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  1. ....be gone as sheeeet. Hoo had them registered and he is very much so no longer mucho communicado, so I don't see them coming back. If you're someone that hung out on them and want to be in touch with people, send me a message and we'll figure it out. That's all I got.
  2. A vote for Caustic is a vote for the lone Dickicorn of Bob.
  3. Hello. I haven't provided an update in a while, so I'm going to do a short one now because I'm procrastinating doing real work. A week and a half ago I ran an ultramarathon (50k) at Lake Tahoe. It was gorgeous. It looked like this: It was fantastic and wonderful and I'm moving there again as soon as I can, much to certain people's likely chagrin. I have another ultra in another week and a half. I'm hoping to run 40 - 50 miles (65k - 80k), as it's a 12 hour challenge rather than a set distance. Two weeks after that race I have a back to back
  4. Untrue. We all know TBC is run by one person only, and that person is Gopher's cat.
  5. You are, most certainly, correct. It is a very real issue, with a very distinct lack of understanding by those that have never felt it. One of the things I love, and generally turn to when I'm having a bad day, is Hyperbole and a Half's characterization of it. Part One Part Two Just to remind myself that it happens, it's okay to feel terrible as hell, and that those around me that are frustrating the !@#$ out of me mean well, but I just need to find my shriveled piece of corn.
  6. Damn. That sucks, Bilrow. Good luck with the treatment, I'm sure you'll kick ass.
  7. Oh man, that question. I think it's definitely still one every single one of us is asking! Haha. Congratulations on your project reaching a decade of play. It's definitely something to be quite proud of, these days.
  8. Hey - The next time you're on IRC, I'd like to chat. I was looking for you tonight, but I think I missed you.
  9. Thanks! Please don't rustle the couch protectors or wake Van Hoo. And don't tread the lawn when you come to visit. I promise, we're quite welcoming.
  10. Thanks so much Kyriakos! That's a pretty crazy story. Detriot might be on my list because of how awesome the international portion looks. I'm assuming it's an awesome course?
  11. On Sunday, I ran the Philadelphia Marathon - my second marathon. Over the last few months, I've been trying to fight off the tendonitis I developed back in April, so I was sorely undertrained. As assumed by my unfortunate lack-of-training-ability, this race absolutely trashed me. Things fell apart that haven’t fallen apart in years, and things that I expected to fall apart (my feet, mainly) stayed blissfully perfect. I did manage to partially recover from this trashing before the race was over, which was an unexpected surprise. Anyway – Pre-race was fairly normal, for what was expected. Our g
  12. Thanks guys! Haha! Nope, though you're probably right! There's a guy that does a bunch of Ironman's every year in full firefighter gear. He most defintiely gets attention from how amazing it is!
  13. First of all, I got married! Second, IM 70.3 Lake Tahoe (my honeymoon race) Recap: IM 70.3 Lake Tahoe was an absolutely amazing race. It was quite different in terms of set-up (compared to other races we’ve done), but I’ll get into that in a bit. I’m going to cover everything, beginning with the first day we checked in for the race. On Thursday the 17th, we had check-in at Squaw Valley early in the morning. We were surprised to see that they had a TON of vendors at this event, as well as free ART (Assisted Release Techniques). Jason (husband) and I headed over and got our legs loosened u
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