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  1. Looking for a reliable circle can switch teams/resources as needed right now.
  2. Recently I've come back from the dead and am looking for any established TC that has an opening. Color,type of TC, and resources needed I can adapt too. Send me a tell in-game or here if I get lucky
  3. Wondering if Rayvon still has the forum backups as it looks like the website is gone. ciao
  4. Those who are susceptible to poaching generally have a defect of character and are unsuitable for quality alliances. Nothing to see here.
  5. Those whom admonish the one called Petro rejoice! For I have taken up the mantle of The German Empire's Anti pope. Trust in me your totally not corrupt spiritual guide.
  6. Don't need any more low tech leechers.
  7. JUst checking of FEAR backs us UO. SUO TYWIN.
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