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  1. ....be gone as sheeeet. Hoo had them registered and he is very much so no longer mucho communicado, so I don't see them coming back. If you're someone that hung out on them and want to be in touch with people, send me a message and we'll figure it out. That's all I got.
  2. A vote for Caustic is a vote for the lone Dickicorn of Bob.
  3. Hello. I haven't provided an update in a while, so I'm going to do a short one now because I'm procrastinating doing real work. A week and a half ago I ran an ultramarathon (50k) at Lake Tahoe. It was gorgeous. It looked like this: It was fantastic and wonderful and I'm moving there again as soon as I can, much to certain people's likely chagrin. I have another ultra in another week and a half. I'm hoping to run 40 - 50 miles (65k - 80k), as it's a 12 hour challenge rather than a set distance. Two weeks after that race I have a back to back Sprint Triathlon and Half Ironman Triathlon (Sprint on Saturday, Half on Sunday) on a course that is supposed to be one of the hardest in the United States. This is part of the bike course at 34% grade: If you make it to the top without falling, they put your name on a brick in the road. Then after THAT race, I have a four part race over three days - a 4.3 trail run on Friday, a 5k and 10k on Saturday, and a half marathon on Sunday. And then finally, three weeks after that one, I have an ultramarathon (another 50k) in Kentucky with an insane amount of climbing. The course elevation map looks like this: There's my two second update. If this actually generates any interest, I'll put up race recaps after. Vicarious suffering FTW.
  4. I'm just here to say that I like many of the alliances involved in this, including NADC, and that Bern is a cancer upon any alliance he touches. Carry on.
  5. You think our goal was to rebuild classical CN? How adorable of you.
  6. Oh look, Junka spied me. That was before I collected. Literally 10 times more than you and a billion times more apathetic. Fite me.
  7. Again, you're way off the mark here. We have no intent of becoming an alliance that hangs around to just randomly attack people. PS. And TBC is not attacking whatever alliance you're in these days, just as an FYI so we can avoid another repeat of the past three pages.
  8. What move? This had nothing to do with the war, it just kind of.... became part of the war. I guess. And now it is partially un-becoming part of the war. It's all very, very clear. The clearest ever. So clear you're going to get tired of things being clear. By the way, did I tell you about the chocolate cake I was eating when I wrote this?
  9. Still not seeing your point. There is leadership above you - leadership which I spoke to. I don't care how you view this was handled, nor how 'incompetent' you think we are. It really doesn't matter.
  10. Dude, it's really not that hard. There is no sweet handshake. And yes, we did. It's good to have SOMETHING happening, so I can't be upset about that!
  11. The point of the post has already been shared with our close allies and now NoR. If I intended to make it black and white, I would have originally done so. Thus is the fun of chaos!
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