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  1. It's ok. We established he bought all of his tech so no tech deals were wasted.
  2. I will have you know that I did have a vote but the forums went down shortly afterwards so I just went with what was the results were before the forums closed. I my responsibilities to the GA very seriously.
  3. I could have told you he had a crap war chest. We tries to get him to fight when we fought IRON a few years ago and he cited having only a billion dongs as a reason not to fight. Then KB spy oped him and saw he only had about $400 mill. I have no idea where the money went.
  4. I banned him from the AA. I guess that might have caused the troubles
  5. He is nothing more than a ghost. He should have been removed from the AA years ago but it never happened. He padded our stats, and the GA felt he should be given a chance to participate in the group, so we let him stay in the AA. but he does not even fight in our wars. He should have been banned from the AA the first time he fled to PM for not fighting on a war.
  6. You are more than free to do so, but we're not giving him tech just so it can't be taken or destroyed.
  7. For far too long a tumor has grown on the Order of the Paradox AA. It was harmless like a boil, but getting bigger and bigger all of the time. This hideous growth grew right there on the face of our alliance, taking a TOP 5 slot on our membership listing, yet we resisted the idea of lancing this boil. We convinced ourselves that it was actually fashionable and made us look good, but deep down we knew that it was nothing more than a blight to our appearance. Like a wart on a finger, we have no solid clue as to where he came from, or why he is here. Our attempts to reason with him and get him to participate with our alliance were met with nothing but silence. Countless wars were fought by Paradoxia, and yet the moment trouble started to brew he would escape into peace mode and avoid any conflict. And yet, we apathetically gave him our protection, not really seeing the harm in keeping him around. But no more. As such, it is my sadistic pleasure to announce that Killer Lolis of Loli Loli Loli is no longer protected by TOP or any of our allies. This coward has not felt the warm embrace of a line of the open arms of a foreign army. His people have not endured a night in an air-raid shelter as enemy bombers flew over head. His soil has not be exposed to the beautiful glow of 15 Megatons of nuclear energy. He has 19,000 tech for the taking to those of you who can get to him first. He will remain on the AA until someone has declared a war on him, so as to avoid letting him slip into protection elsewhere. http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=34637 Thank you, and happy hunting. Lord Bagel
  8. Sal is so 2014. With the coming of a new dawn means a new day. And the best way to start any day is with a nice, healthy breakfast.
  9. We have concluded our summer elections and are bringing forth some small changes. Buzz Lightyear has finally decided it is time to fight Zurg and has left this world to gather his forces in Star Command. We wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavors. With that in mind, here is the current TOP government
  10. This is a valid CB and violation of the Geneva convention.
  11. People still try to talk smack about PM? Everyone does it to keep reserves. This isn't 2010, let's leave it be. Next people will be complaining that someone is using nukes instead of conventional warfare.
  12. You are actually going to want Chief Savage Man. He has an AAR going for it in our paradox Plaza.
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