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  1. Sup old friend I agree The Pansy is one very traumatising fellow! Also Middle - 07 here. My first nation got rolled by E_S. Attacked for "stealing guides" when that was a thing lol http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Commonwealth_of_International_Nations Came back in Feb 08, been on and off here since then. Mostly in Valhalla and DT. Also "The Pansy" says hello @Raydin
  2. Please I spent my entire teens playing this game and like wasted all my young years to get out and find a lucky woman to marry gah! ( Couldn't even if I tried, this concept is alien to India ) Also its time for all of to get out at some point. Congrats on 10 years Doch
  3. I was just reading about the GGA coup that got reversed and the logs and stuff a few hours before this was done. Truly missed such intra-alliance stuffs! On that note best of luck NoR :)
  4. Doch, I never said TOP leaving PM at this point would do any such damage, in fact I clarified it isn't just TOP singularly but on a coalition level you could have possibly tried combining top tiers. My point was just the staggered entry timings of folks on your side made it that much easier for us to wreck your top tier. The other possibility that could have worked out was for you folks to come in combining top tiers and look to specific targeted nations to remove them from future wars and end up at the same stage now with quite a bit more damage to our side. TOP leaving pm now wouldn't ch
  5. Well seeing how you folks were in the long term from the beginning, looking to drag even 15 DT nations into the mid-tier where you folks have an advantage would halve our entire 100k NS + nations. A few months down there and I'm certain the damage we've taken would bloody us far more then say it is doing now. Just saying if you folks were going to lose an upper tier, might as well do it with the aim of bloodying the other side rather than letting us pick one alliance at a time and dismantle it without too much damage imo. PS: I'm talking from a coalition stand point. What TOP is doin
  6. My point was to consolidate your side's upper tiers and use them in unison rather than having NpO go in and like 10 days later Fark goes in alone; this made it so much easier for us to group on Fark and hit their upper tiers hard, hit NpO and take their upper tiers out individually as their pool was limited to their own AA's tiers. Maybe using TOP alongside Fark and NpO could have led to far more damage taken by DT. Seeing how we're a sub-100 alliance with a member base made mostly of old farts, that damage would take us longer to rebuild than most of the mentioned alliances, which makes us on
  7. It's easier for top-tier alliances to pick a part your side top tiers one at a time giving us enough time to relax and wait for the next set of DoW's. Going in quicker may have helped give you guys some sort of co-ordinated move across the board to weaken our stranglehold in the top tier imo. You guys could have pushed to even out the playing field and dropping more of us down into the mid-tier for the grind where you guys have some sort of greater numbers could have inflicted more damage on our folks. Just my two cents.
  8. Karma I think when I fought a round or two against Val nations.
  9. Sup Fark. Can't wait for the casualties to start increasing (y)
  10. After 11 pages of this thread, still can't see what is this stand that Polar is taking. Going to enjoy warring some Polar nations if they hit DT probes anyway :v:
  11. I disagree with the disdain bit. I do believe DT has a rather friendly policy towards micros, especially when it comes to offering protection, we literally are alright with supporting anyone as long as they don't screw around. RS did while they were allied to us at one point which is when our disdain for their antics really began.
  12. Ghosting, Pending Membership, Member meh make up your mind already. Meh at least our protectorate gets some tech out of this. Hopefully I can get some casualties too :v
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