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  1. You can laugh, but your colleagues were the ones lambasting ftw for needing to call in allies, so yeah.
  2. I don’t really hold any personal animosity towards you all, but this is kind of a tired cliche from wars past. There isn’t a whole lot for nations/rulers to do these days, why wouldn’t we jump in on this? I’ve been on the otherside of plenty of lopsided fights that lasted months and those were uneven for the same reason this one is: it is not an embarrasment to use resources wisely. FTW could take you on their own sure, but why should they, and why is that outcome desirable to those they are allied to? We would prefer to spread the pain and keep FTW relatively more healthy.
  3. No argent nation below the rank of brony may post in this thread.
  4. Hartfw can't even imagine how relevant argent is now.
  5. The people haven't earned a polar banner yet. They need to try harder.
  6. Did they chug bleach after signing the upgrade...
  7. I mean if you want to really dive into it then you have to remember that there was never anything that can be meaningfully be called a scheme, more a former gov member of sparta took the initiative to have a poorly thought out conversation with members of sengoku, then not tell anyone. After that a former government member of TOP was confronted on the sketchy conversation and was defensive, having no context. Mi6 had their own series of issues with Umbrella and Aztec, these were separate contributing events, coupled with convenience, that set off a cycle bad interactions resulting in a war. What separates you and us, is that we took the time to really think about what was happening on both sides of that communication while you continue to presume basic ill motive. We worked to resolve that enmity while you doubled down. This war has almost nothing to do with what happened before the last one, but like the last one it occurred because you neglected to address bad optics and resolve issues. You accepted the presumption that people were gunning for you, that you would inevitably be rolled, and rather than try to take corrective action you sat and basically did nothing. If you want to call me a lapdog or a stooge for thinking your approach was foolish and a waste of energy then by all means, I'm still right. I'm not asking you to own up to any offense, I'm talking about your basic approach to dealing with other people. Not explicit acts, your toxic manner in public and in private, which has turned so many off to you, has spoiled collaborative efforts in coalitions, and has created a stigma around even being attached to you. I'm talking about the things you have done that have contributed to your political failure. To this point you have accumulated all the vices of MK and yet you lack their ability to compensate with good high quality diplomacy. They didn't thrive simply by making a mess of the OWF, and being a political zoo internally- they had real diplomatic acumen and strong personalities that could clean up the many messes their abrasive elements created.
  8. What are you even talking about? I'm just saying you guys need to learn from your mistakes, and yet you act as if everything you've done has been painstaking and deliberate rather than half assed and impulsive. You can blame everyone else for your problems, that's fine, but the cost of that self certainty is you'll be back here in another year.
  9. Rather than blaming your problems on former allies, and external parties, you should consider what you all have done to get yourselves here. It is true, you are unfortunate victims, but victims of unfit candidates calling themselves your leaders. You know who I'm talking about, the sort of people that impress others with the notion that your alliance is composed entirely of tactless reprobates. Fix that problem, and change your approach. When founded, you guys presented yourselves as a bold experiment, well it pains me to say it, but so far it's a failed one- do something about it.
  10. Oh look people falling over themselves to express faux outrage. Not hitting a former ally is a respectable courtesy, but it's certainly happened before. There are worse things you could do.
  11. Every war is a cautionary tale, all have their lessons and mistakes to inform future actions. History is a helix not a circle.
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