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  1. Finally someone who knows history, those who have forgotten are doomed to relive it.
  2. Just like the white rabbit we have found White Peace. The conflict between those now known as “the League of Micro’s (LoM)” and CRAP & RIA accept white peace with each other. It seems that the party was just getting started when they came and pulled the plug. As with many conflicts, something new sometimes arises out of it. We the members of LoM are now considering each Micro as Board's members of an Alliance to Protect each AA as sovereign States. With just a few more tweaks we might be onto something. Who knows what may come next. Nobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition either. Chuck Normis ~ Almighty Lord Buddha of CRAP /s/ Kashmir Liltrekkie - Substitute Zort of CRAP brian~ Funktuar of the RIA General Kanabis, King Cobra And The COBRA Royal Guard. NobodyExpects, THC (Invited taunter) Thom THC (crop tender) Shavar, THC (Still stoker) Reaper, THC (Keeper of the gate) Lord Hitckcock, M inc Jonesing aka Cyclosarin (Minc) Lucius Optimus, TIE
  3. I thought you might like that, good to see you old friend. What's up stranger? How are things with you all?
  4. I''ve been waiting far to long to say it again here.
  5. Applications now being accepted For far to long on planet Bob Micro’s have been little more than gnats. Today we wish them to accept our invitation to bring back a spark to the slow end we all see. We are forming an Alliance of Protectorate States. Where we have no more need than a commitment to enjoy the Bob while it’s still here. With that being said, the Board agrees that we need to stand up for all the crap that has gone down in this game. We at the Board would now like to introduce the Alliance of Protectorate States and we don’t like CRAP. Signed Thom98 (THC) Shavar (THC) Reaper (THC) Jonesing aka Cyclosarin (Minc) General Kanabis (King Cobra) Lucius Optimus Absolute Ruler of TIE
  6. It will be fun getting back to the basics
  7. Thanks for the shout out, I'll take this back to the Bunker so we can better talk about how best to please you.
  8. A Disney Themed AA, I wish you guys the best of luck or should I say. May the force of the rat be with you.
  9. LOL ok seeing how they will aid their nations until cows fly, you will not last long, this can be put to rest very easily but it will take a bit of common sense. With that being said, I'll just eat my popcorn and watch you continue to make a total @$$ of yourself.
  10. For some who said they are not new to this game, you have much to learn my young grasshopper. You by changing your AA to IRON without being accepted as a member, is ghosting. Most alliances would of told you the exact same thing. Then you had the brilliant idea to attack IRON, did you think that would go unnoticed? They now have every right to pound your nation into pixels. You sir have no ground to stand on other than shear ignorance. My suggestion to you would be to make a formal apology to put this matter to rest. I can promise you that you are up against a force that will not relent after being attacked. You have enough energy and enthusiasm to make a solid member of an alliance, I suggest that you find someone to take you in when this is over. There you will be able to learn and understand why you are now in the position you put yourself in now.
  11. This has been a long time coming glad to see it finally set in stone. o/ VE o/ Valhalla
  12. Great to to see this posted. o/ DoD o/ Val
  13. It is with mixed emotions while quite saddened to see TORN leave this realm it is with great pride to welcome them into our brood. o/ TORN
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