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  1. Solidus117

    The Shadows

    Communications Log Extract 12 Feb 2007 Somewhere south of the 66th Parallel . . . [Archord, Shadow Council] It is in the best interests of your fledgling nation to join us, Commander. [Commander, Militaria] I am well aware of our interests. While your offer is most enticing, our people have reservations about entering into such a relationship. We've been burned in the past as you well know. [Archord, Shadow Council] We do. [Commander, Militaria] Will we be granted full autonomy? [Archord, Shadow Council] Yes, on the provision that we are not called to arms. And as you well know, the current global conflict is raging unabated. Our stake in the war does not bring us into a direct role, but it is a possibility. [Commander, Militaria] I see. This matter will require some debate. We enter into no agreement lightly. [Archord, Shadow Council] We await your response, Commander Solidus. [Commander, Militaria] Archlord Angel, by unanimous decision by the Chiefs of Staff, we have agreed to enter into the Shadow Council compact. [Archord, Shadow Council] The Shadow Council welcomes Militaria into the fold. Your people have made the right decision, Commander. [Commander, Militaria] Let's move past the pleasantries and get to work. Retribution Bay is sorely in need of commercial shipping facilities ...
  2. I agree wholeheartedly with your argument, however there will always be certain leaders which baulk at losing their long-term time investment in their nation. One can only hope that these individuals can be weeded-out in peacetime.
  3. I hate the term moral and the way it's bandied-about. Morals are different to everyone and as we see with the 'Peace' talks, some morals are just plain dumb (offense intended). Either way, the next year is going to be fun.
  4. Ahahahaha, better luck next time kid.
  5. That would've been nice. Echelon would have loved a decent alliance to vent it's frustrations on.
  6. Welcome to the Blogosphere Katsumi
  7. Militarian News Network - 09 Feb 2007 Reach, Militaria (MNN) - Hero of State Answers Critics "It seems not so long ago that we were all destined to be executed: our freedoms stripped, our lives negated by order of the Old Republic, our existence at the mercy of the Republican Guard. From these dark times, one man lead us out of the barren wastes to statehood: Major T. J. Solidus. Some still question his character: that he is still dedicated to the Old Republic; that he is a product of the old system; that he is complicit with the great purge of '04. Today we address these concerns with an exclusive interview with Cmdr. Solidus. Cmdr. Solidus, how do feel about the recent signing of the Shadow Council Accords? I believe that by signing this treaty, we are able to more adequately defend ourselves, for which I believe no-one can fault me on. If anyone remembers the purge of '04, we were totally out-gunned, out-supplied and out-performed by the Old Republican Guard. This treaty heralds a new age of state-sponsored economic, military and international co-operation which no citizen of our nascent nation can remember. The reality is that a nation like ours cannot afford to sit-by and wait to defend itself from outside entities - the world is a hostile place. Therefore, the Militarian Political Party [MPP] has backed me in this endeavor and sought the privilege and guidance of the Shadow Council. You bring-up the Purge of '04. How do you feel about that time in our history? Like every other citizen really: bitter and solemn. I lost many subordinates in the post-revolutionary exodus, and even more friends. Even though most of those responsible for the purge have been tried and executed for their crimes, many managed to flee the Asiatic Forces' grasp. I guess that I feel responsible for every death under my watch. What do you say to the criticisms leveled at you that say you are no different to those who perpetrated the Purge? I can understand the points that my opponents make - I was trained as an Officer of the Republican Guard. However, I hope they can see the difference between following orders and genocide. I made a choice when my Commanding Officer ordered me to "dispose" of my fellow citizens, to cover-up the atrocities of what I would have done. That choice is what we call Militaria today, and I would gladly bear the struggle of that time again and again for my fellow citizens. Finally, what are your plans to transit from the interim military Junta to a Democratic government, and what time-frame do you believe that this could be achieved in? I am hopeful that we will transition to a democratic government in the 08/09 period, pending the completion of critical infrastructure rebuilding programs. My primary goal is to assure the citizens of Militaria that we are capable of defending ourselves so as to not repeat the lessons of history. Thank-you for your time Commander. As always, I am ready to serve the citizens of our Nation. So with those words, what are we left with? Should we trust the product of the old system with our new country? Are we finally a free people? Follow tomorrow's Public Profile article to decide for yourself. Avril Garner, MNN.
  8. Solidus117

    Elitist Trends

    I believe that community, not quality, is the current prevailing trend in alliance formation. For any well-established alliance in Cyber Nations, there are ten others who are dedicated to filling a niche (take NSO for example). While I can only speculate on the internal dynamics of other alliances, the most successful alliances (hint: choose your metric for 'successful') usually have a community which fosters a specific mindset. In Echelon's case, it is that we're war-mongering elitist-types that show disdain for people who can't take a joke. yet we play the game seriously. A thesis of "play for keeps" and "lol srs bsnz" if you will.
  9. Solidus117


