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  1. As somebody who actually knows what happened this is really bad. NG/NSO were trying to remove Polar SPECIFICALLY because NPO wouldn't go after MK. Therefore to lessen MKs chance of building with xx they decided to attack them. Sadly it was the worst formed coalition I've actually ever seen, by quite some margin. The NpO/TOP treaty likely never happens if NG/NSO don't target Polar for no reason other than it's an easy win. Everything after that is simply pieces falling into place. NPOs only blame was being too passive in the recent months and I'd fully expect that to change now.
  2. Did you upset the nurse again so she won't let you stay up to play your games? I know at your age it's hard to change but you could have tried.
  3. Yeah, Crymson wouldn't know anything about MK screwing him over. QFT... apart from the free bit
  4. As a former TOP ally they were the only ally MK had that actively came to them with things outside of NG. And TOPs things were actually usefull and interesting. It partly a case of a dying game that people are bored with. You can be leader of an alliance being on 4 days a week for 3hours a time. A few years ago you could barely be a deputy in FA with that kind of activity. Another major factor is the opsec culture, brought about partly because people are actually good at leaking intel now & partly due to everybody knowing everybody. It's a shame though because it's a part of what kept the game interesting.
  5. becoming the monster lmao

  6. let's see his cabbage boats and helicopter

  7. yes he has cabbage boats and a helicopter

  8. I dont really care about goals, as long as there are enough shots/chances etc. Great fun in #mushroom aswell
  9. MK Dons are gonna walk this, their manager has been compared to a young herbert chapman on many occasions. Also, as per usual, massive massive love to kamichi for doing this, looking forward to the commentary as ever.
  10. First of all. FEAR didn't "defend" TORN, they attacked CnG on a OPTIONAL agression pact. Secondly, the image sunstar used was to show how ludicrous your offer was, and his post in general was showing quite clearly that TOP aren't willing to step up and take the mess that THEY created on their shoulders. Instead they're forcing allies to pay far more proportionally than themselves. Finally, i thought the NUTS thing was stupid for obvious reasons, but after reading the past few pages i've been proven wrong. Godamn you guys dont know when to leave stuff alone.
  11. You should do a blog on the x11 matches tbh. Purely because i've won 5in a row
  12. Nice of TIDTT to try and dictate other alliances nuclear rogue policies
  13. This was both informative and humourous.
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