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  1. Never change Xiph. Your dedication to driving GOD further and further into the ground is one of the few goods things left in CN.
  2. I'm currently more jealous of STA than I have ever been before.
  3. While that's all partly true. The thing people are rightly annoyed at is they're fighting on the front that is directly linked to countering attacks on NG. They were also FULLY aware of this situation and purposely put themselves in it months ago. If I'm a treaty partner of IRON at this point (outside of Val/VE) then i'd be seriously considering if I want to be a second fiddle treaty partner. For clarification, I have no issue with IRON choosing a side in this war long ago. My issue is they've CHOSEN to attack on the NG front. It's just poor form.
  4. As somebody who actually knows what happened this is really bad. NG/NSO were trying to remove Polar SPECIFICALLY because NPO wouldn't go after MK. Therefore to lessen MKs chance of building with xx they decided to attack them. Sadly it was the worst formed coalition I've actually ever seen, by quite some margin. The NpO/TOP treaty likely never happens if NG/NSO don't target Polar for no reason other than it's an easy win. Everything after that is simply pieces falling into place. NPOs only blame was being too passive in the recent months and I'd fully expect that to change now.
  5. One of the few fronts of the war where I'm not hoping everybody dies.
  6. Nice to see some traditions never die. Even if they weren't funny to start with...
  7. I hope you completly destroy them. hf umb :)
  8. That's one of the better DoWs I've seen. It has been a while since we've locked heads. I'm sure it'll be fun as always.
  9. He tried to quit several times but we didn't let him. He hasn't done anything at all for a long long time and as you said, was a figurehead not a leader. I'm also pretty sure he was in the 2nd wave in karma (so was PM for first) The point is, if NSO were expecting a beating for x time with no assistance then letting the opponents choose their targets is about the dumbest thing you can do. Your argument is based in a rhetoric given up in 2010 and makes it look like you look desperate and ill-informed.
  10. Did you upset the nurse again so she won't let you stay up to play your games? I know at your age it's hard to change but you could have tried.
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