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  1. Damn, and I was so looking forward to the fourth decree. I was promised cake.
  2. Godspeed and I hope and pray for a quick recovery, bros. You've always been one of the good guys in my mind.
  3. ...well shit, I'm in the uncomfortable position of agreeing with a Spartan.
  4. That's what Reavers is for. Check your war screen :P
  5. Polaris, it's really funny for you and your associated chumps to continue carrying on like anyone is *actually* scared of you.
  6. Yeah, no. Please stop trying so hard.
  7. Uhm... yeah. You do you, "bro", and the rest of us are gonna be over here in sanity.
  8. Francoism has nothing to do with this neutral kerfluffle. Please stop trying to sound cool, edgy, and intelligent... for you are none of those things.
  9. As a teacher IRL, school supplies are always a bother. This is a great thing I hope it sees a lot of support.
  10. I know we didn't always agree, Rayvon, but I truly did enjoy working with you. Enjoy retirement - I sure as hell am. Maybe we'll meet up for a game of shuffleboard. Good luck, Kirsten. Emperor/Empress is not an easy road to walk and I wish you the best.
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