron Zemo (#45), so only 3 unknowns now! Otherwise, just a little movement up and down the list. Biggest movers include spearo (18-->14), Buds the Man (40-->36), and luner146 (42-->38) I also added a second tab to the spreadsheet that contains a fun chart depicting just how much those at the top of the list are in a world of their own. This is significantly more of a pain in the ass to format this way, so don't expect it to be plotted often. But for now, enjoy, and chew on some of the current metrics: To make the top 200: 8,78,212 casualties To make the top 100: 11,458,350 casualties To make the top 50: 14,613,833 casualties To make the top 25: 17,027,277 casualties To make the top 10: 24,683,963 casualties To make the top 5: 39,345,077 casualties To make the top 1: 65,860,296 casualties https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12f0ZNbJKKdheY5NbNZ0rI3rZbiYaRudXm_Ew3CwJOrk/edit#gid=0
  7. King Irwin

    A Farewell to Arms

    Me too. And also, if one were to say farewell to his own arms, it would be most unfortunate that he would be unable to wave them goodbye.
  8. King Irwin

    The Amazing Casualties Race

    Thanks im317! Sorry for missing you in the last update! After another 2ish months, again just a few updates. The top 8 have unchanged rank, although most continue to throw their citizens' lives away as easily as last month's leftovers discovered in the back of the fridge. Most everyone else moved up a spot or several due to the inactivity plague claiming kingneptune (#9), White Majik (#11), Willaim Krieger (#22) and Laskar Pelangi (#37). Welcome to the list to Commander Bean, sneaking in at #50, and Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz, with a more dramatic entrance at #37. Two additional unidentified nations jumped way into the list in the 30s as well. Other than that, just a few nations made waves, including Arcane, lunar146 and Buds The Man, but most notably Emperor Khan moving from 29 to 23. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12f0ZNbJKKdheY5NbNZ0rI3rZbiYaRudXm_Ew3CwJOrk/edit#gid=0
  9. King Irwin

    A Farewell to Arms

    You have kept maroon interesting, I'll grant you that!
  10. King Irwin

    Moon Hotspot

    I couldn't quite find it for July but got close. lat=-75&lon=57 --> 99% lat=-83&lon=41 --> 94% The spreadsheet suggests the following likely Moon locations to try: -75 58 28.56307% -76 56 28.56307% -76 55 24.90004% -75 59 10.76154% -76 57 7.21228%
  11. King Irwin

    The Amazing Casualties Race

    It's been 2 months since the last update, but not too much has happened: RIP Vespassianus (#18), Spankthefrank (#20), (unidentified nation)(#35), Northern Empire (#36), who have all fallen into the abyss of inactivity. Other than everyone moving up due to their fallen competition, the only movers are murtibung (from 5 to 4), spearo (from 24 to 20), and crusaderoflight88 (from 32 to 28) Also, welcome to the list (unidentified nation) (coming in at #42), (unidentified nation) (coming in at #45) Arcades057 (coming in at #49) and Samwise (coming in at #50) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12f0ZNbJKKdheY5NbNZ0rI3rZbiYaRudXm_Ew3CwJOrk/edit#gid=0
  12. Congratulations! Enjoy the celebrations!
  13. King Irwin

    The Amazing Casualties Race

    It's been a few months...due for an update! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12f0ZNbJKKdheY5NbNZ0rI3rZbiYaRudXm_Ew3CwJOrk/edit#gid=0 No movement in rank among the top 8, although they have added over 11 million casualties between them since the last update in December. idiotbang (#13) and Stewie (#14) have again lapsed into inactivity. Inactivity has also claimed Vladimir Stukov II (#17) and cyril (#46), and an unknown nation (#31). As such, many benefited from sliding up a few spots without adding to their totals. I still have 7 5 unknowns on the list. Not all are the same as before though. It looks like someone new has jumped into 38 or 39 that I haven't yet identified, as well as #46. Meanwhile another got bumped from the #50 spot and #31 went inactive. Significant movement from AlmightyGrub (#20-->#15), Willaim Kreiger (#28-->#23), crusaderoflight88 (#38-->#32), and Northern Empire (#47-->#36). Welcome to the top 50 to: lunar146 (#49), Auctor (#47), Buds the Man (#46) and a huge entrance by Banned (jumping all the way to #26) Edit: Added Buds the Man to the list, coming at at #46. Also discovered one of the missing ones: tom the pit leader
  14. King Irwin

    Moon Hotspot

    &lat=39.99999999&lon=-57 100%
  15. King Irwin

    M Inc's School of War

    Hmmm...I'm not sure this example helps your cause. Let me see if I get this straight. 1) Lord Hitchcock attacks Alex66 (a 2 month old noob nation with no wonders). 2) Lord Hitchcock destroys a whopping 1200 NS from said nation. (Link). 3) Lord Hitchcock gets a plea from said nation begging for peace at any cost. 4) Lord Hitchcock ignores plea, continues to fight said nation until war expires. 5) Lord HItchcock's alliance continues to have additional wars against the same alliance now. (Link). 6) Lord Hitchcock boasts of great military prowess with this example on the OWF. Did I miss anything?