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  1. I was done with this game months ago. My only question was how di it. I'm really surprised how many cowards cn has .
  2. By the way anyone wondering about umbrella they are terrible when it comes to fighting don't fear them bunch of cowards. They look like they are fearless but they're not terrible look at the numbers. Iron not any better you will see Matt really disappointed me never took him for a coward.
  3. Say what you want you want to defend them cockroaches. I'll be waiting for a worthy opponent lol.
  4. All i know cn is full of cowards that refused to fight. I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.
  5. You talk to much can you back your words up. 1on1 me and you? You been calling me out for something now. You aid our enemy's and laugh at us. Aiding the enemy's is an act of war in everyone's book.
  6. The rebel i told stonewall to ignore you. In a few months he may take you on your offer. But for now we don't have time for that he's too busy doing other things for me.
  7. Just so there's no confusion Stonewall communicates with me everyday. Every thing he has said comes from me. We want new allies and they don't want MI and others that have caused problems. I still like MI but we have different goals. TAO wants to be recognized as it legitimate Alliance with many powerful allies.
  8. SPATR has many friends you guy's don't even know. We talk an agreement was reached. And some guys just wish to blow it out of proportion. I'm not saying i even like New Pacific order. But they we're very respectful and honest. I'm done with the OWF for a few months.
  9. [quote name="Ali bin Turban" post="3417844" timestamp="1445529544"]Last bills payment in 2014, so this report is 1,5 years old. However his infra history shows a lot of jumps through that period, which can mean that he wasn't able to grow his warchest to much. Now onto the subject it would be interesting to see in those 3 days what SPATR's plans are. Because BONES surely has some plan on what to do, when SPATR's top tier loses targets to engage while the remaining 80% of his alliance keeps on burning, hasn't he? After all I'm sure that before posting his threats, he took a look at his alliance page and noticed not everyone there is at 600k NS.[/quote Most of our guy's don't care about this game anymore,once the infrastructure is gone they just take out smaller nations Tech suppliers. we carefully have planned what to do a long time ago. Kill the Tech suppliers.
  10. Any one that wishes to continue playing plz leave Swash Plates And Tail Rotors. We will give you a week to find a new AA. 65000 tech you're going to feel it.
  11. Where is the moderation team now? He just violated the rules by trying to sell something outside the game.
  12. I rather quit this game then my friends die. BONES 11919 at Skype.
  13. I won't let my friends get destroyed buy new Pacific order. I give them 3 day's to let my friends go.
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