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  1. shirunei

    Reliable nation seeking TC

    Recently I've come back from the dead and am looking for any established TC that has an opening. Color,type of TC, and resources needed I can adapt too. Send me a tell in-game or here if I get lucky
  2. Wondering if Rayvon still has the forum backups as it looks like the website is gone. ciao
  3. Good luck in retirement. Took ya long enough to get here.
  4. shirunei

    GOONS Announcement

    owned nerd
  5. shirunei

    DBDC Clarification

    Starting here I agree.    Let the techless rabble heed these kind words from our dear allies. 
  6. shirunei

    Umbrella & GLOF Announcement

    Welcome to AZTEC.
  7. shirunei

    Dominion of the Grand Enclave DoE

    Much like your posting. 
  8. shirunei

    A Terran Announcement

    Garbage in, Garbage out.
  9. shirunei

    An Imperial Decree

    :) Aren't you adorable.  
  10. shirunei

    An Imperial Decree

    Congrats.    Kirsten was always the most able of the sith higher ups.