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  1. You're important to me JoshuaR :wub: . As for you Os, just to reiterate what Josh said earlier, you were not involved at all with the final negotiatons - talk about revisionist history... Those happened solely between Brehon and I. We accepted the extended terms, and the night in which the terms/surrender were to begin, we were presented with an offer of Admission of Defeat and a complete white peace across the board, which we took.
  2. One of the better declarations. Good luck to my allies in Valhalla.
  3. Glad we could find a spot for you chums!
  4. Recognition of Hostilities and Declaration of War. Our allies, The Order of the Paradox have been attacked by Non Grata. Pursuant to Article III of The Reaver Accords, Umbrella hereby recognizes a state of war with Non Grata. Signed for Umbrella, Daikos, President Domisi, Vice-President Raken, Head Envoy WhiteMajik & Dylan Carter, Envoys JoshuaR, Field Marshal Roquentin, Economist Martikora, The Generator
  5. Good bye. Personal feelings aside, wish you all the best. MK was a special place to me for a long time, sad to see this. Really am.
  6. Not gonna lie You've got a great smile. Also, good bye CSN safe travels
  7. Lets stop that buck right here. We told you in our government channel the night the vote started with Rsox, King Brandon, and Sardonic in attendance. If your gov chooses to dictate the flow of info away from you that is their choosing but don't start pushing that onto us.
  8. First page and all but, this kind of stuff was always part of the problem there Cheeks.
  9. Notice of withdrawal from The Doom House Accords As most of you have known for around the past two and a half years Doomhouse has been a household name among CN if you liked it or not. I cannot take credit for the creation of the bloc of the Mushroom Kingdom, Umbrella, and GOONS but I was definitely a vocal supporter within Umbrella at the time. Having been a member of MK for nearly 4 years and a member of Umbrella for a little less, I knew that there was a special connection. People talk about this game with the idea that certain alliance had a specific "culture"; Well, to say that we had three cultures that worked quite well was an understatement. We not only worked well together, we thrived. We accomplished a lot. We had our fair share of slipups, but when you take chances and you're at the top that is part of the game. We handled that well even-so. Doomhouse has always been the primary focus of Umbrella's foreign policy and it worked out pretty well in our favor up until recently. Unfortunately, this game, real life, proves time and time again: all good things must come to an end. I can tell you Umbrella has wrestled with this debate of cancelling and keeping DH for almost a year as a serious topic. We've always come to the fact that things weren't that bad/we were being dramatic or that the social relationship is something we didn't want to lose. It was usually a combination of both. Reluctantly, Umbrella is at a divergent point in the road with what we want from our foreign affairs and what we think our bloc-mates want to do in the future, and how Doomhouse would be used in any sort of upcoming conflict. This has been a journey that almost from the beginning I feel I've been an integral part of to be selfish for a moment. So it really comes with heavy heart that I am here to activate Article 5. 'Dear Richard' of the Doom House Accords. Please note the cancellation period is one week. Cheers old friends, it was fun. Signed, Daikos, President Domisi, Vice-President Raken, Head Envoy Teh 1337 Guy, Assistant to the Traveling Secretary
  10. Glad to see two allies making a bond in holy matrimony together
  11. Preamble: The undersigned here commit to a bond bound in the sacred act of Reaving. Each party holds that once your inner reaver has been awoken, no amount of reaving can quench the thirst of reaving. Article I. Sovereignty Each Reaving Party understands that they are separate entities and therefore respect each other's own ways and agree not to intefere. Article II. Non-Aggression Each Reaving Party shall not conduct any act of reaving on each other. Article III. Cooperation and Obligation. If either Reaving Party is attacked by a foreign threat it is the duty of the other Reaving Party to assist in military and financial backing, or as asked. Should said attack come because as the result of either Party's outside treaties, such assistance is optional. Article IV. The Art of Reaving. Each Reaving Party is entitled to conduct reavings as they see fit, though it is not mandatory (but encouraged) the other Party may help out in the form of military assistance or financial assistance if they so desire. Article V. The End of Reaving If either Reaving Party feels the nature of this accord has been broken or tarnished, then each party is entitled to serve a 72 hour notice of cancellation, at which time thereafter the treaty is considered null and void. Signed for [i]Umbrella[/i] [b]President:[/b] Natan [b]Vice President:[/b] Raken [b]Envoys:[/b] Daikos, Whitemajik, Legendoftheskies [b]Field Marshall:[/b] JoshuaR [b]Economist:[/b] Niota [b]Generator:[/b] Martikora Signed for [i]The Order of the Paradox[/i] [size=4]Centurius[/size], [b]Grandmaster[/b] Owned-You, [b]Grand Chancellor[/b] TalisK, [b]Grand Hospitaller[/b]
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