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  1. I chuckled over that post for hours last night, it was gold. I'm so happy that someone else appreciated it as much as I did.
  2. Lies, despicable lies.. we're not all about boobs. We in Valhalla objectify both sexes equally.
  3. So why do you assume it's an outside job when there's no evidence to support that assumption?
  4. You failed reading comprehension didn't you?
  5. 1. As of last night Liz was still demanding tech from DT nations with over 2k tech. 2. I was wondering if you would name a specific lie, but i guess that would be too easy to refute. 3. "some troll nation" got it. Obviously sanctioned by DT gov. 4. So DT DIDN'T make that offer. Interesting. 5. So a log between Legacy and DT that references no other DT allies the source of DT making threats about DT allies breaking terms to hit CSN? 6. Third parties calling you out on wild accusations and your own lies and half truths is another example of DT being underhanded and dishonest? Addendum 1:
  6. You posted some logs, but never backed up any of the accusations made by the OP. Here. care to try again?
  7. You're all so far off base it's not funny. Metha has the Honour of going a few rounds with King Stumpy. His majesty has deemed him worthy of royal attention. It's a tale he can tell his children one day.
  8. You have any evidence for these accusations? At least you're standing up here and not just letting Penkala and GOD carry water for you I guess.
  9. OOC crap like this has no place... Sorry this happened.
  10. Can we just have CSN come out and speak the truth? "We're issuing these huge reps because we're massive a-holes and we're going to continue to be massive a-holes because we have SF backing" c'mon you can say it CSN, it's just words, it's not hard. These reps are insane. If they had a reasonable number this would have been done long ago, but 40k? Really? They want it from 2k+ nations, even SOME of it from 2k+ nations? What ever they're smoking, i want some.
  11. huge reps will just keep (insert huge annoying acronym here) in longer inflicting even more damage to C&G and company. Until they completely lose the ability to rebuy to 1k infra and most likely even the ability to pay said reps, why should they stop? They kicked Valhalla and our allies out of the fight so they could loosen up. We aren't involved anymore, they don't need to worry about dragging us into oblivion with them.
  12. - Convinced George Lucas to film the Prequel Triology to Star Wars This is a fallacy. They did convince him to remake the Original Trilogy, however the prequels can be blamed on GWB.
  13. It's cool to say Grub should be forced out (even if it isn't relevent since he's leaving office anyways) because AirMe isn't "Heg"
  14. should we note Politician C wasn't married until just before he "vacated" office and he may have been banging his niece?
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