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  1. infinite citadel

    Announcement from MI6

    I already have dibs on DC, hands off
  2. infinite citadel

    A Special Announcement from Paradoxia

    Deus Vult!
  3. wow rude Brandon Knight is great
  4. infinite citadel

    ODN Annoucement

    It really is. At least I'm not doing IA anymore  :v:
  5. infinite citadel

    ODN Annoucement

    I guess I have to do work now  :mellow:
  6. infinite citadel

    GOONS achieves total victory

    Farewell GOONS, you guys were one of my favorite allies while in MK
  7. infinite citadel

    ODN Election Results

    hail etc
  8. Congrats to the new gov 
  9. infinite citadel

    Free Agent Season

      Agreeing that Rush should join ODN
  10. infinite citadel

    ODN is 9 years old...

    Congrats friends  ^_^
  11. infinite citadel

    The Amazing Casualties Race

    Feels good to be back in the top 25:   4,423,185 Attacking + 10,448,375 Defending = 14,871,560 Casualties   Ranked #24 of 9,117 Nations (Top 0.26%)
  12. infinite citadel

    A question of a platypus nature

      I think I'm the last former member of TDSM8 still playing CN (that's sad), but yeah that war was a blast and this war has been as well ~
  13. infinite citadel

    Hershey-Nascar War Stats, powered by RI5

      Is it even worth trying at this point
  14. infinite citadel

    Rush's Christmas Gifts

    I'd like a gift!
  15. infinite citadel

    Prediction from others not mind.

    I see you're still mad Ninja Colt's nation got deleted after you paid $150 dollars for it lmbo