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  1. Voodoo Nova

    The 'C' word

    Hoping for the best for you Dajobo. Kick its ass. $%&@ Cancer.
  2. Voodoo Nova

    Chimaera Callout

    Happy birthday you worthless !@#$. <3
  3. Hey, about that diplomacy thread..yeah

  4. Voodoo Nova

    Betting time

    Prove him wrong then. Given a choice between proving wickedj wrong and ignoring our allies, I know which choice I would make every time. Put another way: $%&@ off and die. If you want to see our balls, come over here. (As a note - we've actually never had Legion fight a war in defense of us. We once fought a war in defense of Legion.) It seems a chord has been struck and you're singing to the tune.
  5. That second link has the following on there "How to thank TFD for its existence?".
  6. This reeks of an ignorant person not knowing anything about the alliances he is talking about.
  7. I use Pandora on my Droid and it's a great application. The ad's don't bug me that much because they're out of the way.
  8. Voodoo Nova

    Aut Callout

    Make it a game of Extreme Chinese Checkers.
  9. Alterego is one of the only ones that could be one of the "worst", on the list. This list does lack a Penkala option.
  10. I fail to see the issue. They realized their mistake, a random member stated that, etc. Any reason could have changed their mindset and what is wrong with that?
  11. You must have forgotten IRON is also in a war in which they are greatly outnumbered, (yes, they started it. No, I don't care what you think, they are currently the outnumbered ones) that could cause them a lot of damage if they haphazardly sent nations to war. How does one minimize damage for their alliance? Hitting peace mode to ensure long term survivability of the alliance's economy. Also, if IRON nations had the opportunity to reach peace mode, why shouldn't they take it if they know they'll be slaughtered?
  12. Good for him, hope he does well.
  13. It seems they dropped you nearly all of your NS to 712, before CSN aided you. I'd say they got you pretty well. Also, who are you referring to when you say "you're"?
  14. Both cycling and staying in peace mode is a useful tactic. One is to be able to continue causing damage (those with good sized warchests) and the other to completely minimize damage. GATO did it in GATO-1v until NPO threatened them with PZI for each of them. FAN kept in peace mode during their war, among other tactics. To say that sitting in peace mode to minimize damage to your alliance really shows you do not know much about a long term defensive war. They are ensuring their ability to be able to rebuild quicker and are thinking in the long run about the future of their alliance after the war.
  15. It is a legit tactic, one I seem to recall GATO and other alliances using it against Pacifica.
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