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  1. PS: Don't forget your agenda, Tyga. You'll find it all by it's lonesome in the now empty twinkie safe.
  2. It's been so many years and so many laughs and so many rages. I had SO much fun with Frostbite. I remember when we were negotiating that while I was on a sidekick on a car ride from Pittsburgh to Boston. The bipolar war is still so very WTF in my head. I've made friends... actual friends who I talk with regularly. I haven't been very active since my kid learned to walk, but I look back fondly on Bob and especially on STA. Za Sibir, friends. Here's my axe.
  3. I assure you, most of what you've heard has been greatly exaggerated. Not all of it though, I really was a horrible !@#$%* to Dajobo back in the day and he didn't deserve that. The feelings in STA's upper echelon are mixed, but there is not a one of us who hates NpO. I don't think any of us have ever said anything even close to that. I've defended at least as much as I've criticized, and I think that goes for at most of us.
  4. Yeah, that's where we are too. The feelings are very diverse, and "STA" doesn't feel any one way. And ultimately, it only matters what Tyga thinks. :P
  5. Our feelings for Polar are really complicated. They're certainly not as simple as "I hate Polar." and the reasons are much, much more complicated than what you have described. Our history is complicated. STA has many reasons for our feelings toward Polaris. As far as we can tell, Polar has one reason for their feelings toward STA. It is what it is. We'll work it out one way or another. You're right though. The prevailing sentiment in STA toward Polaris is not one of hate.
  6. Yeah, we'd have been happy to surrender. That sort of thing doesn't bother us.
  7. Good war. It was a fun time. Congrats to everyone!
  8. We have stayed the same. The world around us has changed, but we have stayed the same. We're happy with the way we are, but it causes us to see things differently. It's not NpO's fault. It's ours for expecting others to feel the way we do. It's that simple.
  9. Thank you for this, and from the last person I expected to see it from. Truly, thank you.
  10. For the record, IRON's upper tier remains in peace mode.
  11. Jyrinx has said what I want to say, only so much better, as he so often does. Thank you, Jyrinx.
  12. Frankly, it's because we expended both our political capital and our nations by defending Polaris for years, and since we ended our treaty, we'd been told several times by NpO that even though you knew it was over, you'd still protect us when push came to shove. Then, when that day came, you were unwilling to spend a little political capital on STA when you were absolutely in a position to do so. We'd never expect you to prevent us from being countered. That's absurd. Of course we should be countered by NADC's allies. But this? No. This is the sort of thing would wouldn't have been surpri
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