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  1. Good to see the jackboot lifted from your throats Pacifica. Pacifica Prevails! o/
  2. Good Evening, It's been quite some time since I've been a member of this world community, with outside influences dictating the amount of time I can dedicate to matters that I will now be enumerating upon. Since my time is valuable, I will try and keep things succinct and brutally honest. [i][b]On Echelon[/b][/i] If ever there was an alliance that deserved to use the enigmatic mystical creature known commonly as the phoenix, it is Echelon. Since it's inception, it has listed from one battle to another - equal shares of internal and external conflict, never giving-in to the easy path of disbandment - much to the chagrin of its very vocal detractors. No, stubbornness and tenacity are the hallmarks of its membership, hallmarks which are present in every facet of the alliance - diplomatically, militarily, economically and of course socially. When one cannot finesse one's way to another solution, one must power-through with threats, war and inevitable destruction. As with the phoenix, Echelon goes through cyclic stages of revival and decay. It is this decay that has lead me to leave this evening, for it is a scourge which I cannot help it with - that of a pig-headed, unyielding, devil-may-care attitude pervasive in the higher-tiers of Echelon's government. It all started when a certain memoryproblems insulted an honorary member of Echelon, Augusta Antonia. Triumvir of the Rubber Ducky Division and stalwart friend to Echelon, Augusta was afforded all the rights of an Echelonian bar the right to cast vote in elections. Why is it that the most fundamental rights afforded by the constitution were not afforded to this member? Like all things Echelon: political expedience. Now, due to my personal involvement with Augusta, I recused myself dealing with this matter on the grounds of a conflict of interest. It is a decision I regret, for justice was not served, nay, it was completely ignored. Admittedly, I have not been around to execute my bestowed duties as Director in many moons, however I can not sit idly by when untruths are told. The fact that the Rubber Ducky Division, an alliance that has stuck with Echelon through thick and thin through the best and worst of times, delivers notification of treaty cancellation in a manner wholly within reason and is met with derision is indeed a marker of the current decay within Echelon. As of 1700 AEST, 17th of April 2010, I formally and permanently revoke my membership to Echelon in protest of the policies, actions and rhetoric the government of Echelon sees fit to air to the world. To the government (with exceptions to those who dissent) of Echelon, look upon yourselves. What the hell do you stand for these days? Is law an agreement bound by honor or by matter of convenience? To the general membership, push for information and question your leaders. Behind the veil so masterfully weaved is, for the lack of better adjectives, ugliness and decay. Should it be necessitated, raise arms and fight for those rights. To the Rubber Ducky Division, I personally apologize for my part in this matter. I have failed you. Please take this diatribe and these recriminations as proof that I did not want this state of affairs to arise. To Neo Anglia, we have been comrades since time immemorial. Alas, with the lies that brought this matter to a head, I concede that this relationship is over. Should you wish to enact reprisals against Militaria, she is waiting for you. I have advised the protectors of the state to ignore advances by your nation. To Ruggerdawg, no doubt you will assume my position in a short while. I shan't give you advice for you wouldn't take it anyway. Just know that you had fault in the RDD-Echelon matter coming to this crappy end. Adios Echelon! [i][b]On Militaria[/b][/i] Changing tack, Militaria is quite inconsequential to the affairs you all revel in watching, participating in and fighting for/against. Should you wish to seek an environment that treats you as an individual leading a nation and not as a cog in a larger machine, drop by #militaria on Coldfront. Who knows, maybe spending a stint as a satellite of the state may be just the break from this world that you need. No pressure Signed on behalf of the Independent State of Militaria, Solidus117, Commandant of the State
  3. Yes, I did watch curling. Put that rock in the house! I must present the following argument, because to refuse its merit is the stuff of pure hilarity: why would Echelon, weakened from two successive wars and enjoying the fruits of a poor relationship with most of the world, stick up for a 15-nation alliance against a much larger alliance if not because of a long-lived existing friendship? Echelon has nothing to gain by advocating for SBA. We never asked for reparations for our ourselves, we merely asked for SBA to be remunerated (not punitively) for their losses (even at a significant reduction!). I just.. where did logic go? Everyone is so wrapped-up in their little wars of vitriolic hyperbole that logic is never applied. These days, it's all about finding someone who has wronged you in the past and giving them a verbal what-for. I remember when this world had a soul mannn, now I just don't believe in nuttin'.
  4. [quote name='CptGodzilla' date='19 February 2010 - 04:35 PM' timestamp='1266561314' post='2191714'] Don't see your sig under Echelon, looks like you don't have a say. [/quote] She may not have a signature, but every member of Echelon has a say.
  5. Solidus117

    ADI Files a Complaint

    ADI, best of luck in prosecuting your defense of FEAR. Echelon wishes you the best in following this course of action to its logical end.
  6. [center][img]http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd42/KittenMilitia/Ducky/Echelonflag2.jpg[/img] [size="6"]An Announcement from Echelon[/size] Declaration of Surrender Term Repeal [/center] On July the 7th, 2009, Echelon surrendered under terms to the forces arrayed against her in the Karma War. Stripped bare of technology, infrastructure and a significant portion of her original membership, these forces withdrew after receiving their pound of flesh and Echelon re-emerged into the world as her own self-governing state, with the exception of one: [quote]10. Should Caffine1 rejoin Echelon he is permanently banned from holding any government position within the alliance.[/quote] To quote the Echelon Constitution, Section I, Article A: Alliance Sovereignty: [quote][b]i.[/b] We, the members of Echelon, do hereby affirm our status as a Sovereign, Autonomous and Independent State of the world, and thus outline our system of governance in this constitution, ratified by general referendum on the 29th of January, 2009. [b]ii.[/b] In all matters, both foreign and domestic, Echelon will determine it's own courses of action. Should any actor, foreign or domestic, impinge upon this ideal then all actions available to the Echelon will be used to maintain this belief.[/quote] In accordance with the standards, regulations and procedures outlined in Echelon's Constitution, and with with the full concordance of Echelon's Government, Echelon hereby repeals this outstanding relic of the Karma War from the Alliance Legislature. Let it be known that our sovereignty will never again be so egregiously impinged upon, for we are the ones who determine who will serve and who will not. Signed on behalf of Echelon, Solidus117, Director Neo Anglia, Director
  7. $%&@. Yes. Onwards to victory my ferrous brothers!
  8. Solidus117

    Joint TFD/NATO/NADC Announcement

    Onwards Anti-Radcliffians! o/
  9. Solidus117

    GOD DoW

    Good luck NSO. GOD, I hope you burn.
  10. Solidus117

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    Yes. It belongs to the "do something about it" vein of golden moral nuggets this world now lives with.
  11. Solidus117

    Aqua Defense Initiative Announcement

    On behalf of Echelon, I extend my congratulations to John Warbuck and the Aqua Defense Initiative. John, may your rule be lengthy and hassle-free! o/
  12. Solidus117

    Petition for Removal of Crap Emoticon

    This thread, like many others, has little if any merit whatsoever :colbert:
  13. Solidus117

    End of Hostilities

    Listen here, this leader knows his/her stuff.
  14. Solidus117

    GOD Wills It

    Xiphosis, you earn each and every ounce of hatred directed towards you. You have no morals, you have no qualms, you have no soul. You are the personification and embodiment of hate. You are a toady of your overseers and for that you deserve not one iota of respect. May the great Satan rest his bollocks upon your face unto eternity. Amen.
  15. I'm not sure that wrath is appropriate my friend. Perhaps it was an inconvenience? A minor scuffle? A stiff breeze?