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  1. There's a much larger gap between me and rank 7 than I anticipated.
  2. I don't understand. If my casualties are going up, and if nukes are being launched, how could I be losing?
  3. OP was the best call out I've seen. I'm liking the 1v1 theme! Let some people duke it out without getting curb stomped by blocs, finally!
  4. You have said this several times already; I can practically feel you begging us to validate your empty threat. It's cool, you guys can hang around. We aren't foolish enough to assume that we'll be at the top of CN, so you aren't spoiling any secret Legion plans or anything of the sort. You picked a mostly irrelevant alliance (in global politics) to be the target of your irrelevant end-game. Though, I guess it is fitting that even in your last potentially relevant move you continue to reinforce your complete irrelevancy. Stick around, choose some solid targets, share th
  5. I found that topic, it's not far below this one: [url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/124937-2d-treaty-web-powered-by-ri5/]LINK[/url]. I attempted to find the tool used and was unable to figure it out. Here is a [url=http://rialliance.net/treatyweb.html]link to the actual tool[/url]. From what I can tell, the website doesn't allow modifications to what you see. The "add a treaty" feature is inactive.
  6. I haven't made progress asking random people, so I thought maybe the community as a whole could help. Does anyone know of a tool where a treaty web can be built? I have found a lot of 'mind-map' tools online, but none of them (that I've found) produce the neat floating graphs showing connections and whatnot. Most of them require manual connections be made and the bubbles be manually sorted, which I would like to avoid. If someone is able to provide a link to the tool, I'll happily update and post the resulting web for the community to maintain. Regards, Konkrage
  7. I don't see The Legion in that sanction alliance list, what do you need me to supply for us to have our background added as well?
  8. Too cool. Congratulations on this accomplishment! You've given myself and many, many others almost a decade of entertainment, which very few games have been able to do. I owe you a very big thank you for the many years of enjoyment and many friends that have been made.
  9. Is this free to play? Send me the league information when you can, I'd like to pick up Fantasy Basketball.
  10. That bold text tho. It's been a while, feels good to be back.
  11. Listen. Go away. All the blood has just turned my pink a little darker. It looks like I'm about to drop off all-together. I don't have the land to swing with the big boys.
  12. Sorry bud, another time. I'm not against a friendly round of war for no reason, feel free to contact me if you get bored in peace :) Well fought by all parties, thanks for the casualties! o/
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