    <Begin Personal Log> Log Date: Day UNKOWN, Year UNKNOWN. +0245 We set up a wire perimeter out on the ridgeline, but it's not going to hold them back. I don't know how long we can hold out, maybe a few more days. Ammunition, spares, food, water; it's not enough. They're coming, and there's nothing we can do. Log Date: Day 001, Year 0. +1400 The New Republican Guard hit us bad last night. They wiped-out all our forward guard and their aircav razed our temporary supply depot over by the dockyards. We're down to five companies of mixed regulars and irregulars. The civvies are still in shock. We can't use them for anything, not that we could spare the troops to oversee the repair work needed to fix the generators or the filtration plant. Damn you Colonel Rayne. Log Date: Day 005, Year 0. +2215 The night raids have stopped for now. I don't know what they're planning. Maybe they took pity on the civilians, maybe we're no longer a threat to 'national security'. Maybe they know that we're down to the dregs of our supply chain and we're ready to die. Our long-range comms were destroyed during the exodus, so it's not like we can ask the resistance for a resupply. Back to the wall, no resupply, no reinforcements, no plan. And they think I'm a threat.... Log Date: Day 013, Year 0. +1023 A scout from Charlie Company located a disused railyard with basic amenities fifty clicks down the river to the south. Must've been abandoned in the great population redistribution plan back in '02. If we move camp over there, we'll gain the benefit of improved cover. We'll also be leaving ourselves open to CAS attack. At this point, most of the troops are down to basic rations and the civilians are barely surviving on whatever staples we've got. That's the problem with a commission, you take so many lives into your hands that the idea of 'the greater good' over-rides almost every thought. Still, this beats murdering innocents, and at least I'll die with my conscience cleared. Major of the Revolutionary Army. What a crock of !@#$. <records corrupted> Log Date: Day 047, Year 0. +1400 Things are finally beginning to look up. We've received a small infusion of supplies from Francoist-supported revolutionaries. Our civilian population is starting to rebuild this place, and our fortifications are looking formidable. Nothing less than a brigade-level attack will dislodge us from this place. Our SIGINT section is picking up increased Revolutionary Guard chatter somewhere from the north. Intel suggests that a beach-head is being established by the Asian Coalition forces. I hope Rayne is having fun with that. Perhaps in due time we can get on the front foot and exact some revenge for the massacre at Greenhill. I still see the charred and smoldering bodies by the roadside as we extracted from Sector-H4. Log Date: Day 243, Year 0. +1535 We had our first birth today! It seems like only yesterday we were cowering in the arid soils of the west plains waiting to die, but somehow we've managed to pull ourselves together and make do with what we've got / found / stole. I was touched by the parents naming him after me. I used to be a faceless Republic Officer, but I can see now that I've evolved into something better: a leader. Log Date: Day 365, Year 0. +1645 One year ago. One year since the exodus and the killing and the fear. We're more than that now. In such a short time we've built basic industry, healthcare, agriculture, accommodation, training facilities. The Medical Corps says we've got a positive birth/death ratio. We're growing. The Old Republic has begun to fall, and the word on the wire is that the Asiatic forces have pushed the Republican Guard back to the capital. It seems like we're home free. <records corrupted> Log Date: Day 057, Year 4. +1200 It was a long time coming, but the Old Republic has fallen. The Federalist Party was summarily executed for war crimes today. While it makes me happy to see the Party received justice for what they'd done, Rayne was never located. An inferior Officer should never wish it so, but I want him dead. He perpetrated this whole ordeal. He betrayed me, he fed me to the wolves. I only hope that one day I can find him before the Republic interim government does. In other, more positive news, we've been invited to attend a meeting to discuss Militaria's future. The Shadow Council alliance of nations seeks our involvement and participation in their activities, and they've offered quite a hefty sum of improvement capital to help us improve this fledgling state. In these past years of turmoil, it seems as though this place and these people have a future to hope for. I only hope that one day, I can repay what these people have given me: hope. <End Personal Log>
  10. Solidus117

    Upcoming Wonders?

    I'll assume that Space Program will be a prerequisite, with the NRL in there possibly. Now, if there's some space combat ...
  11. Like Ferrous, I too was not of this world during the events of the Great Patriotic War. However, this article does provide a very decent modicum of context and (what I would call) fact for me to have believed 'twas my own memory. Good show Vladimir. In an OOC comment, if someone were to compile all Pacifican literature, personalities and propaganda into one grand compendium, I would gladly purchase such a tome. *looks at Vladimir*
  12. On the flipside, why do you think the current status quo needs change? Is (relative) world peace not good enough? Why do you hate freedom Nintenderek? Why, why?</joke>
  13. Some Web 2.whoa functionality would be quite nice, I think.
  14. Echelon has a similar model to the one outlined above. Directors (serving for a term of six months, staggered each two and elected by majority vote) are the continuity element, with extended powers and nominal legislative abilities. Congress (serving for a period of two months, number of seats proportional in size to the overall membership, elected by majority vote) have purely legislative abilities and with the Directorate, form the Leadership Council. Each ministry head is appointed by the Directorate (the element of Meritocracy) and each ministry head appoints his/her departmental staff. From this, we say that we are legislatively democratic yet operationally meritocratic, or in simpler words, a Republic. Between alternating phases of economic growth and martial operations, the system has worked very well thus far.
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